This is a little spoof on Counselor Troi in the first season. No offense to Troi fans, because I am a big Troi fan too. It's all meant in fun. (4/29/03)

By Stephanie

Sensitive Situation



Captain Jean-Luc Picard turned his attention from the conversation he had been having with his First Officer, William T. Riker, to the petite, dark-haired woman who stood beside him.

"Yes Counselor?" He noticed her face was contorted in agony and her large dark eyes were glistening with tears that she was fighting to keep from falling.

"I feel pain," her voice expressed that pain.

Captain Picard glanced towards the viewscreen to see if there was any sign of an alien force that could be the cause of the counselor's discomfort, but all he saw was the endless black universe splattered with bright stars.

"Data, are there any life forces present?"

The android quickly punched some buttons on the keypad before him. "Negative, Captain. There are no life forms or forces present."

The captain tugged on his tunic and shifted his weight slightly more to his left side. He heard a soft gasp followed by a sob beside him and glanced back at the counselor. A puzzled look marred his brow.

"What is it now, Deanna?"

"Now it has become very intense. Almost overwhelming!" The counselor wailed, the tears now flowing freely down her porcelain cheeks in rivulets. "It hurts so much!"

"Where is this pain coming from?"

"It is coming from," Deanna began and stopped. She took a deep breath before finishing. "It is coming from my foot."

A frown replaced the puzzled look on the Captain's face. "Your foot?!"

"Yes, Captain," came the sniffled reply. "You are standing on it."