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The Dreidel

Joint story by Kate and Mriana


An Imzadi short story

It was early December. Will realized that Christmas was just around the corner. With a broad smile, Will also knew this meant a very special milestone was on the horizon as well: their anniversary. Two things to celebrate, he murmured pleasantly to himself. Two gifts to give to his Imzadi.

Will visited the ship’s stores to find something that he could give Deanna for Christmas and for their anniversary. However, the problem was, he was not sure what he wanted to get her.

He had looked at flowers, but that seemed too blasé. It had been done too many times before. As for chocolate, well he was always giving her chocolate. That was nothing new to her. He wanted his gifts to her to be special, but everything he thought of seemed too ordinary.

“Hey, Captain!” an officer greeted Will. “What are you doing in the ship’s stores?”

"You're Lieutenant...?" Will asked, trying to recall the officer's name.

"Lieutenant Meyers, Sir," the officer smiled.

“Meyers, right." Will returned the smile. "Well, I’m trying to find my wife a gift for our anniversary and one for Christmas."

“I’m looking for a gift to give to my son for Chanukah.” The officer stated. After a thoughtful pause, he offered, "Say, I have a great idea for something that would do for both gifts."

“Yeah?” Will’s interest was piqued. “What’s that?”

“A Dreidel game.”

“First of all, we aren’t Jewish," Will responded. "And second, isn’t that a children’s game?”

“Not the one I’m talking about,” the officer replied suggestively. “It’s an adult version and you definitely do not have to be Jewish to play the game.”

“Now you’ve got me.” Will was really interested now. “Tell me more about this game.”

“Well, let me explain the children’s version first and then I’ll tell you about the adult one so you can understand what is different about it. I’m sure you will just love the adult version of the game!” the officer winked at Will. “And I think it will give you years of pleasure.”

“OK,” Will agreed. “I’m all ears.”

“Come over here so that no one can hear us talking,” the officer whispered.

They walked over to a secluded corner of Ship’s stores. The officer began to explain the game to Will in a soft quiet voice.

"It's a simple game really. You use a dreidel, which is a four-sided top. On each face of the top is a Hebrew letter. The four of them represent the words "Nes Gadol Hayah Sham," that is, "A great miracle occurred there."

"A great miracle?" Will inquired, fascinated by what he was hearing.

"Yeah, the victory of a small band of Jews over the Greeks many centuries ago," the lieutenant explained.

Will nodded. "Please continue," he said quietly.

"Well, to play the child's version of the game, all the players create a kitty of coins or candy from whatever they have to start with. Then, each person takes a turn spinning the dreidel. If it lands with the letter 'nun' showing, the kid gets nothing from the pile. If the dreidel lands showing a 'gimmel', the player takes the whole pile of goodies. If, however, the top lands with a 'hey' showing, the kid only gets half of what's in the pile. Tough luck, though, to the kid whose spin results in the 'shin' showing. He has to put everything he has into the pile."

"So that's the kid's game," Will commented. "Sounds like fun."

Lieutenant Meyers smiled and nodded.

"So tell me about this adult version," Will whispered conspiratorially. The lieutenant gave Will a mischievous smile. Will's eyebrows rose in curiosity.

"Well, it's like this," the lieutenant grinned. "The first thing you need is some privacy."

"Oh, I like this already," Will chuckled. "Tell me more!"

"Well, for this version, you'll need some candle light, wine and cheese and pieces of chocolate, as well as the dreidel." Will's smile spread across his face; the lieutenant had just named all of the things that Deanna loved best. It couldn't get more perfect than this!

"You ready for the game, Sir?" Lieutenant Meyers asked, seeing Will's pleased smile.

"You bet!" Will exclaimed a bit louder than he had meant. He glanced quickly around the room to make sure no one had heard him, and then waited for the officer to continue.

"Well, this is where the fun comes in," the lieutenant snickered. "If in your turn you spin a 'gimmel', not only do you get to get to win all the chocolate pieces you've used to make the kitty, you get to remove an article of clothing from your playmate." Will's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "And?" Will encouraged.

"Don't worry, there's more. If you spin a 'hey', you win half of the chocolate pieces in the kitty, but you get a wet kiss from your playmate."

"Gods, I can't believe you are telling me this," Will laughed.

"Well, Sir, you asked," Lieutenant Meyers snickered. "Do you want to hear the rest, Sir?"

"You bet!" Will exclaimed in a low voice.

"Okay, let's see...Yeah, if you spin a 'shin', *you* lose an article of clothing of your playmate's choosing and contribute two pieces of chocolate to the kitty. And you keep playing this way until...well..."

"Until?" Will insisted eagerly.

"Well, Sir, until no one has any more clothes on," Lieutenant Meyers whispered and gave his captain a wink.

"And then?" Will asked. The lieutenant grinned. "Well the rest is then up to you and your playmate, Sir."

"Ah, I see," Will said softly, stroking his beard thoughtfully. "Hmm, sounds like my kind of game...But neither of us know the Hebrew letters, Lieutenant."

"Oh, that's no problem Sir. I can give you a card that identifies the letters and the outcomes for each one. Are you interested?"

"Absolutely, but I want this kept between you and me. Bring me the card in my Ready Room. That way, no one else will know," Will cautioned.

"Very good, Sir. Glad I could help!"

Will smiled at the lieutenant and then went to get the gift.


One night several weeks later, Will had the wrapped package in his hands has he walked through the door of their quarters. Just as he expected, Deanna had already arrived home. She greeted him at the door with a kiss.

"What's that in your hands?"

"Have you forgotten that it is almost Christmas?"

"No, as a matter of fact, it's tomorrow," She replied with a smile. "You haven't forgotten the other special day this month that happens to be today have you?"

"Now how could I forget our anniversary?"

"I glad you haven't really forgotten our anniversary."

"One year ago today."

"Yes," Deanna said with a smile. Then she gestured towards the present. "So, when do I get to see what it is?"

"I could make you wait until tomorrow to open it," Will said to her playfully. "But since it is also an anniversary gift, I could let you unwrap it tonight."

"WILL!" Deanna shouted demandingly. "Don't tease me like that!"

He finally gave in and handed her the gift. He took pleasure in seeing her excitement as she unwrapped it.

"A top?" She asked disappointedly when she removed part of the contents from the box.

"It's actually a Dreidel," Will explained.

"Still looks like a child's toy."

"Actually, it's part of a game. Let me explain it to you," Will offered. "Do you want to hear the children's version first or shall I just go straight to the adult version?"

"Oh, please just go straight to the supposed mature version." Deanna insisted with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Will began to explain the adult version of the game. As he spoke, Deanna's irritation began to dissipate. Slowly, she was becoming intrigued.

"Chocolate?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes," Will replied, hoping that he had started to pique her interest.

"I can go for that."

"I thought you would," Will smiled. Then he continued to explain the game to her. When he had finished, he waited for her reaction.

"You know, we have a similar game on Betazed," Deanna told him. "It's a therapeutic means to help couples reconnect with each other."

"Therapy wasn't quite what I had in mind," Will replied disappointedly.

"I know," she giggled. "It just made me think about that game. I'm willing to give it a try since it is our anniversary."

"Great!" Will said with renewed enthusiasm . "Shall we get started?"

"Why not?"

Will leered suggestively at Deanna. "I think I could use some help getting the rest of the items we need for this game."

"Oh could you now," Deanna replied in a sultry voice. With a provocative grin on her face, Deanna reached out to take Will's hand in her own. Together, they walked over to the replicator.

"Computer," Will said. "We need four scented votive candles..."

"Make that scent lavender," Deanna interjected.

Will looked at her in mock frustration. "Gods, Deanna, we're never going to get to the game. You know that scent drives me crazy."

Deanna slapped him playfully on his arm. "Oh, I think you'll manage, Will. Besides, from what you said, it sounds like this will help make the perfect setting for this game of yours." She eyed him suggestively. "Now what else were we going to replicate?"

"Ah yes...," he stammered. "Uh, chocolate drops...say fifty." An eager smile spread across Deanna's features at the mention of chocolate. Will nodded knowingly. "Oh...Computer, we need a bottle of wine and two glasses."

"Specify wine variety," the computer intoned.

Will looked at Deanna questioningly. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Hmm," Will said, stroking his beard thoughtfully. "Okay, how about a bottle of Chardonay."

An instant later, the requested items materialized on the replicator pad. Will picked up the bottle of wine and the glasses and brought them to the coffee table. Deanna busied herself with arranging and lighting the candles. Then she put the chocolate pieces on the table. Eyeing the candy greedily, she impulsively snatched a piece and popped it into her mouth.

"Sorry Will, make that 49 pieces of chocolate...I couldn't help myself," Deanna snickered.

Will laughed and replied, "I knew you would do that. Haven't met a piece of chocolate you didn't want to eat, eh Counselor?" He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "Okay, Let's sit down here and get started, shall we?"

Deanna nodded expectantly. Silently, Will divided the pieces of candy into two piles on the table. Then he poured some wine into each of the glasses and handed one to Deanna.

Deanna picked up the dreidel and turned it over in her hand. She examined each of the letters silently. "These are Hebrew letters, Will," she commented.

"That's right," he replied. "You were going to ask which one is which, right?"

"Yes. My linguistic skills don't include the Hebrew alphabet. How are we going to know..."

Before she could finish her question, Will interrupted. "Ah, that's where this comes in," he smiled. He picked up a card that had been sitting off to one side on the coffee table. "This has the letters, their names and most important..." Will's voice trailed off.

"Yes?" Deanna prompted eagerly.

"Well, as you can see, it tells you what happens with each letter," Will offered, pointing out the information on the card.

"I see," Deanna mumbled as she scanned the card.

"Ante up now," Will directed. They each put some of their chocolate pieces in the center of the table. "Why don't you start," Will said as he handed the dreidel to Deanna. "Ladies first, you know." He flashed his famous lopsided grin at her.

Deanna smiled appreciatively as she took the toy. Then resting the tip of the dreidel on the table's surface, she gave the toy a deft twirl and let go. Will watched her dexterous action in amazement. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

"Oh, I used to play with tops when I was a child. My father taught me and we used to spend hours at a time taking turns spinning them," she explained, looking briefly at Will's face. Then they both gazed at the now stationary toy.

"Let's see," Will said, looking at back and forth between the letter on the toy and the card. "You've got a Hey..." A big smile appeared on his face. "It says you get half of what's in the kitty here and a wet kiss. Which do you want first?" he snickered.

She answered him by pressing her mouth to his and darting her tongue between his lips. After a moment of pleasant tongue wrestling, she pulled back and picked up the chocolate from the kitty. "This could wait," she murmured provocatively, "my mouth couldn't."

"I see," Will said appreciatively. "Well, now it's my turn." He leered at her and then turned his attention to spinning the dreidel. "Here goes," he announced as he twisted the toy and let it spin on the table.

The dreidel spun mightily for half a minute. Then it teetered and fell onto its side. Will looked at the toy eagerly. When he saw the letter shin, his smile wilted. "Now that's not fair at all!" he complained.

"Not fair?" Deanna queried. "What does this one mean?" A pretend pout surfaced on his face as he responded, "It's a shin. You have to put in two pieces of candy." Deanna's eyebrows rose in a silent question. "So?" she asked. "Why do you think that's not fair?"

"Oh, it's the other part..." His pout was instantly replaced by a lascivious grin. "You, my dear, get to remove an article of my clothing." He waggled his eyebrows at her, then spread his arms wide. "I'm ready for you to help yourself."

Deanna needed no encouragement. Running her tongue sensually over her lips as if savoring the task ahead, she reached for the zipper to Will's uniform tunic. With agonizing slowness, she pulled the zipper down, allowing her other fingers to travel in its wake and leave a tingling trail.

"Gods, Deanna," he breathed huskily, "I don't think we're going to get too far in this game."

Deanna locked her depthless ebony eyes on his blue ones. "I don't think that really matters. Do you?" she whispered.

The game progressed from that point, with less and less time devoted to spinning the dreidel and more time devoted to enjoying the rewards of the spins. Piece by piece, items of clothing came off. Each earned kiss went deeper and lasted longer, enhanced by the sweet taste of wine in their mouths. Soon enough, all of their clothes were gone and the wine and chocolate consumed.


There was no talking as Will picked Deanna's tiny body up off the hard floor and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the soft bed. Her body, with its pink flush of arousal, beckoned to him wordlessly.

They were both drunk with passion as Will leaned over her and recaptured her mouth with hungry urgency. Her sweet kisses were more intoxicating then the wine as their lips parted and pulsated with the inflow of warm, sensual blood. Then in one moist sweep her tongue circled his as his tongue began to dance in time to hers. At the same time, Will cupped one of her soft mounds of flesh with his one of his hands. He massaged it longingly as he consumed her mouth.

Deanna caressed his muscular body and held him close to her. She savoured his hair-roughened skin next to hers.

Deanna let out a soft whimper as Will released her lips and slowly made his way to her supple neck. Once he reached her neck he caressed her neck with his warm moist lips. She let out a sigh of pleasure.

Then slowly, his warm mouth made its way to the other breast that begged for his attention. As he reached the proffered fruit he enveloped it with great urgency. When he began to teasedit with his tongue, she arched her upper back to get closer to him and moaned softly.

Meanwhile, he continued to fondle the other breast with his hand until it swelled with excitement. His passionate lips slowly made their way to the other supple mound and Deanna let out another groan of pure pleasure. Her chest rose, begging him for more of his undivided attention. Her pink swollen buds quivered as he suckled and teased them.

He slowly made his way down her soft curvy flesh with his hands and mouth as the heat of desire burned within them. His tongue teased her unmercifully on its journey down her taut rosy body and finally reached its destination.

Then his tongue and mouth savoured the sweet warm juices of her most sacred place. He moved his tongue in and out of her, taunting her unmercifully. He explored the very depths of her womanhood first with his tongue and finally with one of his fingers as his teased her swollen bud with his tongue.

Deanna heaved with unquenched desire. She wanted him more than ever, but he continued to tease her. He ran his tongue down each of her thighs, causing her to tremble with even more arousal.

Then he made his way back up her flushed body. As he did, Deanna could feel his hard arousal. Her anxious anticipation to join with him became even stronger as his strong masculinity brushed up against her. She was more than ready to give herself to him.

Finally, he entered her with fevered urgency . She enveloped him and soon he was deep into her heated core as he gently thrusted within her.

Soon they were moving their bodies with great fervour. Their breathing became shallow and fast. Their skin became moist from the heat of their pleasure and soon Deanna felt a tidal wave of enormous power.

Suddenly, Will let out a groan of masculine satisfaction and then collapsed gently on top of Deanna. She could feel his member pulsating within her as he allowed his molten juices to intermingle with hers.

She smiled with satifaction and wrapped her arms lovingly around him. She did not say a word as they both enjoyed the after glow of their loving act.

After a while their breathing slowed. Will rolled off of her and then pulled her close to him.

"That was great!" He finally said.

"Um hum!" Deanna said softly. Then added, "Maybe we should play that game more often."

Will chuckled. "I would not mind a bit if we did."

"This has been a nice anniversary." Deanna smiled as she turned her body so that she could look at him and then kissed him.

"And Christmas or Chanukah." He said with uncertainty. "Which did we celebrate?"

"I don't know, but I'm just happy our first anniversary was this nice." Deanna replied still smiling. Then she settled back into his loving arms as she turned back around and molded his body to hers. She pulled his arms tighter around him.

With satisfication they both fell into a peaceful slumber.