At Last

By Stephanie

Pretend there is a disclaimer here. Really, there is one. It is just in a very small font and also in invisible type.

November 9, 2003


Two-dozen, long-stemmed, pink roses lay nestled against a bed of pale pink satin. Long, slender fingers lightly stroke them then raise a delicate bud to a soft porcelain cheek, catching crystal teardrops on its fragile petals.

Large, glistening dark eyes gaze dreamily at the bouquet, images of the beautiful ceremony dancing within their endless depths. She glances at the tall bearded gentleman standing next to her and her heart overflows with love when his blue gaze meets her ebony one and a brilliant smile breaks out over his face, causing her to smile as well.

"We have finally done it, Imzadi," he whispers and bends to place a gentle kiss upon her lips. "I love you more than life itself, Mrs. Riker." His words bring more tears to her eyes and he brushes them away with loving fingertips. "I really love the sound of that."

"So do I," she says, and he kisses her again, this time longer, more passionately.

Music begins to play around them, separating their embrace. She lays the roses down as he pulls her into his arms and sweeps her across the dance floor. All the guests and the sounds of their cheering fade into the background as the couple whirl around and around, only aware of each other and the life they will be sharing together on their very own starship.

Later when they are alone, he reaches for the clip in her hair and releases the long, silky brown tresses, sighing in adoration as they fall to touch her slender shoulders. His hand slips behind her back and pulls the zipper of her gown, letting the garment cascade to a satin pool at her feet. He drinks in her beauty with his eyes for a few minutes and then begins to kiss the newly exposed skin, drawing a moan of pleasure from her lips. Her small hands begin to work on the buttons on his jacket, drawing it open to unbutton the shirt underneath to reveal his broad chest. She places kisses across it, temporarily bringing a stop to his foreplay. He helps her divest the rest of his clothing and gently lays her on a bed of pink rose petals. They make love all night, reliving their first time in the Jalara Jungle by the Janaran Falls on Betazed.

They had waited so many years for this moment and nothing and no one was ever going to break them apart. Their bond was complete, their hearts and souls one forever as husband and wife.

At last.