You Made Me Love You 1/1
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: Paramount owns TNG and its characters, I just enjoy
playing with them on occasion. (after all, without fan fic their
lives would be pretty boring, wouldn't they?) <G>

She made me do it. Honestly. It wasn't my idea. It certainly wasn't
my plan, nor was it ever in the cards. My life was simple and I
liked it that way--flings with beautiful women whenever I wanted
them, no strings attached; trips to Risa unaccompanied, filled with
secret rendezvous with strange lovelies that I would never meet
again; and the knowledge that I could always go anywhere I wanted,
take on any challenge that was thrown to me; because my life was
entirely my own. No commitments, no problems, no strings.
Then I met Deanna. Now, as you might have guessed, I've known my
share of women. But seeing Deanna was so startling it was as though
I had seen the first woman ever created--the rest of her species
ceased to exist. Those eyes...God those eyes! I think I must've
drowned in them the first moment they locked onto mine. I fell so
hard I haven't quite landed yet, even though its been many, many
years since that first day...
She made me love her; just when I had decided I was going to buck for
Captain and my own ship. She tore out my heart and kept it with her
on Betazed, holding it so tightly that I could almost feel her
millions of miles away. God how I missed her!
I never imagined that one woman could change the course of my life.
Every place I went for the next decade was haunted; haunted by
visions of a dark-eyed goddess with ribbons of jet-black hair
streaming down her bare back. She was exquisite. A fragile,
intriguing, beautiful ghost who lived inside my brain, who took up
constant residence within my heart, ever reminding me of what I'd
All of these years, I never forgot her--how could I when I'd never
before been in love? Never been someone's Imzadi? After having that
connection, how could I ever hope to cut her out of my soul?
Luckily, I didn't have to. She is here with me, on the Enterprise E,
and we are closer than we've ever been. She is now my wife, Mother
of my children, and as always, my Imzadi.
You made me love you, Deanna, and I will always be grateful.