“The Land of Eros”

R/T NC-17



“What’s that song you’re playing?” Deanna asked her companion, lifting her curly black head towards the drifting swell of music.

His lips moved into a semi-grin, and his eyes twinkled. “You don’t recognize it?”

“I’m afraid not. My father was more interested in Klingon love chants than Human music. This song, it reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what exactly.”

“Close your eyes, Imzadi. Maybe it will come to you.”

She did so, allowing her head to fall back onto the purple silk of the chaise lounge. Her hair hung over the back of the chair, and her velvet brocade dress drifted around her curves in waves of black majesty. She looked beautiful.

As she listened to the music, her mouth parted slightly, reminding Will of a rose bud opening its petals. He wanted to kiss her, but held the urge in check. There would be time for kissing later. And for other things.

“Will,” she began, voice half-drowsy with pleasure, “I feel it. I feel the music inside of me as though it were sweet honey drifting through my veins. I can almost see the colors of the music in my mind, almost sense what the musician was feeling when he played it.”

He smiled, watching her, and took a sip from a full glass of Betazed wine. The tingle on his tongue danced down to his stomach, momentarily reminding him of the first time he’d kissed Deanna. The sweet, dizzy shock of her mouth against his tasted exactly like this. He drank deeply, eyes closing, remembering the moment in perfect clarity. Then he sat down the crystal glass and reached down to stroke her face.

“Does it remind you of anything yet, Imzadi?”

A soft smile curved her coral lips and she gradually opened two large black eyes to stare into his own. “The Jalara Jungle. Our first time....the first time we made love. Oh Will, that’s what it reminds me of.”

He beamed. “It always reminds me of that day too, Deanna. When we were apart, after I’d left Betazed on the Potempkin, I discovered this song in the ship’s database. It reminded me of you, of us, of that day.....God, I must’ve played it fifteen times that first night, trying to stay in that moment with you. Trying to remember the way you smelled, the way you felt, the way you kissed me. Trying to remember what it felt like to be falling in love for the first time.”

Deanna’s eyes glazed with a quick film of tears, remembering. She’d loved him so much, and yet they’d parted. And not on good terms either. Yet right now, twenty years later, all she could recall were the beautiful, perfect moments of the first time they made love. The first time those beautiful blue eyes stared into hers, raked up and down her body, taking full possession of it.

The way his hands moved so gently along her skin, readying her for their lovemaking. The feel of his desire and love in her mind so strongly she thought she’d burst a synapse the first time she felt it. All of that was rushing back to her now as the music’s haunting rhythm weaved a spell around her heart.

“Will...come here,” she murmured, patting the large empty spot beside her on the lounge.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He stood, tugged down his black velour shirt, and lay beside her, taking her into his arms. She wrapped around him, petite legs curling around his longer ones, arms widening to accomodate his broad shoulders. He buried his nose in the sweet hollow of her neck and breathed deeply.

Gardenias, or was it jasmine? He wasn’t sure, but didn’t care. She smelled like a Risian jungle; warm, sweet, delicious. Unable to resist, he began to kiss her velvet skin, warm lips moving up her neck, to her ear, and across one pink cheek.

She murmured her encouragement and Will moved to place his mouth on hers, covering it completely. Their lips opened, widened, tongues darted out to touch and taste, and then the kiss softened; deepening into something unimaginably erotic.

Beneath the soft v of her bodice, Will could feel Deanna’s heart knocking against her chest. His hand skimmed along her shoulders, moving downwards across each full slope of her breasts. He pulled the material down, baring one perfect breast, and gently kissed its rosy nipple. As his mouth worked, his hand uncovered and fondled the other breast, sending small shivers through Deanna’s body. His tongue lapped the delicate tissue until it sprang erect against his lips, then he moved to the other side, gently teasing the other nipple to life.

Deanna moaned softly, a completely feminine sound that drove itself into Will’s brain with the force of a summer storm. His erection pulsed within the confines of his tight dark pants and he groaned softly, pressing his groin against Deanna’s leg.

Pulling his mouth away from her body, he murmured, “I want you, Deanna. God I want you.”

Her face wore the signs of her own arousal; eyes moist and dancing, face flushed a lovely shade of pink, fine beads of sweat covering her brow. She licked her lips and whispered, “I want you too, Imzadi.”

They kissed again, this time with a ferocity that surprised them both. Will moved her dress lower, gently sliding it down completely, trying not to rip the beautiful fabric in his haste to undress Deanna. It slid down to her waist, baring her completely, and a the sight of her laying there looking like a semi-nude goddess nearly drove him over the edge.

A persistent throb began between his legs, and he pulled himself up enough to tug down his zipper. Smiling, Deanna moved to help him, and soon his pants were on the rug, along with her dress and panties. His shirt was more difficult to remove, but soon it joined the other clothing on the floor, leaving him completely naked.

Lying down again, he slid his hands up the slick smoothness of Deanna’s legs, then to the sweet, secret place between them. She opened them slowly, allowing him access, and he began to stroke her tiny clitoris; all the while suckling from her right breast.

“Oh Gods, yes,” she moaned, reveling in the intensely arousing sensations that Will’s hand and mouth were bringing her. Her hips began to move and her breathing quickened, needing him to make love to her. Will felt her need in his mind, almost as easily as he felt his own desire. He longed to lay on top of her, to press himself inside of her, to take her as hard and fast as he could. But, he forced himself to hold back, to continue pleasuring her until she was fully ready for him.

As he lay there, worshipping the woman he loved, the music continued to swell in the air, increasing his emotions and desire. How he longed to have her. The tight flesh of his erection throbbed almost painfully now, and he needed to be inside of her.

“Deanna...God Deanna...” he groaned, lifting his mouth from her bosom to kiss her again. Unable to control it, he moved his body over hers, aligning it perfectly, and lost himself in the kiss. Before he lost complete control he sent to her “Imzadi...dear God I need you. Are you ready, my love?”

“Will, yes, my Imzadi. Yes. I’m ready for you. Now.” A swell of love and gratitude washed over him, and he kissed her again, murmuring, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Will. Please, please make love to me.” Those intensely dark eyes begged him, urged him on and he gave himself up to the glory of entering her beautiful body. He slid inside of her wetness, filling her completely, causing her to cry out.

His own hoarse voice uttered an unintelligible moan, and soon they were moving in perfect unison to an ancient rhythm that suited them both. Deanna grasped his buttocks, pulling him towards her, while Will continued to suckle at her breasts, driving her out of her mind with pleasure.

As they rocked, the music wrapped around them, carrying them along on invisible clouds, as though they were floating through the sky unaided. Their pheremones filled one another’s nostrils, teasing them with the wild chemical scent of desire. Deanna was the first to feel it coming. Tingles shot through her limbs, and between her legs, the soft pulsating throb blooming to a full-fleged explosion.

Will opened his eyes and watched her when he felt it coming, aroused beyond measure by the soft “O” of her lips, the erotic moans coming in panting waves, the tightness of her vagnina grasping his erection as her body moved towards release. His own orgasm threatened to wash over him, and he stopped moving, holding himself above her, clenching his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut.

“Imzadi, don’t stop,” she beckoned him, and he tightened his control so that he could satisfy her before his own body erupted in a wild volcano of need. Slowly, he pulled back, almost to the point of pulling out of her, then he thrust himself back in. He repeated the pattern; almost out, then all the way in, back and forth, teasing her with the insanity of it, driving her to the very brink of ecstasy.

“Gods Will, yes, I love it when you do that!” she cried shakily, wanting to pull him towards her and never let him go.

“Come for me, Deanna. My beautiful Imzadi. Come for me, angel.” He continued to move back and forth, so slowly it was torturous, and soon she felt her legs shake wildly as the orgasm built. Will began to move against her harder and faster, harder and faster, until she shook like a wild Arconian leaf beneath him.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh Gods Will! Yes!” Finally it burst over her like a hurricane, throbbing through her body, eradicating everything from the universe except this moment. As her muscles tightened around Will’s member, it pushed him into the realm of insanity and he heard himself crying out her name again and again as his hips met hers again and again.

Suddenly, he came, the intensity of it nearly knocking him off the bed. He shuddered, and collapsed onto her chest, scarcely able to breathe. They lie there, chest to chest, feeling the cool air dry the sweat on their bodies.

After long, silent moments Deanna found the strength to murmur, “You never did tell me what the name of this song is.”

Raising up on his elbow, he looked down at her and grinned mischievously. “It’s called The Land of Eros. Kind of suits the moment, don’t you think?”

She smiled. “Perfectly.”