I canít get you out of my mindÖ
the look on your face on the day
that your dreams almost died.
There was something vulnerable in you,
something that caught at my heart,
pulling me into your orbit
and into your arms.

Now I canít forget you,
because I know that it couldíve been
so much more than a handful of hugs,
it couldíve been a friendship
it couldíve been lovemaking
it couldíve, just maybe, been love.

But it ended before it had a chance to begin
and now my heart cracks slowly open
spilling pain and tears upon the floor,
leaving a hollow space where my soul
used to be.

And I am left to wonder
why you toyed with my affections,
knowing that she was there
and always would be.

You arenít free, but you pretend to be.
Flirtatious, funny, sexy,
working to get my attention
you caught me in your web
only to let me go;
a fly falling to the floor,

Was it worth it?