Will’s Christmas Surprise
Rated: NC-17

Will Riker strode onto the bridge of the Enterprise
“E”, causing a stirring of whispers and giggles from
the Counselor. His dark hair was dyed pure white, and
he wore beard that hung to the middle of his chest,
reminding her of the 20th century legendary figure,
Santa Claus.
Deanna covered her mouth with her hands, holding in a
burst of delighted laughter. Will was not only
wearing a wig and beard. In place of his Starfleet
uniform, he wore a pair of red thong underwear,
complete with mistletoe on the front.
“Imzadi! What on Earth are you doing? The Alpha
shift will be arriving in a few minutes!”
Will walked over to her chair and placed his hands on
the arms, leaning over for a kiss. “Mmmm….you forgot.
The Captain gave everyone the day off today. A
skeleton crew will come on in an hour to keep things
moving, but the senior staff won’t be here. It’s just
you and me, Mrs. Riker.”
Deanna got out of her chair, swirling her long blue
dress behind her. Taking Will in her arms, she kissed
him through the beard, feeling it tickle her upper lip
and chin. Then she allowed her hands to roam around
his waist and dip down to cup his naked bottom. “Is
this my Christmas present, Commander?
He grinned down at her, pulling her against his body.
“Well, technically it’s not Christmas for another
week, but since you’ve asked so nicely…yes.”
Their kiss grew deeper, warmer and their bodies
filled with the tension of arousal, the tingling
excitement of getting away with the forbidden. If the
Captain ever found out…. But it was a great
opporutunity and one they would certainly not have
Throwing all caution to the wind, Will whispered,
“Kneel over the chair, Imzadi.”
Raising a slim, black eyebrow, Deanna looked at him
as though he’d gone crazy.
“We…we can’t do this here. Come with me. We’ll go
back to our quarters, no one will see us there.
He laughed. “Ah, but you’re forgetting, no one will
see us here either. Not if we’re quick about it.”
Seeing his beautiful blue eyes dancing with mischief,
Deanna couldn’t resist. “All right, but are you going
to tell me why you decided to seduce me on the bridge
this morning looking like a reject from a yuletide
“Mmmm, I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, Imzadi.”
“Let me guess…you and Geordi made a bet, right?”
“You know me too well, Deanna. Now come here. I want
to collect my two hundred credits later.”
Kissing her, he then turned her around and pressed
her slim body down towards her chair. Then, lifting
the skirt of her dress, he slid his hands up her bare
legs, cupping her bottom. With a deft stroke, he
yanked the purple panties down and off, leaving her
completely bare beneath the dress. “Ready for your
present, Imzadi?”
“As ready as it gets, Commander.”
“I love you…” he murmured, sliding himself inside of
her to the hilt.
“Gods, oh Will, I love you too!”
Oblivious to the ship’s sounds, to the blinking
lights, the knowledge that soon this bridge would be
covered in Starfleet uniforms, Will took her with a
passion that hadn’t existed since their first meeting
on Betazed. She was so warm, so invitingly tight; it
was everything he could do not to lose control right
then and there.
Behind them, the doors to Captain Picard’s ready room
opened silently, and Data stepped between them onto
the bridge. His eyebrows shot to his hairline as he
witnessed the spectacle of the ship’s First Officer
making love to the Counselor.
Folding his arms, he stood stiffly, watching the pair
as though they were an extremely interesting lab
experiment. Inwardly, he though of Tasha, and the
night that she seduced him. Had they had sexual
intercourse in this particular position? He didn’t
think so. Tasha had been in control from the moment
she’d pulled him into her quarters. She’d taken the
lead, and thus, taken the female superior position.
He recalled her body above his own, riding him as if
he were some form of equine. It had been fascinating,
and physically pleasurable.
He thought briefly then of letting Will and
Deanna know that he was there, but decided against it.
Recalling his own situation, he knew that he would
not have wanted to be disturbed had an intruder
witnessed his lovemaking with Tasha.
Taking a seat at the Conn, he sat silently, finding
himself extremely interested in the movements of the
couple’s bodies. The Commander seemed to be wearing
some sort of elastic garment, and it was currently
stretched around his ankles. The Counselor seemed to
be wearing her old blue dress, the one that the
Commander was so fond of. He could see that beneath
the dress she was nude. Fascinating. He wondered if
females chose not to wear undergarments as a daily
ritual. Tasha had not worn them, and the Borg Queen
had not either. Now, apparently, Deanna was the third
woman to evidence dislike of that particular piece of
clothing. Interesting.
Data continued his study until he heard the Counselor
repeating the Commander’s name over and over again. A
sharp, loud cry split the air, and then the Commander
himself seemed to scream. Were they in pain? Had
their act of intercourse somehow damaged their
Concerned, Data walked over to them and tapped Will
on the shoulder.
“Holy Shit! What the f…?” Will began, and then over
his shoulder, he could see Data standing there, a
quizzical expression on his pale face.
“Commander. I am sorry to disturb you, but hearing
the sounds that you were both making, I was concerned
that you had injured one another. Shall I call for
Dr. Crusher to transport you both to sickbay?”
Will was dying of embarrassment, but seeing Data’s
earnest expression, he couldn’t bear to give him the
reaming out that he wanted to.
“Data, there’s no need to call the doctor. Deanna
and I are…just fine. Now, can you please turn around
a moment so that we can get dressed?”
“Certainly.” Data turned to face the view screen,
and Will gently leaned over Deanna, flushing bright
red, thinking, “How can I remove this without
betraying my cool exterior?”
Deanna was no help whatsoever. She was giggling
uncontrollably, and continued to as he extricated
himself from her body. Pulling her to her feet, he
held her as she reached down to pull her panties up.
When she was dressed, Will quickly yanked the tiny
strip of fabric over his groin, and then muttered,
“You can turn around now, Data.”
The android turned and gave the impression of a
smile. “Thank-you for coming to the bridge to offer
this lesson today, Counselor, Commander. I had not
known that you were giving lessons in sexual
Deanna burst into another round of giggles, her face
flushing pink with embarrassment. “Data, we were not
“giving lessons”. We were enjoying a private, intimate
moment. And, believe me, if we’d known that you were
there, we would not have continued.”
“I see. I apologize for interrupting and for causing
you both embarrassment. If you would like, I can erase
the past fifteen minutes from my positronic memory,
thereby forgetting entirely about this situation.”
“Yes, Data. Please do that. I think that the
Counselor and I would both be very grateful.”
“Certainly.” He twitched his head to the left, then
looked as though he were staring into space. Moments
later, he came back to life, looking interested and
“Sir, may I ask you what you are doing on the bridge
dressed in a pair of thong underwear?”
Will grinned, obviously relieved. “Well, it was to
be a surprise for my wife, Data. But now I see that
the bridge isn’t the most private place to spend an
intimate morning and so we will be going back to our
“I will see you tomorrow morning for Alpha shift
then, Sir.”
“I’ll be here.”
Will and Deanna walked arm and arm off the bridge and
down the corridor. “Gods, Will, he saw us! I don’t
think I’m ever going to be able to look at Data quite
the same way now.”
“I know what you mean. Thank-God for that positronic
memory of his! I couldn’t stand all of us working
together, knowing that he’d seen us having sex.”

Meanwhile, back on the bridge:
“Computer, save file Data-alpha-2112.”
“Computer, send file to Holodeck 2.”
He nodded, then moved off the bridge and down the
corridor to the Holodeck. Inside, he called for the
program to play, and there before him, was a perfect
likeness of the Commander and the Counselor, making
love with abandon. Data smiled to himself, and then
called, “Computer, save program. Limit access to my
authorization codes.”
“Access limited. Program is saved.”
Satisfied, Data walked off the holodeck. This was
going to be a perfect Christmas present for the