Hot Tub Extra


all right, all right, all right ... what can I say?  All the hot tub stories that have been posted lately make me want to share mine that I came up with last nite!!!  ;)  ENJOY!!!

"What's this?" Will asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

"What does it look like?" Deanna asked in reply.

"It looks like a bubble bath."

"Well," Deanna said with a lopsided grin, "aren't you the perceptive one."

"Hey, you asked, so don't get smart with me," Will said with a grin. "So what am I supposed to do, take off my clothes or something?"

Deanna laughed.

"Yes, smarty pants, that would be quite helpful. Unless of course you're monthly washing of laundry is today and in that case, hop on in," she finished, trying to hold back the laugh she was unsuccessfully hiding.

Will's eyes grew smaller. Squinting through them and pointing a finger at Deanna Will couldn't help but reply in mock protest.

"Have you been going through my dirty laundry again?" he asked, slowly stripping himself of his garments.

"Will, I don't have to be an empath to smell the odor coming from that thing," she said, pointing to Will's uniform that now lay in a heap on the floor.

"That thing as you so nicely put it has suffered through a lot today."

"You poor thing. Negotiations really that bad?" she asked, a hint of sarcasm behind her voice.

Will cautiously stepped into the bathtub, watching where he shifted his weight, trying not to step on Deanna whom had been sitting patiently in the tub, waiting for him to enter.

"Negotiations? No. Try crawling through the Jeffrey's tubes, looking for Spot."

Deanna almost spit out the small sip of champagne she had just taken. She covered her mouth, trying to hide her grin and the sound of laughter by coughing lightly.

"Why was Spot not in Data's quarters?" she asked after getting her breath back.

"When is that cat ever in Data's quarters?"

Deanna smiled at the thought, knowing just how true that statement was.

"The damned thing is in heat right now. Hell if I know how or why it got into the Jeffrey's tube though," Will said, finally settling down into the warm water in front of Deanna.

Deanna handed him a glass of champagne, setting her own bubble clad glass back on the side of the tub. Will took a sip, revelling the taste of the liquid as it swished around his tongue before swallowing it.

He leaned his head back on to Deanna's chest, hoping that they could stay like this, quiet and in each others arms, for the remainder of the warmth of the water. However, he knew Deanna well enough to know that she wouldn't forget the small bet that they had made and that he had lost.

The settlement of the bet from Will's side was that if he won, Deanna had to go on a romantic date with him, a stroll through the arbaretum or something along those lines. If Deanna won then Will had to shave his beard, no questions asked and no whining.

It was a hard decision for Will to make, and it was an even harder time handling it when he lost the bet, but he figured that he could always grow it back. It wasn't like he was 17 again and trying to grow a beard to impress the academy girls with his maturity.

Back then it would take weeks just to grow a few hairs of stubble but now, past full maturity, it took only a matter of hours to get stubble and only a few days to get his beard back, so he figured it wasn't much of a loss. Besides, it had been a long time since he went without the beard and he wondered just how close he could get to Deanna with it shaved.

And the bubble bath sure was a hell of a way to start!

Will smiled, taking another sip of the champagne before setting the glass on the side next to Deanna's. In her hands sat a bowl of shaving cream and a small brush to apply it with. On the other side of the tub, away from the bottle of champagne and two glasses, sat a barbaric looking razor.

"Whew. Tell me you're not going to do it with that thing," Will asked, worry in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Will?  Haven't you seen a razor like this before?" Deanna asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Well, yes, I've seen that before."

"Don't trust me, Imzadi?"

"It's not that I don't trust you. I just don't trust that," he said, pointing to the razor.

"Uh-huh," Deanna said, dipping the small brush into the cream and applying it to Will's face.

"You know, this could be a lot more fun if that was whipped cream and not shaving cream."

Deanna laughed. 

"You never cease to amaze me, Will."

"What?" he asked in mock horror. 

Deanna laughed, finishing up the touches of the cream on his face. She put the bowl and brush back on the side and picked up the razor that lay on a wash cloth. In the mirror Will saw the gleam from the metal, shining from the low lighting.  He closed his eyes and squinted, praying that the next time he opened them the bubbles surrounding his naked body would still be white and not a new shade of red.

He felt the cold blade against his cheek, running smoothly down his face.  As Deanna took the blade away from his face, wiping it on the cloth that lay on the side of the tub, a tone of a comm. link chimed. 

"Bridge to Riker."

While Deanna cleared it of cream and hair Will looked at Deanna in disbelief.  He looked back to the mirror and at his reflection and replied, "Can I get back to you Mr. Worf?"

"Admiral Daughtery is on the comm. link, Sir," Worf replied as regretfully as a Klingon could.

"Patch him through," Will said, straightening up as a first officer would do.  That final chime sounded as the comm. link was patched through to him. 

"Yes, Admiral?" he politely said.

"Why haven't you left orbit?" Admiral Daughtery asked.

"Captain Picard is still on the surface," he replied.

"Doing what?"

"He didn't want to leave until we could actually explain why Data malfunctioned.  His futures in Starfleet depend on it."

Admiral Daughtery looked to his partner in the operation.  His friend wore a mask of disgust on his face.  Admiral Daughtery looked back in front of him and replied, "Remind the Captain that his twelve hours are up."

"Yes, Sir."

"Daughtery, out," and the comm. link was closed. 

Will looked at Deanna with a look on his face that read, "what could happen next?"  Deanna took another sip of champagne and shrugged her shoulders. 

Will sat still and waiting patiently, eyes closed, for her to begin again.  He felt the cold blade against his skin once more and watched her reflection in the mirror as she shaved away his look from the past 9 years. 

Will opened his eyes, staring straight ahead of him and into the mirror.  He turned his face to the right, keeping his eyes forward and on the mirror.  The white face with a strip of peach skin appeared alien to him.  It had been a while since there was color in his face right there. 

Will touched the bare skin, feeling the smoothness of it. 

"Hmm.  I could learn to like this."

Deanna smiled, knowing in the long run that he wouldn't be displeased with the smooth skin. 

"Feels as smooth as a baby's bottom, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Well, if you're good during the rest of this and don't whine then maybe we'll have time to play afterwards," Deanna said, catching Will's attention. 

At that Will looked at Deanna in the mirror and saw her bare olive skin behind him.  He thought of all the different scenarios that could possibly play out because of this and he immediately stilled.

Deanna laughed at the thoughts racing through his mind.  She knew that if she baited him with just the right saying then he would turn into a 5 year old who was promised candy and do whatever she asked.