Coming Home       PG         

        Will returns from an away mission...



Do I Dare?       R         

        Deanna does some reflection...



Family       NC 17         

        Set immediately after the First Contact film, while Worf was still on board the Enterprise heading to DS9, but then it hops into some future.



Little Miss Troi       PG         

        Set somewhere between All Good Things and Generations. A strange accident turns Deanna into a small child.



Of Warps and Men       PG 13         

        Deanna, Beverly and Guinan, enjoy a girls night out and, inspired by tequila, get a new perspective about the male population of the Enterprise.



The Proposal       NC 17         

        Deanna decides to take major changes in her life, but is Will ready to be part of those changes? Deals with an adult issue.









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