"Blue Eyes"


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Part 1

The treaty was signed with a minimum of fuss. The exotic female
leaders of the newly-contacted planet referred to as Venusia IV were
eager to subscribe to the Federation's non-violent and tolerant beliefs.
Counselor Troi detected no duplicity and a true desire to
participate fully in Star Fleet's agenda. The extremely cerebral and
lovely representatives gave off only vibrations of goodwill and
healthy sensuality . They signed the documents pledging their
planet to abide by the regulations of Star Fleet and the Federation with enthusiasm .

Captain Picard gave off his own vibes of extreme satisfaction at
being the broker of this agreement. Venusia IV was rich in several
rare and valuable minerals- not the least of which was Dilithium. The
sucessful negotiations were a feather in his cap, and a certain boost
to his career.

The reception after the signing was festive and crowded. Every male
who was off-duty seemed to be crammed into 10-forward to try their
luck at 'landing' a Venusian beauty. They were tall creatures,
averaging nearly six feet, all had pale, willowy limbs, and flowing
platinum hair. Venusian skin glowed with irridescent mineral traces.
Their large almond-shaped eyes were a silvery hue which changed tint
to reflect their emotions. The statuesque creatures wore tiny wreaths
of flowers around their necks which gave off a faint scent that Data analyzed to be 

"molecularly identical to humanoid pheremones".

The male crew barely touched their synthehol, but all wore  similar
glazed masks of intoxication, as they hurried to refill the punch
glasses of their guests. Deanna and Beverly sidled up to the bar to
commiserate with Guinan on the dearth of male attention. Will breezed
by Deanna with barely a nod in her direction, as he returned to the
side of his escort- the ephemeral 'Princess Galata'. "She sounds like
a sticky Terran desert", Beverly consoled her rejected friend.

The party was in full swing when Deanna and Dr. Crusher left. The
gaping crew was mostly men at at this point. The two buddies buried
their anoyance in giggles as they observed Barclay drop a tray of
drinks at the feet of one of the goddess-like creatures. Later in her
room, despite herself, Deanna brushed Will's mind to wish him good-
night. They were not involved romantically but it was a habit she had
developed over time, in their close, but at times not so easy,  friendship.
She gasped at what his mind revealed- even at that superficial level.
He was consumed by some very carnal desires for that princess he had
just met. Deanna snatched her mind back to herself and laid in her
cold bed watching the stars until she fell asleep.

"I don't usually do this." Will nearly apologized to Galata. The tall
woman sat up in the bed, uncaring of the sheet which slipped down to
her waist. "What Will? Have a dalliance with a woman you just met?"
She stroked his bearded cheek lightly and smiled, "Well I normally
don't do this either pet. You seem special to me and so" she kissed
his mouth softly, "I have given you my most precious gift. If I
thought it could work I would marry you, but I know you would never
be happy stuck on my planet. You'd miss the stars. So I gave you
something to remember me by, always. You do like children- don't
you?" she added with a trace of concern. Riker stared at her with a
puzzled, love-sick gaze-"Uh kids? Sure great. Love 'em" She rose
from his bed and donned her skimpy gown. "I hope I see you again pet.
Good-bye" Riker smiled as he fell into a deep sleep.


The computer's cheerful feminine pulled Riker from his dream. He
rubbed his eyes wearily. It never felt like he got enough sleep these
days. He rose to his feet fighting off a bought of dizziness. "Whoa,
where'd that come from?" he muttered aloud as he staggered to the
sonic shower.

On the bridge he munched distractedly on some corn chips. Worf was
giving him an update on the latest glitch in the new warp drive they
were installing. Riker knew that it was important but he couldn't get
his mind off how his nachos would taste better with melted cheese. He
held up a finger to Worf, gesturing him to wait, as he strolled over
to the portable replicator and ordered up a plate of nachos with
cheese. And jalepenos. And bacon bits. He returned to Worf's
diatribe, and tried to understand his words through the crunching.

Worf was a trained Star Fleet officer, as such it was his duty to
show respect to his commanding officer. Yet the sight of Commander
Riker holding on to his expanding belly while he ate that pathetic
human snack food (on the bridge!) nearly drove the Klingon to draw
blood. He struggled to control his anger as he suggested, "Perhaps
sir we should discuss this at another time. When you are not quite so
er, distracted." Riker blinked wearily, "Sure Worf, later."

From his command chair Captain Picard surveyed the scene between his
two senior officers. "Number One," he called, "In my ready room!
NOW!" The bridgecrew shot each other furtive looks as Riker carried
his bowl into the captain's private conference room. Picard did not
know where to begin. The changes in his second-in-command in the last
two weeks were startling, disturbing but he could not pinpoint an
exact problem to address.

"Mr. Riker," the captain began, "Will, what in hell is going on with
you? You are falling apart. Eating snacks on the bridge? You over-
sleep every morning. You have put on weight." Will tugged self-
consciously at his top in a futile attempt to cover the patch of bare
white belly which dolloped over his pants. "Number One, you're a
mess! What have you to say for yourself?" Will gasped for air. When
had this room gotten so hot? "Captain I... I..." Captain Picard
snapped in exasperation, "Yes Mr. Riker? I'm waiting." Riker
gasped "I'm going to be sick." Then he proceeded to vomit over the
captain and his ready room.

Will woke up in Sickbay. The lingering sour taste in his mouth told
him that it wasn't a bad dream. "Oh my God! I threw up on the
Captain." he thought. He looked up into Beverly's concerned azure
eyes. "Will, how do you feel?" The tall man sat up slowly and to his
own surprise responded, "I feel completely better. I must have had
some kind of flu." Beverly took his hand gently and patted it. "Will
I have some news for you, it may be rather upsetting, but try to be

"I'm WHAT?!!!!" Will Riker's voice boomed through the substantial
doors of sickbay and down the corriders of the star ship. Deanna was
heading up the hallway to meet Beverly for their planned lunch
appointment when she heard Will's outraged shreiking. By the time she
reached Sickbay his anger had dissolved into copious weeping which
echoed from beyond the privacy screen.

Part 3
Deanna rubbed her hand wearily across her forehead. She had not been
blind to the changes in Will over the last few weeks. They were
friends, and had not so long ago been so much more. Ever since the
signing of the Venusian Treaty and his subsequent infatuation with
that princess, she had been annoyed with him. He seemed to somehow
have changed since that night. He had become distant, preoccupied .

Still, she was the ship's counselor, and if a being ever was
in need of counselor it was the pathetic creature snivelling behind
the curtain. A cold shot of fear swept over her. What if he had some
dreadful disease? It would not be like Will to face even such news
like this. He was behaving as though he were deranged.

She peeked behind the curtain and brushed his shoulder with her hand
and his emotions with her mind. He was not deranged. She blinked at
the emotions cascading through his mind. It was like trying to read a
teenager- or a pregnant woman? "Will? Are you all right?" He glanced
up through his tears into her kindly black eyes. "Oh Deanna....
I'm... I'm... Oh God I'm pregnant!" He collapsed into the arms of the
baffled counselor, his sobs shaking them both. "Can you ever forgive
me?" he sniffled, wiping his face on her sleeve.

Beverly entered the little cubicle and handed the large man a
steaming cup. "Drink up commander. Doctor's orders." "Medication?"
Will sniffed. "Earl Grey." the doctor reassured. Deanna and the
doctor walked to the sink where the couselor rinsed off her
sleeve. "I'm afraid it's true Deanna. Evidently the Venusian left him
with a bit more than happy memories." Deanna frowned, puzzled, "What
about our reproductive inhibitors? He doesn't have the proper anatomy
to carry a pregnancy." Dr. Crusher held her hands up in a gesture of
surrender. " I can't explain it. All I know is it's true. Not just
that but we had better get used to it. The baby is developing at a
phenomenal rate. I estimate it to be equivalent to a six- month
pregnancy already. That's why Will is so emotional. He's going to
need help from his friends, Deenie." Deanna sighed in
resignation, "Great I can help my ex-boyfriend become a mom."

Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi found themselves in the unenviable
position of explaining Will's condition to the crew. Will agreed to
be relieved from duty until he was no longer "incapacitated". Worf
snorted with relief at that piece of news. "It is not proper for
males to bear young. The bridge is no place for such a situation."
Captain Picard scowled, "We all have opinions on this matter and I
expect us all to keep them to ourselves. Commander Riker certainly
did not intend to get himself..ah..er...in this situation. I suggest
we treat him with the kindness and respect  he desrves. Dismissed."

After the staff briefing, Deanna stopped by Will's quarters to check
on him. He was wearing a large shapeless top and studying a holograph
as he sat at his desk. She smiled as she noticed the little
scene. "Oh we took that at Angel Falls." Their tiny figures frolicked
in the misty waterfall in their bathing suits. "Deanna, do you hate
me? I never knew this would happen.I'm so sorry..." She hugged his
shoulder and whispered, "It's OK, I'm here for you." He rose to his
feet and held out the voluminous shirt from his stomach,"But do you
think I'm still sexy? I mean, what if I never get my figure back?
What about stretch marks?" Deanna's jaw dropped at his words until
she met the ironic laughter in his eyes. She batted him lightly with
a pillow. "Hey careful! I'm in a family way!" he protested. He
grabbed his friend and pulled her over his rounded belly and gave her
a warm and wet kiss. "Will!" she pulled back, laughing, "What are you
doing?" He smiled and kissed her again, murmuring "going for twins."

Part 4

It was very difficult for an android programmed to be forthcoming, to
keep a secret. But Data had managed to conceal his plans from
Commander Riker without having to resort to falsehoods. Perhaps
Riker's ever-shifting emotional states made the task simpler. As the
shock of his predicament wore off, and the physical effects of his
bodily changes forced "Number One" to face the incredible irony that
he had been (to use an ancient Earth expression,) 'knocked up'. It
seemed that "Will-the-thrill Riker" was grounded- perhaps permanently.

In some ways it even more confusing to Troi. The captain had relieved
her of all other duties and assigned her be Riker's full-time
caretaker. The fact that he was gestating another woman's child, and
this might be difficult for his former lover, had not seemed to occur
to the captain. Sure the late-night chats over Will's newly-
discovered chocolate habit were fun. She even liked the way he
sought her advice on the feminine mysteries of child-birth and
pregnancy. He treated her every word on the subject as gospel, even
taking notes.

She began sleeping on his sofa to be available for emotional
support when odd-hour hormone surges struck. The night of the poker game it
became apparent that things were spiralling  out of control.
While he slept, she had snuck out to enjoy the weekly poker game with
the other officers. She finally held a great hand and was well on her
way to sweeping that self-satisfied smirk off Geordi's face, when the
door to the cabin slid open. There stood Will in his nightshirt, his
now-enormous belly nearly bursting the seams, with a hurt look on his
face. " You might have at least told me where you were going!" he
fumed. "I was worried."

Geordi declared a draw and Deanna threw down her cards in
disgust. "I'll talk to you back in your cabin!" she hissed.
Incredibly he seemed to waddle with triumph all the back to his room
until 'Hurricane Deanna ' let loose. "What is wrong with you?" she
demanded. "Embarassing me like that in front of our friends? You do
not own me Will Riker!" Will spun about (nearly losing his balance)
and returned fire, "Well this is just great! I depend on you for once
and off you go to the poker game. I know you just want to spend some
time with some guys that are thin and single. Why would you want to
stay here with a pregnant man with swollen feet?" In a rare moment,
Deanna's anger caught her as she spat, "Yes you are pregnant Will.
Let's not forget- I'm not the FATHER! I mean MOTHER! And I have had
enough! I'm going out- and don't you dare follow me!"

"Brandy. Saurian. And Guinan not the damned synthehol swill. I know
you have a stash of the real stuff." Deanna buried her head in her
arms and shot back the brandy with abandon. "Hit me again." Another
shot disappeared. "Guinan old friend- one more time." Guinan's non-
existant eyebrows shot up as she studied the distraught
counselor, "OK but you drink, you pay. My money is talk." "OK" Deanna
slurred, "Whaddaya wanna know?"

Data observed Deanna's inebriated state and unhappy
expression. "Hmm," he considered "This does not look hopeful for the
baby shower tomorrow."


Somehow Deanna's private chat with Guinan became a focal point for a
herd of disgruntled women. "That bastard!" one exclaimed. "You mean
to tell me got himself pregnant by some other woman and now he pops
the question?" Deanna stared at the woman, trying to get her two
heads to unite. "Oh Gods no!" she roared, "He's asked me lots of
times. Problem is the only time I think he ever really meant it is
now." "Well," Guinan snorted "I can see why you don't love the man."
Troi raised her reddened eyes to the bartender, "Aw Gynie- you know I
love that naughty pregnant man- despite his mood swings and his
swollen ankles and the heartburn and all that." Guinan leaned over
and whispered in her ear, " I know Counselor but please don't call
me 'Gynie' it sounds like a woman's doctor." Deanna erupted in
hysterical laughter until she was actually sobbing with mirth.

As the assembled women began to sing the ancient Terran feminist
anthem "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar", Beverly half-led, half-carried, her
friend from the bar. In the turbo-lift Deanna suddenly lurched
forward and whispered in her friend's ear- "Hey Bev have you ever
made it with a pregnant guy- it's so, Oh Gods!" and she lapsed into
unconsciousness on her friend's shoulder. Beverly was thanking her
own gods that Deanna was small and light as she tried to drag her to
Riker's cabin without attracting too much attention from the
occassional passers-by.

Riker helped Bev carry Deanna to the couch. Remorse was written all
over his face. "OK Beverly you can say it. I've been a selfish so-and-
so." Beverly looked at her drunken friend, now snoring on the sofa,
then into Riker's eyes. She placed her hands on his shoulders and
spoke, " Will I know three things. You two belong together- let's
face it who else would want either of you? Every child needs two parents-
and I can't think of a better mother than Deanna. Thirdly she's
really crazy about having sex with some pregnant guy- I hope to hell
that was you- I hate to think there are more out there and this is
some kind of demented pattern. Now I'm going to my cabin to try to
recall what normal life is all about."

He wiped a spot of drool from Deanna's face as he mused, " So
it was good for you too? You weren't just being nice."

Part 6

Couselor Troi awoke to the now all-too-familiar sounds of Commander
Riker tossing his late- night snack down down the turbo- flush. Her
own queasy stomach lurched in sympathy. She turned over on the narrow
couch, buried her face in the sofa cushion and bemoaned her fate of
having an empathic stomach as well as mind. She heard her friend
cross to the replicator, then return to her side with a cup of warm,
weak tea. He helped her into a sitting position and held the cup to
her lips as she sipped slowly. Her head ached too much to probe him.

After a while she looked into his crisp, if red-rimmed, blue eyes. He
smiled tentatively. She gave her best attempt to return it. "I was so
stupid..." he began. "Will, you don't have a monopoly on stupid. I
said some hurtful things.. I didn't mean them."

Will looked down at her, his arm still supported her against his
round belly. "I know this is all so crazy but I have been thinking,
well there is something I haven't really faced. I'm going to be a
father. Of my own choosing or not, I have to start thinking of the
child. I have to be responsible. Whenever I thought about myself as a
father, I always thought about you beside me, being the mother, that
is. Deanna I know this is a lot to ask. Too much for any ordinary
person, but you have never been ordinary. We always knew, at least I
did, that someday I would get married and have a family. When I had
sowed all my wild oats. Had all my adventures. I never from the day I
met you considered asking anyone but you to be my wife. I know I have
asked you many times..." "Usually you were drunk or losing to me at
poker..Oh and that time it looked like the Romulans were going to
blast us into- 'space pizza' I believe you called it." Deanna
observed. "But this time I truly mean it- would you be my wife. Would
you be my baby's mother?"

She turned her inky Betazoid eyes toward him. "I have known you most
of my adult life Will. I also always saw you as the father of my
children. Out of decency I must accept your proposal." "Decency?"
Will queried. She smiled wanly, " I could never allow that poor child
to suffer through you as a single parent. I am trained psychologist.
I know the harm that could do. Will, promise me one thing." Riker
hugged her gently and caressed her cheek with his thumb, "What
Deanna, anything." "The next time we have a child, I get to be
pregnant." He gave her his old Riker grin and said "You got it Angel.
Now tell me one thing- did you mean what you told Bev about sex with
pregnant men- and just how much research have you done?" She
grinned "Come here and I'll show you."

They sat on the soft carpet in front of Will's computer screen.
"Do you Commander William T. Riker and you, Counselor Deanna Troi
freely enter into this permanent union and be recognized as legally
married according to the regulations of Star Fleet and your native
home planets of Earth and Betazed. "We do" they responded. The
computer clicked out a piece of paper and announced, "Program
complete. You are now man and wife. Please display your affection as
fits your customs." The computer screen went blank. Deanna examined
the paper marriage certificate, "My mother would be proud, after all
we are nude." Will loomed over his new wife,"C'mere Mrs. Riker I
wanna display my affection according to my customs."

Three hours later they entered 10-Forward arm-in-arm for a quiet
dinner. "Kind of dark in here." Riker observed. Suddenly the lights
came up and they faced a room of their nearest and dearest and

Part 7

Pink and blue confetti exploded from the gathered crowd. Data stepped
through the maelstom to gently lead Commander Riker to a raised chair
next to the bar covered with pink and blue crepe-paper streamers. " I
hope you like it sir. I have studied Earth pregnancy rituals, and found
that it is traditional to host such a gathering as a welcome to the
expected child." Gazing out across the room at his friends and co-
workers, Will responded "Thank- you Data, I don't know what to say."

Deanna followed the pair and found herself a seat next to Will. Dear
Data, she had been afraid someone would do something like this. Oh
well nothing to do know but just grin and bear it. Something about
Will's color didn't look quite right to her. Probably just the shock
of the party but a dicreet little mind-sweep wouldn't hurt. She sent
a soft little sweep in his direction only to be overwhelmed by a
tidal of psychic energy, followed by a very physical hug which nearly
knocked her off her chair.

"Mother?!" Lwaxana stood before her daughter, her face beaming in an
incredible grin. Everything from her pink and blue puffy gown to her
psychic vibrations gave off a glow of infectious joy. "My Little One!
What have you been up to? You clever thing!" This was not the
reaction Deanna had been expecting, upon her mother learning of
Will's predicament. The dark-eyed psychologist had a bad feeling that
it was not going to be pleasant correcting whatever misinformation
her mother had received.

"Mother, it's been so long." She stood and hugged Lwaxana, took her
arm and gently guided her to the back of the room and into an
unoccupied meeting room. "I thought it would be nice to catch up
here, in private." Her mother guffawed as she closed her eyes and
said "Oh Deanna you have been among the humans too long. We Betazoids
can always have a private conversation, our way." Realizing her
mother was scanning her, Deanna sent up a block <MOTHER- GET OUT OF
MY HEAD- WE ARE GOING TO TALK!> The older woman shuddered and blinked
indignantly, "Well you didn't need to shout."

She smiled at her daughter, no she beamed at her. "You know Deanna,
when you ran away from home to join Star Fleet I thought it was
really so foolish a move for such a brilliant girl, but now you have
proven me to be the foolish one." Deanna shook her head in
confusion "I have?" "Of course! What wonderful technology you have
come up with. The man having the baby! Oh this is wonderful! Now I
will have my grandchild and my little shining star doesn't have to go
through all that messy pregnancy business. I think you're a genius.
Now tell me did you have difficulty convincing Will?" "Convincing
Will?" Deanna echoed. "Well of course carrying a part-Betazoid baby
will be easier than a full-human child. Especially if she has your

Lwaxana took the opportunity to jump into Deanna's mind while the
younger woman was too stunned to block her. "Yes," she grinned, "You
were married. That was the right thing to do. Of course we'll have a
real ceremony back on Betazed when he's back to normal...What was
THAT? Not your child? What IS THIS DEANNA??? I will kill him! How
could he do this to you! Oh the shame! My poor baby!" Lwaxana stalked
toward the door. Deanna jumped in front of her and grabbed her
elbows "Mother no! You on't understand. I don't really understand
either, but this is my life, our life. If you can't be kind to Will
and happy for us, I would like you to go."

The table of gifts was impressive. A small plain box held Worf's
gift. It is a yar'lkha, a traditional gift from a warrior to a new
child. Will examined the small cylindrical wooden object. "On Earth
we call it a rattle. Thank-you Worf, it is really kind of you." Worf
continued, a hint of pride in his voice, "We have many cherished
customs surrounding the birth of a child. Of course the most honored
tradition is to slaughter a J'mhna beast before the parents of the
child and present it's beating heart to them in tribute. Star Fleet
does not allow J'mhna beasts in it's common areas, so I am sorry that
this will have to suffice." Riker turned slightly green and thanked
Worf again. Beverly led Worf away to the refreshment table. " I
carved it with my teeth.." Worf boasted.

Data bobbed around the lounge, somehow lending an air of dignity to
the pointed party hat perched on his platinum brow. He was busy
refilling the platters and shooing some visiting Ferengi from the
gift- table. Wesley stood off in a corner snickering with some other
teen-aged boys. "Gives a whole new meaning to 'safe sex'." one
snorted to the other boys' loud amusement.

Captain Picard's gift was next. He attempted great dignity as he
handed a small envelope to his "Number One". "Six weeks' leave, fully
paid in Risa. After this ..er.. is over. I am sure you will need a
rest." "Thank-you Sir," Will tried to maintain his dignity as a sharp
pain rose from his stomach. Despite the pain he kept a smile as he
rose to shake the captain's hand.

Deanna was still out of the lounge trying to calm her homicidal
mother when Kyle Riker stormed through the door. Had she been there
she would have tackled him to the floor, if necessary, to stop him
from his ominous march towards his son. Without her intervention,
however, the large man stalked up to Will and sneered, "What Will?
I'm not invited to the party?" The man eyed his son with
disgust. "What the hell have you done to yourself? Or should I say
have you let someone else do to you. I told you years ago that all
this tom-catting would get you into trouble. Most parents have to
worry about their sons catching something simple like Denubian Love-
Fever , but no my son has to catch pregnancy! You are the laughing
stock of Star Fleet. I can't even go to my club anymore, the guys
won't leave me alone about it.What have you to say for yourself?"

Part 8

Captain Picard rose to the occassion as he stepped up to Kyle
Riker. "Come Kyle, let's have some punch and try to settle down."
Kyle Riker respected Picard, and followed his lead to the refreshment
table. His first instinct was to punch Will, but given the
circumstances, he couldn't even do that. The elder Riker was still
fuming as he sputtered, "Surely you don't condone this behavior
Captain?" The weary man shook his head as he replied, "The personal
lives of my crew are not for me to judge as long as they don't
interfere in the operation of the ship. This has been difficult for
your son as well. He and Counselor Troi could use some support right
now. I believe your son has seen the error of ways."

"Counselor Troi? Deanna is still with him in this mess? What is wrong
with that boy? He has been tossing around her affection for years?
She's gorgeous, smart, and this just proves what a heart of gold she
has?" The elder Riker shook his head in bewilderment. Picard patted
his shoulder in sympathy and replied, "Sometimes it makes one glad
never to have had children."

Lwaxana walked back into the room, more like a defeated soldier than
the victorious general who left a few minutes before. True to her
word, she kept her words and thoughts in check. She shook Will's
hand,smiled weakly, and wordlessly walked back into the crowd. "Well,
that went better than I expected" Deanna whispered bending over to
Will's ear. Will's ear was leaning over the arm of the chair with the
rest of his head. <Deanna, help me. I've gotta get to Sickbay without
everybody knowing> In times of stress Will could send thoughts to her
head, but this desperate message also carried the weight of crushing

Reeling from the sensation of psychic contractions, Deanna stood and
signalled Data. Data helped Riker out a kitchen door into a
turbolift."I shall alert Dr. Crusher quietly" he promised as the
doors to the lift closed. Deanna tapped her Comm badge "Troi to
Sickbay. I'm bringing Commander Riker. Dr. Crusher on her way." Will
slid to the floor, his face a mask of sweat. "Deanna," " he puffed.
She knelt over him, wiping his face "Yes, Will" "Deanna, sing me
something." She began to croon a wordless Betazoid lullaby, her voice
soft and soothing. "No!" he gasped, "Something else please. 20th
century Earth. Rock. Really loud."

The attendants from Sickbay waited at the lift door with a stretcher.
They jumped back at the blast of the computer's programmed
instrumental version of Quiet Riot, accompanied by Commander Riker's
howls and Troi's disheveled and sweating face belting out "C'MON FEEL

By the time they passed through Sickbay's doors they had progressed
to "YOU gotta fight for your right to parrrrty!" Dr. Crusher stood at
the sink scrubbing, she turned to a nurse in scrubs "Give him the
hypo." He slipped instantly into sleep. Deanna shook her head with
relief. "Thanks Bev,I knew when he wanted the Beastie Boys it was
getting serious." Deanna gasped and gripped her abdomen, her face
contorted. "By the Gods- why am I having contractions?" Beverly moved
toward her friend scanning her briefly with a tri- coder. "Sympathy
pains?" she surmised, studying the readings. Troi doubled over and
spat, "Oh my Gods- these pains have no sympathy Beverly. This is
worse than when I had ...." The red-headed doctor helped her into a
chair and finished Deanna's sentence for her, "Ian?"

Part 9

Riker was starting to come around from the mild sedative in the hypo-
spray. "Deanna!" he called. Deanna reached her hand from the
adjoining stretcher and touched his cheek. "I'm here." A sterile
drape masked the goings-on beneath his neck. The anesthetic had taken
away his pain and left him with a disjointed wooziness. Vaguely he
wondered why Deanna was laying down and occassionally grimacing and
panting. She was in pain? "Beverly what's wrong with Deanna?" he
moaned. "Not now Will!" the doctor snapped.

Suddenly the nurses began to rush about. The soft whir of an
incubator warming up. A buzz of the laser scalpel. Strange barked
commands. "Suction" "Sponge" Mrs. Riker turned her face to his and
laughed between contractions, "I'll get you for this Will Riker".
Everything suddenly slowed down. Will squinted against a bright light
then the blessed musical squall of a baby crying.

A curtain seemed to fall over Will's mind. He waved away the nurse
who brought him the squirming bundle. Confused she carried it to
Deanna. She uncovered the little creature who stopped her sobbing and
clamped herself to the woman's chest, and looked up into her smiling
face with trust. "Welcome to the world Little One" Deanna crooned,
tears brimming on her lashes. Dr. Crusher looked up from repairing
Will's now- unscarred abdomen. "Well I'll be damned, she's nursing."

Part 10

Several hours later Deanna carried the baby into Will's room. She sat
in the soft chair beside his bed and apoke to the back of his
head. "Will, don't you want to hold your daughter? She's lovely. Lots
of pale hair and big blue eyes just like yours. Bev needs a name for
the records. She started you on some hormonal anti-depressants. You
should feel better soon.What you're going through is normal." Will
spoke to the wall, "None of this is normal Deanna. Give her any name
you want. I just want to be left alone."

"Really mother, you will spoil her. You have been holding her for
hours." Lwaxana touched the baby's soft hair and reproved
softly, "It's impossible to spoil a newborn Deanna. Isn't it my
widdle pwecious?" she added kissing the baby's smooth forehead. Kyle
trotted to the table carefully testing the temperature of the wet
cloth. "There my little princess, no going through life with a dirty
face for you." he crooned as he dabbed at her chin. Deanna chuckled
at the domestic scene. "The grandparents from hell" Will had called
them. "Will," she thought "When will you come home?" It had been
three days now. He refused to leave his room in Sickbay. Refused to
see anyone but Deanna. When she visited him he hardly spoke, wouldn't
look at her, wouldn't eat.

She had transformed her rooms into a lovely home for a baby. Soft
colors and flowers bloomed on every shelf. Now all they needed was a
Daddy. She wrestled the baby from her mother and said "We're going
for a walk." She carried the baby in her arms as she paced the halls
of the starship. Every person she met stopped to admire the pretty
baby and her lovely mother. The outpouring of good feelings warmed
her half-Betazoid heart as she entered Will's dark rooms.

She ordered up Will's favorite soft jazz program and told the baby-
"Hear that squeaky trombone that's Daddy. Now listen right here. He
never gets that note. The baby smiled at her mother's soft
chuckle. "Bad- mouthing me to the kid already?" Will stood in the
doorway to his bedroom smirking. He walked over to them and gestured
toward the little pink bundle asking awkwardly "UH, May I?" "Here you
go Daddy" Deanna smiled as she handed him the baby. "Wow she's a
beauty. What did you name her?" " I gave her a Betazoid name." Will
frowned in apprehension, "Please don't tell me you called her Lwaxana
Junior?" She rose to stand beside her husband as they admired their
child. " I called her Azriana, it means 'blue eyes'. "That's really
beautiful Deanna, and so are you. And so is she." Held Azriana up to
the viewport and showed her the stars. "See that sweetie. That's home"


Essay for Historical Families Studies

By Lwaxana Troi-Riker Prax

At the time nobody could have predicted the impact that Will Riker's
pregnancy would have on the universe. The social, economic and
political fallout stretched across the galaxy and continue to be felt
to this day.

When the news of a human male bearing a child became widespread, the first
reaction of the public was ridicule and scorn per Cmdr. Riker's own
experiences. In time however, other couples came forward to follow
in his footsteps, out of curiosity, or for other reasons, such as
fertility problems. For reasons not yet clear to this day, pregnancy
among men became wildly popular with Cardassians. The obsession for
this form of reproduction rapidly grew to replace torture and warring
as national pastimes. Huge amounts of resources were removed from
their "defense" budgets and invested into reproductive medicine,
creating the haven for science and family-life studies for which
Cardassia is famous today.

The group of women who had commiserated with Counsellor Troi on the
unfairness of men as a group, went on to create a new feminist
movement within Star Fleet which rapidly spread across all treatied
planets. To Troi-Riker's dismay she found herself the name-sake of
the so-called Deannites. Several Patriachal-type governments were
toppled and replaced by Deannite Feminist Regimes. Statues of the
counselor sitting at the bar with her fist raised in righteous
indignation became standard on nearly every planet affiliated with
the Federation and are still  frequent rallying points for feminists

Consequent to Mr. Riker's involuntary pregnancy ( and at the
vehement insistence of Ms. Troi-Riker) Star Fleet passed the so-
called Venusian Laws which forbade the intentional involuntary
impregnation of any being, regardless of sex.

The crew of the ship was also impacted profoundly. Mr. Worf went on
to a sucessful career in Star Fleet, eventually attaining the rank of
captain. He was forced to resign his commission however, when several
years later he developed an intense phobia of overweight men. He
returned to Klingon where he ran a lucrative business arranging
Klingon baby showers.

Captain Picard found himself upstaged by his first officer and
eventually chose early retirement. He spent several years in his
native village,it is reported that he whiled away his days in the
local tavern, drinking wine and telling the tale of how his career
had been ruined to any one who would listen. It was here that Guinan
found him while touring France with a group of the Deannites. She and
Jean-Luc fell in love after so many years of ignoring their mutual
attraction. They shared a common wish to remain childless and lived
out their years in happy seclusion.

Young Wesley Crusher went on to become an admiral in Star Fleet. He
carefully avoided speaking ever of the time he spent on the

Dr. Crusher became a specialist on cross-gender pregnancy. She
moved to Betazed where she and Deanna Troi-Riker ran a
hugely sucessful practice focusing on fertility issues. She re-
married a much younger Betazoid man who was one of her earliest
patients . Her husband gave birth to three children, much to their
elder brother Wesley's dismay. She remained a vibrant and
controversial public speaker until shortly before her death at age
137. She continued to advocate for personal freedoms and reproductive
rights for all species and sexes. Among her many accomplishments were
the popularization of tap-dance throughout the galaxy as a form of
exercize and meditation, and the establishment of a theater on
Betazed which produced "Broadway" plays from Earth. Lwaxana Troi
found a second career as an actress and played the lead character
in "Auntie Mame" for five consecutive years. Part of the legend which
has grown up around Dr. Crusher were her enigmatic last words, said
to be "Normal is as normal does."

Commander Riker found his career to be over at Star Fleet. Despite
his enormous potential, he was unable to move beyond his reputation
of having been the first male to give birth. He and his wife established
a home on Betazed where he introduced gingerale to the patients at the
Troi-Riker/Crusher Clinic. The new beverage became a planet- wide
favorite, partially because of it's soothing on the ticklish stomachs
of pregnant Betazoids. His factories made him the wealthiest man on
the planet at the time of his death.

Deanna Troi-Riker enjoyed a very happy marriage and they had several more
children, which she carried herself. She enjoyed her success at the
clinic and was instrumental in the writing of and passage of the
Venusian laws. She was puzzled and alarmed at the notoriety brought
by the Deannite movement and preferred to maintain a low profile on
her native planet. She was very close to all her children, and except for
some vacations on Earth, remained on Betazed for the remainder of her

Azriana Riker-Troi studied psychology and followed in her
grandmother's footsteps as a Betazed ambassador. She married a
Betazoid Star Fleet officer, Captain Rafe Prax, and joined Star Fleet
herself. She had a brilliant career and achieved the rank of
Commander before returning home to run her father's factories.
She had one child, a daughter whom named Lwaxana after her