The Black Void

Disclaimer: I don’t own Star Trek. What are you going to do?

Note: My first ever TNG fanfic. I never saw any of the TV show, but I saw all the movies several times.


She looked around. She saw nothing. She tried to remember the last place she had been. She couldn’t remember. She looked down. She saw nothing. She looked where her arms should have been. She didn’t see anything.

She realized she had no body. She had no head. She was just mind. Her own mind. Floating in a black void of nothingness. She was scared. She barely knew who “she” was. She knew this was wrong. Something wasn’t right about this.

She tried to listen. Which is hard to do without one’s body. She stretched out with her mind and she listened. She heard very little. A few emotions. She wondered how she heard emotion.

There was a light. Not so much as a light, but a moment of clarity. A flashlight in the dark. Whatever it was, it was getting bigger. She could see it getting closer. She could hear it. A form came from that light. A tall, dark form.

It said something. “Deanna. Deanna?”

That was it. Her name. Her name was Deanna. She looked around the light from the man was surrounding her and it filled the room. She was at a table. She blinked as the light consumed her surroundings. She was in Ten Forward.

“Deanna? Are you alright?”

She looked up. It was Will.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She forced a smile. She was back from the black void. He pulled her back. ‘Now that you’re here.’ She thought. “Sit?”

He did.

‘Now that you’re here.’