Wedding Day Initiation
Rating: PG-13
Tracy Steen (enchantedmoons)

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek TNG and its
Note: This is my version of Carolís challenge.  It
goes a tad beyond Deannaís thoughts before the
wedding, and Iíve also made up my own version of what
happened when Will and Deanna met.  I guess I couldnít
resist.  See what happens when you stay away from
writing for so long? 

It was slightly cold in the chapel that morning.  I
was used to not wearing any clothing, but standing
there behind Chandra waiting for her wedding to begin,
I felt the oddest urge to clothe myself.  Perhaps it
was because the ceiling fans were spinning too
quickly, or because the chapel doors were standing
open.  To be honest though, I think it was because of
him.   I hadnít a clue who he was, but I could sense
that he was uncomfortable with the nudity required by
the occasion.  I was probably picking up on his
feelings; humans were notoriously unable to deal with
the cold.  Yes, that was probably it.
    It was unusual , how I picked up on this strangerís
emotions. His discomfort, his uncertainty, his
resentment at being roped into attending this wedding
when obviously he didnít know a soul there.  I
remember how his eyes locked on me, and how his
thoughts became anything but decent.  Mother had a
field day teasing me about the handsome young
Starfleet officeróI donít think I stopped blushing
once through the entire ceremony.  Every time I tried
to focus on Chandra I found Motherís voice whispering
in my head, "My, he certainly IS a handsome one, isnít
    He was.  His eyes were the deepest cobalt blue with a
shining hint of turquoise in the middle.  He sat ram
rod straight, hands on his knees, chin lifted in the
air, daring anyone in the room to laugh at him.  He
was embarrassed, I could feel it.  And if he hadnít
been in a room full of telepaths, he probably wouldíve
pulled it off.  As it was, many of our old family
friends giggled inwardly as they watched him, as
though waiting for him to make a mistake.  Iím not
sure why I cared, since he was a total stranger, but
it bothered me that people I had know, trusted and
loved all of my life were ready to be so unwelcoming
to this poor man.
    I was pondering that when something nearly knocked me
off my feet.  I faltered slightly, then stood erect
again, smiling widely as a good brideís maid is
supposed to.  But it was difficult because the reason
Iíd lost my serenity was because of the man Iíd only
just decided to take pity on.  Glancing up, I looked
into his eyes and found that they were twinkling.  His
smile was crooked and cute, and very confident.  He
knew exactly what Iíd been thinking and now, I knew
what was on his mind as well.  It didnít take looking
at certain parts of his anatomy to know that either.
The thoughts he was having about me were positively
erotic and I felt the blush spread from my cheeks to
my neck and chest.  Gods, the man didnít even know me
and he was having fantasies about me!
    I didnít know whether to be flattered or furious.
Staring at him hard I decided to be furious.  As
handsome as he was, I didnít want that sort of
attentionÖcertainly not on my best friendís wedding
day.  Still, there was something about himÖsomething
more than the handsome face, the electric eyes, the
powerful build.  When my eyes met his I felt a
vibration; as though I knew him from somewhere.  The
feeling of familiarity was very strong and I found
myself looking at him surreptitiously throughout the
ceremony, wondering just who in the name of Betazoid
he was. 
    Finally, it was finished and we could move about the
chapel. I was so glad to be out of the spotlight!
Chandra was hugging and kissing everyone in sight and
Mother was bawling into a handkerchief, upset because
her  daughter wasnít the one to be married that day.
As I made my way around the room, I finally stood in
front of him, and up close he was even more magnetic
than Iíd dreamed.  I fought to control my emotions and
reactions, but it was difficult.  More than difficult.
I donít think Iíve ever had a man effect me that way
so quickly.  
    His eyes looked into mine and he kissed my hand, a
gesture that would have seemed absurd had it not been
done by someone so sincere.  My body reacted to him
instantly, but my heart seemed to as well.  When we
stood close by the buffet table, and he had my hands
in his, I felt the strangest urge to kiss him.   To
fling myself into his arms and just abandon myself to
him.  I think he mustíve picked up on it because his
grin got wider---and cockier.  
    "Something amusing, Lt.?"  Iíd asked.
    "On the contrary, thereís something very un-amusing
going on here.  Do you feel it too or am I crazy?"
    I looked into his eyes and felt the urge to flutter
my eyelashes.  "Youíre crazy."
    "But, not off base?"
    "MmmÖI donít know you well enough to tell you."
    "Then why donít you get to know me better?"  The
challenge in his voice and eyes was unmistakable and I
found myself wanting to respond to it. 
    "Why not?  Tell me what you had in mind."
    "ThisÖ"  Without warning, the gorgeous young officer
swept me into his arms, covering my mouth with the
warmest, soul-wrenching kiss Iíd ever felt.  As we
were still both undressed, the kiss got rather
interesting rather quickly, and we found ourselves
sneaking out of the reception together. 
    We ended up at my Motherís house in my bedroom, and
let me just say that what went on there was more than
Mother had ever prepared me for.  Love with a total
stranger---sounds like the title of a bad soap opera.
Yet thatís exactly what it was.  Love.  At first
sight, at first touch, at firstÖeverything.  And when
it was over and I was entwined in his arms, I heard
one special word vibrate in the air between us,
pulsating as though it had a life of its own.