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Author: Tracy
Note: part of this is probably NC-17!

Kestra Elizabeth Riker looked up at her father lovingly, her tiny
blue eyes shot through with glittering shards of lavender. They
were the most unusual eyes Will had ever seen, and the most
beautiful. At their outer corners they tilted slightly, giving
Kestra's features a slightly Asian cast, and their lashes were three
full layers of thick, black feathery spikes. Her tiny head was
mostly bald, but at three months she already had a swirling of jet
black curls at her crown, courtesy of her Mother. She was, he
thought giddily, the most perfect baby that ever existed.

"You only think that because she's yours, Captain Riker," his wife
teased from the other room.
Will turned from the rocking chair to look at the kitchen doorway
where Deanna was standing. She held a pint of chocolate ice cream
in one hand and a large spoon in the other. Clad in a short purple
bathrobe she looked about twelve years old. Hard to believe she'd
already hit forty.
"Well, what can I say? I've married the most beautiful woman in the
known galaxy, and our baby looks just like her. It's not my fault
you're both too beautiful for words." Deanna put down the ice cream
and came behind Will's chair to wrap her arms around his wide
"I knew there was a reason I loved you."
He looked up at her and grinned, then kissed her. Deanna closed her
eyes and wrapped her arms around both the baby and her husband, and
sighed softly. Everything she'd ever wanted was right in her grasp,
right in her arms. If there was anything more perfect than this
moment, she couldn't imagine what it might be.

*How about trying for another one?*
*What? And ruin my delicate figure?*
*Kestra certainly didn't ruin anything. You're as slender and sexy
as ever.*
*Oh you!*
*I'm serious. Why don't we make a sister for Kestra? God knows we
can't possibly get this lucky twice in a lifetime, but I'm willing
to give it a shot*

Deanna smiled and kissed the top of her husband's head.
"Now look. I'm just now recovering from this one's birth. Plus, Bev
put me on an inhibitor so I wouldn't get pregnant too quickly. So
you just get any ideas about baby-making out of your brain, Captain
Riker. You hear me?"
"Oh all right. By I expect to have you pregnant again by the time
this little doll is two years old," he said, only half-teasing.
"It's a deal. Now, let me have her, Imzadi. It's bed-time."

Will handed Kestra to Deanna and the baby nuzzled against her
Mother's soft chest, curling like a large puppy might into it's
Mother's furry tummy. She was asleep instantly and stayed that way
as soon as Deanna lay her in her pink bassinet. Sighing with pride
and exhaustion, Deanna tiptoed out of the nursery and into the
living room to sit on her husband's lap. "My turn," she whispered
"Hey, don't tease me, Mrs. Riker. You're the one who doesn't want to
make more babies yet."
"True, but there's nothing that says we can't enjoy the process..."

They looked at one another deeply, dark eyes burning into light blue
ones, and decades of longing, friendship, desire, and love sparked
between them, creating a need so powerful they made love right there
on the couch. "I love you so much Deanna. So damned much."
"And I love you, Imzadi. Always..."
Their lips met and held, and their bodies dissolved like liquid wax
into one another, until they seemed to become a single organism.

Nothing was held back. Every thought was shared, every pulse of
desire conveyed. It was exactly like the first time they'd been
together in the Jalara jungle so many years ago. Twenty years
seemed to drop away, leaving them teenagers again, breathless with
love and lust, hungry with need and urgent desire. Will's mouth
found and captured one perfect breast and suckled it, then moved to
the other, feeling the unusual sensation of tasting mother's milk
for the first time. Instead of being a turn-off, it only inflamed
him further, for it reminded him that although this woman was still
every bit as sexy as she'd been as a young girl, now she was a
woman. A fully-realized woman in the prime of her life. And she was
his after a much-too-long and frustrating wait.

"You're mine," he growled into the pillow of her chest, leaning up
above her to slide himself against her thigh.
"Yes. I always will be. I want you so much, so badly Will. I love
He was so hard it was painful and he wanted to just take her. Just
ride her until he was calling her name in astonished release. But
he couldn't. Not yet. Not til he gave her what she needed first.

Forcing himself down again, he kissed along her belly, loving it's
imperfections, then kissed both thighs thoroughly. Back and forth
from one innocent area to the other he teased her until her hands
found his head and she whispered urgently for him to do it, just do

He smiled, loving the sound of her aroused and out of control, and
did her bidding. His mouth, hot and soft covered her vulva, kissed
her clitoris, and then drove her mad as he slid his tongue around in
lazy, erotic circles. She bucked and a soft, "Gods!" fell from her
mouth as she allowed herself to drown in the feeling of him between
her legs.

He licked again, slow circles, then up and down, then slow circles
again. Enough to arouse but never enough to complete the act. He
wanted her desperate before he allowed her to come. After all, she
deserved it.

With a wicked arch of the eyebrow he pulled away and grinned. "Want
some more?"
"Are you sure?"
"Oh for the love of the Gods, just do it!" she cried and then he
slid his mouth over her again, this time with a purpose.
He knew her body as well as he knew his own and so he knew that what
she wanted, what she desperately needed was for him to find a rhythm
and stick to it until she came to orgasm. She liked it when he moved
his tongue slowly up and down, but what really made her insane was
the circles. And so, like any loving husband, he gave her what she

Her hips began to rise and fall meeting his mouth as his tongue kept
up the exquisite torment of the circles on her clit. Her hands
grabbed his hair and she bit her lip as a long, loud moan attempted
to escape from her lips. Her dark eyes closed tightly and she forced
herself to whisper the cries that began to escape from her mouth. It
was so good. Climbing the feeling this way. Moving against the soft
wetness of his mouth, feeling his thick, dark hair in her hands,
riding his face as though she were riding...him. The idea lit a
fire inside of her and she was suddenly having a vivid fantasy of
Will taking her. She could feel his erection sliding into her from
behind, could feel his large hands on her bare bottom, could feel
his mouth on her neck. Gods, the image, the idea, whatever it was,
made her heart throb faster and she bucked against his mouth like a
cowgirl intent on winning the Texas rodeo.

"Oh my God...Will...yes, yes, yes, yes, oh!" She came violently
then, in an ecstasy of wracking throbbing shudders, soaking his face
as her thighs tightened around his head. Then she fell back on the
couch, sweating and exhausted, unable to move or speak.

Will moved his large body up on the sofa and pulled his wife into
his arms. She was still shaking but had a huge smile on her
beautiful face. "What on earth was that for?" she asked playfully.
"Oh I don't know. You looked so good in that robe I just wanted to
eat you alive."
She laughed loudly and kissed him. "Well you certainly did that!
Now, isn't it your turn?"

His eyes darkened and his hands began to roam her body of their own
accord. "Well, who am I to say no to an offer like that?"
Moving above her, he slid his now-painful erection into her softness
and nearly lost his mind at the feel of it. It wasn't simply the
contact of male and female that made him crazy, it was that it was
Deanna. He could feel her desire for him, her satisfaction from his
oral lovemaking, her never-ending love for him, and all of that
combined with her incredibly sexy body made him nearly go over the

Forcing himself to slow down he began a gentle, rocking rhythm that
was sheer torture. He wanted to last for ever, for hours, he wanted
to bring her pleasure again. But this...this was too much and before
he knew it, he was crying out in a hoarse, deep voice "My God!"
before exploding inside of her.

He fell on her in a heap and she wrapped her arms around him,
sheltering him with her embrace. "Was it good for you, Will?"
"You have no idea!"
They smiled, kissed, then wrapped themselves in an afghan from the
back of the sofa, as naked and comfortable as two new born babies.

"You know," she said softly, "I was just thinking how this day
couldn't possibly get any better. And then this happened."
"Perfect ending to a perfect day, huh?"
"Oh yes."

They sighed simultaneously and then began to allow sleep to steal
over them. Their breathing mingled, eyes fell closed, chests rose
and fell in unison and they were almost there.

Then, the baby cried.