An Imzadi Valentine

She compromised my principles,
That kind of love is mythical
She's anything but typical
She's a craze you'd endorse, she's a powerful force
You're obliged to conform when there's no other course

She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible, Simply irresistible
Her loving is so powerful
It's simply unavoidable
The trend is irreversible
The woman is invincible
She's a natural law, and she leaves me in awe
She deserves the applause, I surrender because
She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible, Simply irresistible
Simply irresistible (She's so fine, there's no tellin'
where the money went)
Simply irresistible (She's all mine, there's no other
way to go)
She's unavoidable, I'm backed against the wall
She gives me feelings like I never felt before
I'm breaking promises, she's breaking every law
She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible . She's so fine, there's no
tellin' where the money went
Simply irresistible She's all mine, there's no other
way to go
Her methods are inscrutable
The proof is irrefutable, Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
She's so completely kissable, huh
Our lives are indivisible
She's a craze you'd endorse, she's a powerful force
You're obliged to conform when there's no other course

She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible (She's so fine, there's no tellin'
where the money went)
Simply irresistible (She's all mine, there's no other
way to go)
Simply irresistible (She's so fine, there's no tellin'
where the money went)
Simply irresistible (She's all mine, there's no other
way to go)

Imzadi Valentine 1/1
Rated: NC-17 for sexual situations

The song pulsed through the room while overhead, three
disco balls swung in circles, throwing flashes of
light over the holographic bar. Beverly Crusher
smiled to herself, pleased with the way the program
had turned out. There was a large stage in the middle
of the room with a catwalk-type runway that extended
from the far side of the room to the very center.
Along with swirling disco balls, there were dozens of
purple and silver balloons dancing around the ceiling
and matching ribbons of silk criss-crossing the space
beneath them.
On the table in front of the cat walk, sat a large
bottle of champagne, a plate filled with luscious
fruits and whipped crème, along with a huge dish of
strawberries just waiting to be dipped in the vat of
steaming chocolate that sat beside it on the lace
table cloth. Everything looked perfect. It was time
to go get the guest of honor.
“Deanna,”Bev called loudly, “I’m going to go get Will
now. Are you ready?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be, Bev.”
“He’s gonna love this, you know!”
“I certainly hope so!” Deanna cried over the music,
her voice trembling slightly.
Bev grinned widely and then walked to the arch,
calling for it to open. Will Riker was waiting
outside, hands in his pockets, his body impatiently
rising and falling on the balls of his feet. “Well,
what is going on? Can I come in now or what?”
“Yes, yes, Commander. You may go in now.”
“Well, aren’t you coming? I assume this is a shipwide
Valentines’s Day celebration.”
“Nope. This one is just for you, Will. Well, you and
your Imzadi.” She smiled up at him, blue eyes
twinkling with mischief, and then before he could ask
another question, she walked away, whistling a tune
that seemed somehow familiar to him.
Shaking his head, he grinned and moved through the
open arch. Surveying the room, he took in the
decorations, and fell in love with the casual ambiance
of the holographic bar. The setting was very
romantic, perfect for a night with a gorgeous woman.
Briefly, he recalled his afternoon with Minuette a few
years before and how at the time, she had seemed like
the perfect woman for him. Now, he knew better.
Deanna Troi had taken her place, filling his heart and
body with a love so strong it shook him to his core
whenever he thought about it.
Now, sitting at the table, he poured himself a flute
full of champagne and searched the room for the woman
in question. Maybe she hadn’t arrived yet.
“Deanna,” he called over the music, “are you here,
“Yes I am, Will. In fact, if you’ll give me a
moment, I will show you.”
Intrigued, he murmured, “Show me what?”
“You’ll see….” Her voice trailed off along with the
song, and then the music began again, rapidly filling
the room with its vibrating tempo
“How can it be permissible….she compromised my
principles….that kind of love is mythical….she’s
anything but typical…” As that last series of words
boomed through the air, the stage was light with a
wide, circular blue light and the pink curtains behind
it opened wide. From between them, Deanna Troi
stepped out and onto the stage, dressed in a tight,
indigo lace catsuit. Her hair fell to glory at her
hips, and her tiny feet were encased in six inch blue
She shimmied out down the catwalk towards Will, and
as he watched her, he felt his mouth fall open, nearly
hitting the table. “Deanna…”he breathed, eyes popping
out as he stared at her bulging cleavage. “My God!”
“Do you like it, Imzadi?” she asked, swinging around
to move her bottom back and forth before his stunned
“Do I like it? My God, woman, I love it!” he
murmured, unable to hide the longing groan that
escaped his lips a second later.
“I’m glad….” She smiled at him with wet, frosted, red
lips, and then moved up the catwalk away from him,
dancing like he’d never seen her dance before. She
was all sinuous motion and silken movement, limbs
twisting, rising, writhing in the rhythm of the music.

Will was spell bound, as attracted by her dancing
ability as he was by her scantily clad body. He had
no idea she could move like that.
“She’s unavoidable my back’s against the wall….she
gives me feelings like I’ve never felt before….I’m
breaking promises she’s breaking every law…she used to
look good to me now I find her simply irresistible…”
That was certainly the truth. The song was perfect,
describing exactly how he felt about Deanna. She was
indeed irresistible…so much so he longed to push the
table away, leap up onto the stage, and seduce her
right there to the driving beat of the music. He
didn’t know where she’d found this song or who the
singer was, but he loved the way the sound made her
body contort in such wildly arousing movements.
As he lifted his glass to take a sip, Deanna came
back towards him, slowly shimmying out of her cat
suit. She shook her gorgeous hips, flipped her head
forward, and then flipped it back again, yanking the
suit off her body with a rip of Velcro. Swinging it
in the air above her, she moved to Will’s position,
turned around, and bent over in front of him again,
giving him a great view of her tight ass. Her lace
purple panties just covered her bottom and Will felt
himself grow painfully erect as he watched her. His
hands reached for her, but they grasped only cloth as
the cat suit was tossed into them.
“Deanna…come here love…please,” he said, voice
“I don’t think so, Imzadi. At least not just yet.”
Walking away, she continued to dance, only now she was
performing an intricate strip show, peeling off her
lacy bra as she moved forward. Standing still, she
unhooked it, lifted it high above her head, and then
tossed it to the floor. Will could only see her back,
but longed suddenly and painfully to catch a glimpse
of her high, perfect breasts.
Torturing him, she began to dance again, but kept her
back to him the entire time, inflaming him with the
sight of her soft, round bottom moving back and forth
in erotically symbolic motions.
Will felt as if his penis would split through the
fabric of his black pants. It was becoming too
painful, he had to at least unzip them. He did so,
never taking his eyes from her body, and breathed a
sigh of relief when the tightness eased.
Deanna chose that moment to turn around, and when she
saw him she giggled aloud. Will blushed crimson and
forced himself to stare right into her eyes, unwilling
to let her see that he was embarrassed. Deanna
grinned at him and winked, then pulled her hands away
from her chest to allow the breasts to swing free.
She moved towards him, shaking, dancing, slowly
sliding to the floor in front of him. She crawled
towards him slowly, coming so close that if he dared
to reach out he could cup one of her breasts in his
hands. His hand slowly reached forward, but Deanna
pulled away, shaking her finger at him. “No, no,
Imzadi. You may look but you may not touch. Those
are the rules.”
“Who made those rules? I don’t think I like them
very much.”
“I didn’t think you would, darling. Don’t worry,
when I’m finished you may touch me. If you behave
“Oh Gods, why me?” he groaned, holding onto his glass
so tightly it nearly shattered in his hand. It was
becoming impossible to think, to concentrate. All of
his awareness was tuned into Deanna’s nearly naked
body. He wanted her so badly it was everything he
could do not to throw her down and take her right then
and there. She looked delicious, and he suddenly had
fantasies of pouring the chocolate sauce over her
supple curves and licking it off inch by velvet inch.

On the stage, Deanna was sliding her fingertips into
the sides of her panties, slowly pushing them down her
long, soft legs. Will’s breath stopped. In seconds,
she was completely naked and she looked to him like a
perfect goddess come to life.
She continued to dance, now entirely nude, and Will
realized that in all his years of sleeping with women,
watching women at strip clubs, and generally indulging
in every hedonistic urge he’d ever had, he had still
never seen anything as powerfully as erotic as Deanna
Troi stripping for him. Probably because he knew that
at the end of it, he could actually have her.
Minutes later, the song wound down to its end, and
Deanna finished her dance by kneeling in front of him
and bending backwards, throwing her hands out to her
sides. “Viola!” she murmured, then leaned up to sit
directly in front of him. Panting, smiling, and
sweating like crazy, Deanna leaned close to Will and
planted a kiss directly on his mouth. “Happy
Valentine’s Day, Imzadi!” she cried, kissing him
again, this time with more ardor than before.
“What do I think? I think that you are the most
beautiful, arousing, sensuous woman I have ever had
the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon. Tell me, what
did I do to deserve such a wonderful present?”
“Mmmm….you my love, have given me the best present in
the world for our first Valentine’s Day together and
so I merely wanted to return the favor.”
His brows knitted, rising to his hairline. “Present?
But sweetheart, I haven’t gotten your present yet. I
had planned to get it later and give it to you tonight
after dinner.”
“Oh, Imzadi. You really haven’t guessed, have you?”
“No, I’m afraid not.”
“All right. I was going to wait to tell you this
later, but I can’t resist. Will, I’m going to have a
baby. I’m pregnant!”
Will’s heart stopped, his mind flying, trying to
reconcile the image of Deanna’s erotic dance with the
image of her being a Mother. It would not compute.
“Pregnant, silly. And since you’ve given me what I’ve
always wanted, I thought I’d give you something that
you’ve always wanted. You’ve asked me to do this so
many times and I’ve always felt too shy to really give
it a try. But today, when I found out that I was
going to have a baby, well I thought I’d better do
this before I get too big to put on a g-string!”
She jumped off the stage to sit on his lap, and he
kissed her back distractedly, trying to wrap his mind
around the concept of being a father. Meanwhile,
Deanna began to move her hips, pressing her hot warmth
against his crotch, where his erection still held
court. “Mmm..Deanna…what are you doing?”
“I’m finishing what I started, Imzadi. What do you
“Yes, and I wanted this…I wanted you…but now….well,
don’t you think it would hurt the baby?”
“No, of course not. Does this mean that you
don’t…want me?”
“No, oh sweetheart no. I’m just stunned, that’s all.
I still want you. God knows that was the most erotic
thing I’ve ever seen. I want you all right…and I’m
going to have you right now.” Lifting her off of him,
he pushed aside his whirling thoughts about the baby,
and yanked off his pants. Then he lay Deanna up on the
stage as gently as possible and parted her legs.
Sliding between them, he entered her with a groan, and
she cried out his name softly as she pulled him on top
of her.
They moved together in an ancient rhythm, one born of
lust and love, and he realized that he’d never felt
this way before. The painful arousal from watching
her strip combined with the awe-inspriring news that
she was going to have his baby, was enough to fill him
to the brim with love and lust. He realized that he
wouldn’t be able to last long, not when he was this
far gone, and so he reached down to stroke the smooth
skin of Deanna’s clitoris with his thumb, hoping to
push her over the edge.
She writhed beneath him, whispering his name, pulling
him closer with her hands. Their hips crushed one
another, pressing so hard and tight it felt as though
they had merged and become one person. Beneath him,
she began to shake, her legs trembling around his
hips, as her head lifted off the floor. He grabbed
it, taking her soft hair into his hands, and covered
her mouth with this, his tongue diving into the wet
depths of her soul.
A few moments later, Deanna’s soft, panting moans rose
higher and louder, and before he knew it she was
screaming his name, thrashing beneath him as the
climax stole over her body in wave after crashing
wave. “Yes, Will! Oh Gods, yes!”
The sound of her pleasure combined with the velvet
softness of her body drove him right over the edge
after her, and he cupped her silky bottom, driving
himself so deep that he seemed to ejaculate right into
her very soul.
They came down slowly, holding one another tightly as
they drifted down from the ecstatic high. Will
brushed the sweat from her forehead and kissed it,
then moved to lie next to her. “Some Valentine’s Day,
She grinned, and rolled over to look at him. “You
could say that again.”
Placing his hand on her belly, she looked deeply into
his eyes. “Happy Valentines’ Day, Imzadi.”
He returned the look, giving her all of his heart,
mind, and soul in that one single glance. Then his
eyes moved to her still-flat stomach and his hand
caressed the skin. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Imzadi.”