It's About Time

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- - - - -

Riker’s muffled voice came over the COMM system in Transporter Room Two. “Riker to Enterprise, two to bean directly to my quarters.” It was followed by a deep grunt, a feminine squeal, and a hearty laugh.

Ensign Diehl tapped the console interface in front of him and initiated transport. He burst into laughter. “Jerry! Did you hear that? Sounds like Commander Riker got himself a hot date at that Diplomacy Conference!”

Ensign Jerry Marcel laughed and looked at the transport reading. “Oh my God! It’s Counselor Troi!”

“What!” Steven Diehl asked, his laughter cutting off abruptly.

“Look at these readings! One human male, and one Betazoid/Human female. It’s Counselor Troi!”

Steven doubled over in hysterical laughter. “Oh, Man! Spread it!”

Jerry was already to the door, practically skipping. “I’m already on it, Big Diehl!”

- - -

The Next Day

Deanna and Will walked into Ten Forward for lunch. As they did, a table of assorted crewmen, ensigns, and lieutenants burst into laughter.

As they sat down at the bar there was a cat-call and a whistle.

“They know, Will,” she said not looking at him.

“What? Who?” he looked around and saw some snickering faces turn away. “What are all these people doing?” he muttered, turning back to the bar. “Bunch of children.”

“They know we slept together last night,” she replied as if it was nothing.

“Excuse me?” he nearly choked on his own saliva.

“They know we were together last night. I can feel it.”

Before Will could say anything his COMM Badge beeped. Commander Riker to the Bridge.

“On my way,” Will stood up. “They already know, eh?”

“I’m sure,” she nodded, swiveling on her chair to face him.

“Sorry I can’t stay,” Will said. He then swept his arm around her, dipped her back and kissed her passionately. He tangled one of his hands in her hair and she gripped his shoulders.

All eyes in Ten Forward watched in shocked silence.

After a good, long, thorough kiss Will set Deanna upright. “I’ll see you later,” he turned and left.

The room erupted in cheers as the doors closed after him.

Deanna took a gulp of water from the glass Guinan had set in front of her.

“It’s about damn time!” a voice from the back of the room yelled above the others.

- - - - / - - - -