Riker and Troi belong to Paramount, I'm just having fun with em

This is just a moment in time, a snapshot of the life of imzadi.


Will Riker walked into his room after a particularly grueling day. He had been on an away mission surveying a planet whose inhabitants had been involved in a civil war between two twin planets. The distress call had been sent to the larger of the two planets, Ekaharnai. It was jungle filled, hot and humid. He was covered in dirt and his entire body ached from the rescue effort. The Ekaharnaians had requested asylum from the Federation, and also assistance in recovering people lost to the war. So he had led the away team in a 18 hour excavation process to recover people whose life signs could be discovered. He looked longingly towards the shower as he took off his uniform and threw it into the replicator to be recycled.

"Sonic Shower, 32 degrees Centigrade" Will stepped into the steamy shower and felt the dirt of a world wash away.

Three cabins down a petite Betazoid was doing the same thing. Deanna had been a part of the rescue effort; her ability to sense people was invaluable. There had been several people who were seemingly dead but who Deanna could still sense, meaning they were salvageable. The heat had not been too intense, it reminded her of a summer's day on Lake El-Nar, but the humidity and the dirt were too much for her body to handle.

"Sonic Shower, 30 degrees Centigrade" Deanna stepped into her own steaming shower and began to recover. Soon however thought echoes began to creep out to her. It was a completely familiar presence whispering delicious little words into her head. She could feel the strong arms around her waist, could feel the warm breath against her neck, and could feel the light kisses, the strength pressing into her back. There was nobody in the shower with her, but the presence was so strong she might as well have had company in her shower. She decided to project some on her own, as she mentally went around to the back of the 'person' and wrapped her arms around the muscular chest. She leaned her head against his back and ran her hands up and down the front. He responded by guiding her hands down his chest to his stomach. She sent back an image of her turning him to face her, and kissing him with as much passion as was possible. He responded in turn by bringing her closer to him and leaning down to kiss the nape of her neck. They continued until they had exhausted the gambit of sexual activity. Deanna got out of the shower and dried herself off, putting on her nightgown and a robe. She felt like she certainly deserved some chocolate, and she ordered a truffle cake from the replicator.

Will Riker was exhausted, mentally at least. His link with Deanna was so strong that he was able to tell she was getting into the shower. His foray into mental intimacy was rewarding by many images, and all he needed now was to be close to Deanna. Will got dressed and walked to Deanna's door.

"Enter" The sight in front of him was beauty redefined. Deanna sat curled in a chair eating her chocolate. Will walked to the chair, sat down and laid his head in her lap.

<<That was wonderful, Imzadi>>

<<Are you proud of me? >>

Deanna simply smiled and put her now empty plate on a table nearby. "Only if you can back all of that up." Deanna slipped a wandering hand into Will's shirt and soon hit pay dirt. She massaged until that mental strength was represented here in her quarters.

<< The greatest intimacy intensified. >> Deanna sent to Will

<< Mental sex, who would've thought… >> Will reflected

As their hands began to explore lesser-known parts, Will switched Deanna to where she was sitting on his lap. He then stopped her.

"I just want to hold you. Feel you thisclose to me. Have you become a part of me"

Deanna smiled, and leaned her head onto Will's shoulders. The intense passion was building between them as a fire that had been kindled by Deanna's hands was starting to burn, but Deanna slipped into Will's mind and stimulated it.

Will felt himself fall into a deep pool of Deanna's essence as he took in great breaths of her tropical/spicy hair. The pair fed off of the passion each other was feeling until it consumed them both.

<< Imzadi! > Deanna mentally screamed as the passion became too much for her to control.

The two merged body and soul, as yet another day passed in the life of their love.