Butterflies Are Free

  R/T Rated: R 



Deanna Troi had been searching for Will for over an hour. Finally, she asked the computer for his location, and was told that he was currently in Holodeck 3.  Curious, she headed for the holodeck, wondering what sort of program the Commander was running in the middle of the afternoon, a time when he was supposed to be working beta shift on the bridge.


At the arch, she called for the doors to open, and was surprised to find that the holodeck was filled with an endless row of trees and the sound of a rushing waterfall in the background.  As she walked further inside, her she took off her shoes and allowed her bare feet to rustle through the soft green grass. It felt wonderful.  But she had to admit to being surprised that Will would be running such a gentle, relaxing program.


  Softly, she called his name, but received no response.  Calling again, she was surprised to again have no response. Curious, she wandered deeper into the forest, and as she moved through the leaves, she saw a flock of gorgeous purple and blue butterflies. They were everywhere; dancing in the air, fluttering in the trees, flying above her head in a mid-air dance.  They were absolutely lovely.


 Reaching up as she walked, she tried to attract one of them, and soon a tiny blue one landed upon her finger.  Deanna smiled and walked along further, staring at the lovely insect, wondering why Will had created such an unusual program.  A few yards ahead, she came to a clearing, and as she walked across the open expanse of grassy land, she could see Will about 100 yards ahead of her.  He was..naked.  Totally, completely, bare-assed naked.  What on Earth was he doing?


Giggling, Deanna moved softly towards his position, not wanting to give away her presence.  When she drew closer, she could see that he was standing with his arms outstretched against a tree, his naked bottom starkly white against the dark brown bark. "Will...what are you doing?


 His head spun around and he flushed a deep beet red. "Shit. What are you doing here, Deanna?


 "I could ask you the same question.


"I...was looking for butterflies, he stammered.


She giggled softly again, trying to contain her mirth. "Really? And what were you going to do with these butterflies?


"I was trying to catch them. With this.. he motioned to the butterfly net in front of him, and as Deanna walked around him, she burst out laughing, losing control completely.


"So, Commander, what kind of butterfly would you say was in that net of yours?


Blushing furiously again, he muttered, "Not the kind I was hoping to catch.


"I can see that. Will, that looks painful, let me help you...


Kneeling down, she attempted to remove the butterfly net from his crotch, all the while shaking with silent laughter that expressed itself in tears running down her cheeks.


"Its not funny, Deanna!  It hurts for Gods sake.


Im sure it does. My only question is how did you get your...equipment..into a butterfly net?


He sighed and rolled his eyes heavenward. "Hell, I dont know. I was running around the holodeck, trying to catch these little bastards, and I finally found one that was bigger, different than the others. I went to swoop down on him, and somehow the damned net got tangled around me...I ended up falling face down in the grass with this thing attached to my body.


Deanna was gently untangling him from the net, still trying not to laugh, when she looked up at him and saw him staring down at her.  "Why did you decide to catch butterflies, for Gods sake? I dont see you as playing the naturalist, Will.


"I dont know. I was bored. I had the day off-Data agreed to take my shift. I came here and worked out with one of my Klingon fighting programs, and when I was finished, I just felt like relaxing. At first I thought Id just toss my clothes off and go for a dip in the ocean, and then I remembered laying on my back in the forest as a boy, watching the butterflies above.  It sounded like funthe only problem is I forgot to put my uniform back on before I did it.


"Well, Id imagine you wont forget next time, will you?


"I hope not. This hurts like hell... 


Finally, she got the net off of him, tossing it to the side. Then she looked at his body speculatively.  His chest was darkly tanned, covered with a layer of dark black hairs.  His butt, in contrast, was starkly white; it was a delicious combination.  Before she could question what she was about to do, Deanna reached around and cupped his bottom in her hands.  Then she stood, continuing to touch him, and covered his mouth with hers. 


In moments, he had her uniform torn off and tossed on the floor, and they were laying on the soft forest ground naked, twined together.  "I take it you found my predicament arousing, Counselor?


 "Among other things, Commander.


"Do you want me?


She moved his hand to touch her in a very intimate spot, and whispered, "What do you think?


He grinned wolfishly and moved above her, preparing to enter her. "I think, Ms. Troi, that you look absolutely beautiful laying there like that.  I also think Im pretty damned glad this whole fiasco happened.  If Id known this was the way to get you into bed I wouldve done it years ago.


 Deanna giggled and then moaned softly as he entered her. And then, as flocks of butterflies surrounded them, they proceeded to make love all afternoon; neither having the slightest wish to collect any more of the pretty little creatures.