Who’s in Control



Commander Riker and Counselor Troi were enjoying a quiet evening meal together in the Counselor’s quarters. Deanna wiped her lips with her napkin and then stood up to dispose of her plate. She put her plate on the replicator shelf and hit the dispersal button. “Is something bothering you, Will? You haven’t said two words to me all evening.”

Riker, who until now was absent-mindedly fidgeting with his dinner, looked up; realizing the Counselor asked him a question. “Hmm” He stood up and pulled down on his tunic before picking up his plate. Will walked over to place the plate in the replicator. Deanna still stood there. “And you’ve barely touched your dinner.” She remarked as the Commander’s food shimmered out of existence.

Will looked Deanna in the eyes. “I wasn’t hungry.” He shrugged. “Is that a crime?” He asked flashing his usual smile.

Deanna couldn’t help but return the smile. “No. But something is bothering you, William; I can sense it.” She reached up and caressed his cheek. “What’s wrong, Imzadi?”

Riker was lost in the dark pools of Deanna’s eyes, and his heart began beating faster as the term of endearment fell from her lips. Will reached up and clasped her hand in his, bringing it down to his side. He turned towards the replicator again. “Hot coffee.” The coffee shimmered into existence, and Will picked it up with his free hand. “Do you want anything?”

“Yes.” Troi replied. “I want to know what is bothering you.” Riker took a sip of the coffee. “Out with it, Commander.” Deanna said, sounding more irritated than she would have liked. If you are trying to get someone to talk to you, getting angry with him is not the best way of going about it.

Will let go of the Counselor’s hand and walked over to her sofa and sat down. He looked over at Deanna, who was still standing by the replicator, her arms now crossed over her chest. “Starfleet has offered me the Titan.” Riker let out in a rush. There I’ve said it; he thought to himself.

Deanna’s entire demeanor changed. She brought her arms down to her side and gave Will a smile, as she walked over and sat next to him. “That’s wonderful.” She replied. “I was wondering when they were going to pull out the Captain’s chair for you again.” Troi looked into Riker’s baby blue eyes and became bewildered. “You’re not seriously thinking of turning them down, are you?”

Riker looked dead-on into Troi’s gaze. “I haven’t given them an answer. I told them I needed time to think about it.”

Deanna was astounded. She stood up and began pacing her quarters. “Think! What is there to think about? They’re not going to offer you a promotion whenever one pops up. Turn them down enough times and they’ll think you’re not captain material, Will Riker!” Troi stopped her tirade and looked at Will. “You can pretend all you want you’re happy with only three pips on your collar. But you and I both know you won’t stay that way forever. You were born to be a captain.”

Will got up and walked over to Deanna. He brushed his hand through her hair. “I don’t want to lose you, Deanna. If that means turning down another captaincy, I would…”

“You don’t have to lose me, Will. There are communiqués and we can arrange our shore leaves…”

“The Titan is going on a deep space mission as soon as she receives her captain.” Riker interrupted.

Deanna suddenly wrapped her arms around herself as if she were cold. “I see.” She said and looked up at Will with glassy eyes. “Well if you think that will make me prevent you from going, you’re wrong. You are not…”

Will stepped closer to her and wiped away the tear that rolled down her cheek. He shook his head. “Best laid plans.” He muttered.

Deanna managed a wry smile. “Excuse me?”

Riker returned her smile. “I had this whole conversation planned out and this isn’t how it was supposed to go.”

“Oh no.” Troi replied with a slight sniffle. “How was it supposed to go?” She asked wrapping her arms around Will’s waist. She brought herself up against him and looked up at him. He was already looking down at her, smiling.

“Let’s see. I was supposed to tell you about the Titan. Then I was going to ask you to marry me. But instead we got into this big argument.”

The smile disappeared from Troi’s face as she realized what Will just said. “You were going to… of cour.” Will stopped her from answering by placing a finger to her lips.

“See I screwed it up royally.” He said and got down on one knee, taking hold of her left hand in both of his, he marveled at how small and delicate it was. Will looked up into her dark ebony eyes and almost lost his composure when he saw their radiant beauty sparkling with so many conflicting emotions. Riker took a deep breath and swallowed hard. "Deanna Troi, Will you marry me?”


* * *

Deanna Troi looked down at Commander Riker. She felt so giddy she would swear the room was spinning. He was actually going to ask her to marry him. Wait a minute. He did ask her to marry him. Deanna wondered if she would appear to be an idiot if she asked him to propose again. She was on such a euphoria from his earlier slip up that she missed the true proposal and she wanted to engrave it in her memory, forever.

Deanna sank to her knees next to him. She had lost all strength. Her imzadi proposed! “Yes. Absolutely.” She finally heard herself reply. Then she pulled him to her and kissed him hungrily.

Troi pulled away, stopping herself before ravishing him completely. “You really did propose? I’m not dreaming or anything?”

Will laughed. “If you are, we’re having the same dream, Counselor.” Then he leaned in to kiss her anew.

Deanna closed her eyes and allowed Will to envelop her in his embrace, relishing in how good his tongue felt probing her mouth. She prayed this moment wouldn’t end. I love you; she thought. Troi hadn’t realized she projected until Will pulled away. He smiled at her and began to unfasten her tunic. His eyes never leaving hers. “I love you, too.” He said, discarding the tunic to the floor.

Deanna could feel Will’s love permeate every fiber in her body and she smiled at him. Gods. If he doesn’t take me right here. She stopped herself, knowing if Riker picked up on how bad she needed him; he would only tease her with the possibility for as long as he could control it. However, if he couldn’t control it? A devilish glint appeared in her eyes and Troi began to undo Riker’s tunic while administering kisses to his neck and then working her way down.

As Deanna removed Will’s tunic, she pulled each of his nipples, in turn, into her mouth, biting them playfully. She heard Will give out a reluctant moan. Resist all you want, Commander; she thought. You’ll give in before I do. And Troi reached down to release the fasten on Will’s pants.

Deanna maneuvered her hand into Will’s trousers and found he was already hard with the anticipation of what was to come. She smiled, inwardly, and reached behind, pulling his pants down around his knees.

Will grabbed both of Deanna’s arms. “Ntch…Ntch…Ntch.” He clucked. “You can’t have all the fun.” He said and reached around to unfasten her bra. As the undergarment fell to the floor, Will began massaging each breast. Then he bent down and pulled one of the nipples into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and sucking on it until it became hard. Will switched over to the other nipple, keeping the first one erect by rubbing it between two of his fingers.

Now it was Deanna’s turn to moan. She pushed Riker away, trying in vain, to regain control; however, Will grabbed her and kissed her deeply, reaching to pull off her pants at the same time. As Will positioned Deanna to lie prone on top of him, he removed her pants completely and then divested of his own. Before Deanna could even purchase a modicum of control, Will thrusted deep inside her, and she let out a passionate scream, as her hips reflexively thrusted down to join the pair rocking up. And they began to move in sequence with one another until their mutual desire was released in a shared climax.

Deanna collapsed on top of Will exhausted. “One of these days I’m going to keep control.” She purred and swirled the hair around one of Will’s nipples.

Will closed his eyes and let out a sigh of satisfaction. “I know” was his simple reply, because he knew how close she had come this time.


* * *


The next morning, Commander Riker awoke in Counselor Troi’s bed. The counselor was no where in sight. “Computer what time is it?” Riker asked, fearing Deanna had let him sleep in too late.

“It is 06:20 hours.” Came the reply.

Will rolled onto his side, snatching the pillow Deanna had laid her head upon last night. It still smelled of her perfume. Will didn’t recall that Deanna had to work Gamma shift last night. Of course, maybe she had an early appointment to see someone before the start of Alpha shift. Will rolled out of bed and went into the shower. It wouldn’t be the same without Troi to distract him.

When Riker finished showering and dressing, he noticed Deanna’s message light blinking on her computer. “Computer, who is the message for?” He asked as he walked over to the replicator to get his morning coffee.

“Message for Commander Riker from Counselor Troi.”

Riker brought his coffee mug over to the console. “Computer, display message.”

Sorry I couldn’t distract you in the shower this morning.

Will laughed. It was getting too easy for her to read him lately. He continued reading.

But I had an early appointment this morning and didn’t want to wake you.

Do you have any idea how you made me feel, last night? And I’m not talking

About our little love making session - Although that was great. But when you

Spoke my full name and…Gods, just thinking about your proposal is going to

Make me lose it, Will.

I was too excited to sleep last night, so I wrote this instead. It’s not as

Good as the one you wrote me, but here it is anyway. Do with it what you will.

You speak my name

And I feel a warm desire

As I look down and spy the fire,

Uttering my name

Brings forth to your eyes.

My heart begins to race

Can you see on my face

How I would gladly die

For a chance to hear

You speak my name

Once more - so dear.

I love you so very much. I don’t know what to say sometimes.

Thank you for sharing your decision with me, but if you don’t accept that

Promotion, you will have an irate wife to deal with this time.

Your loving fiancée,


Riker couldn’t help but smile. He shook his head, rebuking himself. You had to fall in love with a daughter of the fifth house. Deanna was nothing like her mother; yet, there were times when she was everything like her. What were you thinking, Commander? Will asked himself. What was that line of poetry? "One day you put your arm in your sleeve and your mother’s hand comes out” or something like that.

Deanna was definitely her mother’s daughter. They both knew how to get their way. And God help him because he was in love with her. She had total control. Always had from the first day he laid eyes on her. She ruled his universe.

Commander Riker stood up and left Troi’s quarters, heading for the bridge. Inwardly wondering how he had kept that fact a secret from her for so long.