Still Life, With Fruit 1/1
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek TNG and its
characters, but I like to think that I do.

“A little to the left, Will. That’s right.” Deanna
moved about the holodeck with a holo-imager, looking
through the tiny viewer at Will’s naked body. He was
laying on a black rug, holding his head up with one
hand, while the other held a strategically-placed
bunch of grapes above his nether regions. As he
looked into the imager, he rolled his eyes.
“Do we have to do this, Deanna?”
“Yes we do. You lost the bet, Imzadi, not me. And
the agreement was that if I won, I got to take some
beefcake pictures of you, remember?”
He sighed and looked down at his body, a red tinge
flushing his cheeks. “I know, I know. Gods, how the
hell do I get into these situations?”
She grinned and winked at him, snapping off another
picture. “That’s what you get for playing poker with
a Betazoid, darling.”
Moving closer, she motioned with her hand for him to
move, and he scooted around, laying down on his
stomach, his tight, firm butt in the air, everything
else covered discreetly by the fuzzy rug beneath him.
“Okay, okay. Is this what you wanted me to do?”
“Perfect. Now smile, Will.”
He gave a half-hearted grin and she sighed. “Not like
that. Smile like you mean it. Smile like we just met
and you’re undressing me with your eyes.”
The famous Riker grin popped out then, a glittering
show of his perfect teeth that sent his blue eyes
flashing. God he was gorgeous!
“Much better. Now say cheese.”
He chuckled. “Cheese.” The imager flashed, grabbed
the pic, and Deanna beamed.
“This is the most fun I’ve had in months. Now, let’s
do one more, okay? Just sit up, lean forward, and
show me what you’ve got.”
An evil twinkle flashed in his eyes, and he did just
as she said. But this time, he decided to forgo the
fruit entirely. Naked, he posed again, showing her
every little detail of his body. She flushed, gulped,
then snapped another pic, feeling a hot flush creep up
her face and throughout her body.
“What?” he asked innocently.
“You’re supposed to cover yourself….”
“Hey, you wanted to do this. I’m not thrilled about
playing centerfold on the holodeck, but if I’m going
to, then I’m going to do it right. Besides, these are
just for you. No one else will ever see them.”
Their eyes met and locked for a moment, heat simmering
in the air between them, and then Deanna sat the
camera down on a table and moved towards him.
Crawling onto the rug, she snuggled into his arms and
whispered, “You’re right. And now that we’ve settled
that, why don’t you and I…”
He nodded, not needing her to finish the sentence.
Leaning over her, he lay her down on her back, tossed
the bunches of grapes aside, and proceeded to remove
her clothing one piece at a time………..

Deanna sat in Ten-Forward enjoying her usual hot fudge
sundae, a smile tugging at her lips as she stared into
space and thought of the incredible rendezvous she and
Will had shared in the holodeck. Their lovemaking had
been intense, steamy, delicious---provoked by the
illicit thrill of playing photographer and model.
Closing her eyes, she licked ice cream off of her
spoon, dreaming of what the holos were going to look
In her reverie, she didn’t notice Bev enter and plop
down in the seat across from her.
“Well, well, well….don’t you look satisfied, Mrs.
“What? Oh, Bev. Sorry, I was daydreaming.”
“I’ll just bet.” Bev grinned at her, amusement
shining in her blue eyes.
“What do you mean?”
Her friend’s eyes glowed, holding an inner secret, and
Deanna wondered briefly if she knew…
“I mean,” Bev began, scooping a bite from Deanna’s
sundae and depositing it into her mouth, “that you and
that husband of yours have been very, very naughty.”
A trickle of fear shot through Deanna’s body, and her
mind raced, wondering how in the name of the Gods
Beverly could possibly know.
“I don’t…I mean…what the heck are you saying, Bev?
Spit it out.”
“I’m saying, my friend, that I’ve seen your holos of
Will. They are something else, Deanna. You really
are quite the photographer.” She winked then, and
Deanna felt the color flee her cheeks. Her head fell
into her open palms and she groaned.
“How? How did you see them? We were so careful…”
“Well, let’s just say that a certain amorous couple I
know left their holo-imager behind in the holodeck. I
went in for my exercise program and found it on the
floor. I decided to check out what was on the imager
so that I could find out who it belonged to, and the
rest, I’m afraid, is history.”
“Oh Bev. Will is never going to forgive me. In fact,
he’s probably going to strangle me.”
“It’s all right. It will be our little secret. He
doesn’t have to know that I saw the holos. Just come
by my quarters later and get the imager---I promise
not to breathe a word.”
Deanna nodded and breathed a silent sigh of relief
that it had been Bev that found her imager. Had it
been the Captain or one of the crew, Will would never
live it down.
Beverly, meanwhile, stifled a secretive grin and
wondered how Deanna was going to react when the bomb

Much later:
Will Riker walked into the arboretum, shrugging off a
tense neck and backache that had been nagging at him
all afternoon. Moving towards the far end of the
room, he noticed a sign on the wall, saying,
“Photography Show” in big, gold letters. Curious, he
moved towards the pictures, wondering which of the
ship’s many budding photographers had decided to put
up their work.
As he drifted into the room, he heard a wolf whistle.
Then another. Then, the room swelled with people, all
whistling and clapping. He looked around puzzled, and
then looked at the pictures. There he was in all of
his naked glory, covered only by a huge bunch of
grapes, and not much else. One picture drew him in
particular, and he stared at it, mouth agape, feeling
as though his heart would pound right out of his
Someone had taken a fig leaf and placed it
strategically over his groin, making him look like a
modern-day Adam. He groaned, wishing that the floor
would open and swallow him up.
Unable to look back at the crew, he covered his face
with his hands and flew out of the arboretum at top
speed, and the entire ship could hear the one word he
was yelling;