By Tourn


This one's a quickie...Haven't done much editing, any mistakes are
mine, but feedback is always welcome.

Teaser: Why does Deanna always have to be the one who graciously
accepts the flings and dalliances of her Imzadi?
(As an aside...Ambassador Galvin is based on someone...The name's a
hint (translated into Celtic/Gaelic), but does anyone recognize him
from the meager description Riker gives?)

disclaimer: not mine, nothing's mine, just playing, but i promise to
put everything back in its place when i'm done.


Deanna Troi and Beverly Crusher stood with their backs to
the bar and gazed and the Corellian delegate.

"Who's going over there first, then?" asked Beverly, still

"Neither of us has been introduced," Deanna pointed out,
licking her lower lip.

A satisfied, concentrated silence fell between them once
more as they eyed the delegate.

"I could definitely walk up right now and lick him," Beverly
said absently. "How do you think that would go over as an

Deanna opened her mouth to answer, but she was cut off by
someone who had overheard the Doctor's last statement.

"I do not think that would be appropriate."

The two women, who had frozen at first, relaxed when they
recognized the voice. "Good grief, Data," Beverly said,
frustrated. "You shouldn't scare people like that."

Data raised his eyebrows. "I am sorry I startled you," he
said calmly. "I thought it wise to point out that licking is not an
accepted form of introduction in Corellian culture."

"That's good to know," Deanna said dryly.

"Yes, Data, thank you," Beverly added, as a brush-off.

"Ah," Data breathed, coming to a conclusion. "You were
joking." He paused, perplexed. "If I may ask, why did you want to
lick Ambassador Galvin?"

"Data!" both exclaimed, dismayed.

"I am curious, Counselor. That is all. Wanting to lick
someone – " the women winced – "would reflect a certain amount of
attraction towards him or her. But neither of you have approached
him…" Data cocked his head. "In addition to which, I do not think he
is your `type,' Counselor…or yours, Doctor."

As the two women exchanged looks of antipathy, another
person joined the small crowd in front of the bar and cleared his
throat. "Don't you think it looks a bit funny to have half our
senior staff gathered together at what is supposed to be a social
function?" Will Riker asked.

Deanna and Beverly shared a look once more.

Will noticed nothing. "Spread out! Socialize! This is supposed to
be the fun part…and heaven knows, we're entertaining some fun
people." Will Riker grinned and made eye contact with a female
Corellian who was sitting at a table, presumably waiting for him to
get drinks.

Data piped up. "Yes, Commander. Counselor Troi and Doctor Crusher
have noticed. More specifically, they were noticing Ambassador

Will laughed in startled curiosity. "Noticing him?" He looked at the
women, who were going about their ogling in a more discreet
way. "Oh, come on! Ladies?"

There was a pause, while the Doctor and Counselor transferred their
gazes to Will.

Will met their skeptical looks with an uncertain laugh. "He isn't

Beverly tried to appease him. "Okay. Thanks."

"Actually, Commander, I was telling them the same thing," Data
said. "The Ambassador certainly does not conform to the general
standards of attractiveness."

Deanna curled her upper lip slightly in response. "That's because he
surpasses them in every sense, Data."

"Intriguing. Thank you for this enlightening discussion, Counselor –
you too, Doctor. I hope we will continue it soon, when we are not
required to mingle." Data smiled – something he had been practicing
a lot lately – and left.

Will was ready to pick up where they had left off. "Look," said Will
in a frustrated voice, "what's attractive about him? His hair is
disgusting. His beard is…disgusting. He wears eye makeup and he

"We already are looking," Deanna said, smug at Will's
discomfort. "And there's a lot to be said for unconventional
beauty. I, for one, definitely prefer it."

"It almost makes me purr," Beverly interrupted.

Will frowned a little bit, and Deanna cast him a look of concern.

"You aren't going to start sulking now, are you?" asked
Deanna. "What reason in the world do you have to sulk?"

"I'm not sulking." Then, as if it were related: "But just a few
months ago, you liked conventional good looks well enough."

Deanna smirked. "What?"

Will wasn't looking at her. "I'm just saying you liked cleanliness
and all of that stuff a little while ago," he said airily. "The
change is rather sudden."

"Well, it's good to know that some things never change, Commander,"
Deanna said, casting her eyes towards the Corellian woman. "You have
someone waiting for you. Meanwhile," she tilted her head in the
direction of Captain Picard, who was motioning her over to meet
Ambassador Galvin, "pleasant duties call. I'll see you later." She
walked off with Doctor Crusher.

When Will saw the women meet the ambassador with grace and
assurance, he turned back towards the bar scowling and ordered two
drinks. The evening was certainly not turning out like he had