Rated: Hmmm, R?
Disclaimer: Paramount owns the rights to all Star Trek characters. I'm just
borrowing them for the heck of it!)

This little piece of naughty fluff is dedicated to Carlos Santana whose music
is so yummy it breaks me out in a sweat every time I hear it!
And, to Kella, who mentioned she might need a little something to get her
through the "no boyfriend" blues. :)

(In my own little Trek world, Bev has eternally red hair and Deanna always
has long, black curls. What can I say, I'm stuck in the past! Also, you
might want to suspend your disbelief as you read on!)

The party was in full swing when Deanna Troi walked into Ten-Forward. Black
and white streamers criss-crossed the ceiling as matching balloons floated
unfettered above the guest's heads. Searching the crowd, Deanna found
Beverly sitting at the bar nursing a tall, frosty glass of purple liquid,
while laughing uproariously at a remark of Guinan's. Judging by the sound it
was no doubt something R-Rated. She made her way to the bar, lifted the hem
on her long, lavender dress and scooted up onto a stool. "Something going on
you'd like to tell me about, ladies?"
Guinan winked at Beverly, then wandered away, mysterious as ever.
"I'm so glad you finally made it! We were all wondering when you were going
to show." Bev's blue eyes danced with barely hidden excitement and Deanna
"I'm here, I'm here, and you're obviously in a state over this get-together.
Since you didn't tell me what the occasion was, I assume it has to do with
our wedding?"
"You could say that."
Looking around the room, Deanna noticed that a large stage had been set up at
the far end of the room, complete with a runway that moved outwards through a
throng of tables. "So what is that contraption for? Are we having some sort
of entertainment tonight? Is Will playing?"
Beverly smoothed her pale red hair, took a long pull from her Passionfruit
daquiri, and gave Deanna a grin. "Perhaps."
Deanna looked around the room, watching the stream of officers milling around
the large tables. Something was unusual about the scenario, but she couldn't
quite place it. The tables were graced with large platters of meats,
potatoes, grilled vegetables, an assortment of bread and rolls, along with 12
different desserts from as many planets. Bottles of champagne waited beside
tiny flutes, just waiting to be popped open. It was all lovely. Yet
something was nagging at her. What was it? The decorations? The people? Of
As her dark eyes scanned Ten Forward, she became aware that every person in
the room was female. The Captain, Geordi, Data, and Will were all
conspicuously absent.
"Alright, Beverly, out with it."
Her friend feigned shock, widening her eyes and looking as innocent as new
fallen snow. "What ever do you mean? Out with what?"
"What sort of shenanigans have you planned for this evening? An all-female
party, Guinan's quick exit when I walked in, your lapping up that drink like
ice water so that you won't have to talk to me. Come on, Bev, out with it!"
"You mean you haven't figured it out? Tomorrow IS your wedding day, after
all. This, my friend, is your bachelorette party!" Her blue eyes flickered
with devilish amusement, and Deanna wondered what in the world her friend had
Her large, black eyes widened as her mind raced ahead of her. "My what? Oh
Gods, Beverly, you didn't!"
"Oh but I did. And believe me, you're going to enjoy yourself."
"That's what I'm afraid of."
Motioning for Guinan, Beverly finished off her drink and ordered another,
plus one for Deanna. "Guinan, are you in on this?" Deanna asked once the
bartender swished up to the bar. Her flowing red robes encased her body
completely, her headdress bobbed along as she meticulously poured the drinks
and garnished them with fresh fruit. "Am I in on what, Counselor?" Her dark
eyes filled with amusement, but she tried her best to look innocent.
"You two are going to drive me insane. Just tell me what's going on, Guinan.
She sighed, poured herself a glass of spring water and brought the tray to
the bar. "All I can tell you is that tonight will be a magical evening. In
more ways than one."
Intrigued, Deanna swirled the Samarian Sunrise in her hand until the colors
glowed. "Really? Any hints?"
"Oh no. You see, a surprise ceases to become a surprise once the details are
out in the open. I promise, you'll like it though, Counselor. Have I ever
lied to you?" Without waiting for an answer, Guinan beamed enigmatically at
them and then disappeared as quickly as she'd come.
Before Deanna could protest, Beverly leaped off her stool, picked up her
drink, and gripped Deanna firmly by the arm. "Now, I want you to bring your
drink and come with me." They wound up at a lavish table in front of the
stage, elaborately decorated with lace, candles, and bouquets of
moist-looking white roses.
As though on cue, everyone in the room filed into their seats and music began
to play. "There's no one on the stage, Beverly, I don't understand."
"You will."
Just then, Ensign Jemma Smith (a cute blonde from astrometrics) jumped up on
the stage and grabbed a microphone. "Welcome, everyone! Tonight we're here
to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Commander Riker and Counselor Troi.
This is a special night-the last night Deanna will be a free woman. This, my
friends, is ladies night. And those of you married ladies in the audience
know exactly where I'm going with this."
Loud whoops and cheers filled the room, nearly vibrating the silverware off
the table.
"Ladies, I want you to give a warm welcome for our first act of the evening.
Please welcome a very talented cowboy, straight from a Terran ranch, just for
The music swelled again, but rather than switching to a typical country tune,
the salsa dissolved into a popular 20th century song. "Smooth", by Carlos
Santana. Deanna felt a flicker of excitement mixed with guilt as the
stripper came on stage, and she buried her eyes in her drink.
"Deanna! Look at him! He's gorgeous!"
She lifted her head briefly, and took in the image of a perfectly-built man
wearing a black hat, leather vest, chaps, boots, and a tiny scrap of black
cloth that had to be his underwear. Over his eyes and nose he wore a large
mask, concealing his identity. But she could see the flash of a smile, and
it instantly turned her heart inside out.
The stripper began to move to the music, sliding his hips around in lazy,
sensuous circles, engendering the first round of cat calls. Strips of gold
latinum flew into the air air as dozens of women vied for the handsome
stranger's attention. But his eyes frequently wandered back to Deanna, even
as he accepted his payment and bent down to kiss the women's cheeks.
Twisting a pile of curls around her fingers, Deanna blushed and forced
herself to take her eyes off of him. "Gods, Bev. I can't believe you did
this! Will is going to kill me!"
Beverly giggled and poured two glasses of champagne for them, stealing a
glance upwards and onto the stage. "But he IS gorgeous, isn't he? I mean,
just look at those legs! And his butt! Not to mention, I've never seen a
man dance like that."
"Why Beverly Crusher, I do believe you're falling in lust."
"Not me, Deanna. That particular stud is just for you. If you want him."
If she wanted him? If it weren't for Will she'd be more than happy to join
Beverly in dropping latinum into his briefs! Along with a few other things.
As that thought rolled through her mind, the nameless sex god moved down the
long runway and stood directly in front of her, showing off his muscled chest
to perfection as the music pulsed through the room. He knelt down close and
then crawled to her, aiming for her lips. Without thinking, she ran a hand
through his hair, then jerked it back as though she'd been burned. He
chuckled, lifted her hand and kissed it, then danced away to the other
tables, leaving her staring after him like a love-sick school girl.
Bev's hand shot up a few minutes later, holding a glittering gold strip of
latinum and the cowboy came back, strutting all the way as he tossed off his
hat and peeled off the leather vest. In a smooth, ladylike motion, Beverly
dropped the latinum into the side of his black briefs and earned a
heart-stopping grin from him.
Leaning towards her, he kissed the doctor on the cheek, leaving her with a
furious blush and a bright-eyed grin.
"My goodness, he's something, isn't he? Can you imagine what he'd be like in
"Well, you have to admit, if he dances that well he must be a wonderful
Deanna's heart pulsed hart against her chest as her traitorous mind supplied
a vivid image of being in the stranger's arms. She shivered, then opened her
eyes and dug into her lavender handbag. Pulling out a handful of latinum,
she waved it around, startling Beverly completely.
"Good girl!" she finally said, trying not to laugh at Deanna's discomfiture.
He noticed her immediately, and peeled off his boots, tossing them into the
audience. Then he moved sinuously towards their table, hands on his hips,
and when he got right in front of Deanna, he bent at the waist and ripped off
the velcroed chaps from his legs, leaving nothing on except his briefs. With
a wicked gleam in his eyes, he slid his fingers into the waistband and gently
tugged them off too. Beneath was a tight, black thong, that left nothing to
the imagination, and Deanna felt herself begin to shake with arousal.
The cowboy fell to one knee on the stage, leaning as close as possible, and
again she could smell his sweet scent. Cologne mixed with pheremones and a
healthy touch of sweat. His tanned chest gleamed with oil, tempting her to
reach out and touch it. Before she could change her mind, she allowed one
hand to travel up his leg, then to his chest. He covered her hand with his,
guiding it downwards to the most intimate part of his body.
"No! I...I can't." she whispered.
"Yes, beautiful lady, you can." he replied, his deep voice husky with arousal.
Before she could pull away, he leaned into her, pressing his lips against
hers, sliding a velvet tongue into her mouth.
She felt herself respond to his kiss, then pull away-shattered by the
intensity of her feelings. He winked at her, then headed back to the stage,
finishing up the set.
As the music wound down, slowing to a crawl, the stripper turned away from
the audience. He pulled the mask off, tossing it behind him. Then, he
turned his head, looking at Deanna from over his shoulder. Then he smiled.
Deanna's heart melted and she burst into delighted laughter. It was Will!
Beverly slapped her on the shoulder and said, "Well, was that enough of a
surprise for you, Counselor?"
Deanna's black eyes glittered with amusement and irritation. "You! I'm going
to kill you! You had me believing..."
"That you wanted to cheat on Will?"
"Yes! No! I mean, you know what I mean."
"I do. And you should see your face! I'm so glad Guinan and I were able to
talk Will into this."
"And how exactly did you manage that?"
"By threatening to hire a real stripper-one about half Will's age and twice
as handsome. Let's just say I didn't have any trouble getting him to agree."
They laughed together for a moment, before noting the sudden eruption of
laughter and shock flying around the room. It wasn't every day the crew got
to see their Commander in his skivvies. He was blushing, but grinning ear
to ear as he stood on the stage, and as Deanna met his gaze, every other
person in the room ceased to exist.
"Go get him, Deanna!" Bev whispered, as the Counselor walked up on stage. He
walked towards her, then took her into his arms.
"Well, Ms. Troi, did that turn you on?"
"Do you even have to ask?"
"Why don't you show me just how much you liked the show, Imzadi?"
Deanna leaned up on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around her sweaty,
nearly-naked fiance'. Their mouths touched gently, then the kiss exploded
and they became lost in the moment. Discreetly, the crew filed out of
Ten-Forward one by one, leaving them alone.
Peering over one shoulder, Will murmured, "Everyone's gone."
"Including Bev and Guinan?"
"Well, they are lingering near the door. I think they have a wager as to
whether or not you and I are going to make love right her on the stage."
She giggled and looked back at her friends, waving them away with her hand.
"Well, I don't think we should disappoint them, do you?"
"Certainly not." His blue eyes filled with desire as he removed Deanna's
clothing one silky item at a time. When she was bare, he ripped off the
velcroed thong and pressed his firm skin against her belly.
"Computer, lock doors, code Riker-7-Alpha-2. Playback recording of "Smooth",
code Riker 5-beta-7."
As the sultry beat of the music pulsed around them again, Will lay Deanna
down on the stage and proceeded to consummate their marriage one day early.