This piece is very short, but I thought you'd all enjoy.

Title: Dreams Do Come True
Disclaimer: It is rote :)
Do I need to put Spoiler space here? Just in case, I will.

Commander and Mrs. Riker were posed facing each other and
holding hands. As the photographer took some shots, Will gave his
bride a smile.

You look beautiful. He placed in her mind. Deanna looked up
at him, returning the smile.

"That should do it." The photographer announced unaware that
he was interrupting any conversation. "Now just give me a few
minutes to set up outside, and I'll have someone come tell you when
we're ready."

The photographer left the room and for the first time since
the ceremony, Commander and Mrs. Riker were alone. Deanna gave Will
a big hug, pulling her arms tight around him and resting her head
upon his chest.

"Not that I'm complaining, Mrs. Riker, but I am wearing white
and if you get any make-up."

Deanna lifted her head off Will's chest and turned it up to
look at him. "Hmmm."

Riker looked at the spot where Troi had her head rested and
brushed away some lint. "Make-up and dress whites don't exactly go

Deanna let out a chuckle. "Why do you think I'm wearing
pink?" She reached up and brushed some of Will's hair back. "My
hmmm wasn't a question, Will. It was…" Deanna's voice drifted as
she reached out to Will's mind.

"Would you stop that?" Riker laughed. "You've been brushing
my mind all afternoon."

"Just making sure this isn't a dream." Deanna replied.

"There are other ways to check that." Will said and then
pulled Deanna into a tempestuous kiss.

After a long while, Deanna pulled away. "Sure beats pinching
a person," she said with a smirk.

"If you wanted me to pinch you," Will began.

Deanna backed away. "No thank you, Commander," she replied
and walked over to the window. "I wonder what's taking so long?"

Commander Riker walked up to his wife and placed his arms
around her. "We're going to be busy all evening and then we get to
go to Betazed for yet another whirlwind reception. And to top it all
off, instead of a honeymoon, we get to settle ourselves into a new
command." Riker shrugged. "I think I'll enjoy this peace and
quiet." Will said as he placed a kiss on top of Deanna's head.

Mrs. Riker looked down at the arms folded around her and
smiled. She lifted her hand and traced the ring now placed around
Will's finger. "I gave a sigh earlier because it was nice to hear
you say Mrs. Riker." She confessed.

Will looked up and saw their reflection in the window. He
pulled his arms tighter around Deanna and smiled. "Well in a couple
minutes, I'm sure you'll hear Captain Picard say it too."

Deanna turned in Will's embrace. "I still can't believe this
is real, Imzadi." She said, brushing Will's mind once more.

It's real. Will assured her with a thought before bending
down to give his wife another passionate kiss.