Title: Love scene

Author: azhosking@cox.net

Summary: Right after Love Conquers All

Rating: NC 17

Disclaimer: Don't read this if you don't want a movie spoiler!

Will kisses Deanna long and hard, and she loses herself in the
desires rising between them. As Will breaks the kiss, Deanna's head
tilts back, allowing him to caress her neck. Riker slowly traces
his fingers down her exposed nape and then his lips follow their
path. His hands slide down her shoulders, releasing the negligee
straps before he bends down, placing delicate kisses on each
shoulder. As Will adorns Deanna's body, he nudges her towards the
bed, bringing his torso flush to her. Deanna gives a sorrowful moan
as she comes into contact with Will's physical arousal.

Troi falls gently to the bed as Riker moves further down her body.
He massages one of her breasts while circling the nipple of the
other one with his tongue before he pulls it into his mouth to
suckle. Deanna releases a pleasured sigh as Will switches his
suckling to the second breast. Then Will stops his administrations.

"What are you…"? Mrs. Riker asks, finding it hard to draw breath.

Riker looks up into her eyes and gives her a loving smile. He
brushes some hair behind her ear and then gently blows into the ear
before rolling off onto his back.

Deanna rolls over and straddles his torso. Sitting up straight, she
runs her fingers through his chest hair while giving him an
enigmatic smile. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Will returns his wife's smile as his eyes twinkle with
delight. "You mean you don't want to play?"

Troi shakes her head laughing. "I didn't say that. I just don't
think you know what you're getting yourself into."

Riker reaches up and caresses her check. "Oh no. Try me," he says,
smiling wide.

"All right, Commander." Troi replies, lying down she begins teasing
Riker's nipples with her tongue before bringing her attention to a
more intimate place.

Counselor Troi swirls her tongue around the tip and then pulls him
deep inside her mouth. Being careful to keep Will on the edge of
sanity, Deanna wonders how far he will let her go. She knows he
doesn't mind sharing control, but giving it up all together is
different. When Will's composure starts to slip, Deanna pulls off
and slides up to blow in his ear, giving them both a chance to catch
their breath.

Before their thirst is quenched completely, Deanna sheathes Will's
member and sets the rhythm of their loving making. Will lets out a
guttural moan as he follows Deanna's lead.

As her wantonness grows, Deanna sits up and clenches Will's chest.
She feels Will grab hold of her back and she quickens their pace.
Before all rationale flees, Troi reaches across their bond, sealing
their passions as one, allowing them to reach mutual ecstasy.

Deanna slides off her husband and snuggles up to him, resting her
head upon his chest. Spent neither one says anything for a few

"Are you okay?" Will asks as he brushes her hair behind her ear.

Troi smiles. "I was going to ask you the same thing." She lifts up
her head to look at Will. "Helpless my ass."

Riker cranes his head to look at his wife's butt. "It's not a bad
looking one at that."

Deanna gives him a playful whack, shaking her head. "You don't
think I know what you're up to?"

Will gives her his trademark smile. "I thought I was just following
Betazed tradition."

"Yes," Deanna agrees in exasperation, "and showing me I can fight
fire with fire."

Riker raises his eyebrows in astonishment.

"I get it, Will." Deanna admits with a nervous laugh. "Just
because I'm only half Betazoid, doesn't mean I can't draw on my
heritage to fight off Shinzon." She looks into Will's eyes and
smiles. "You sure have a wonderful way of assuaging my fears."

Will shrugs as he traces the ring on Deanna's finger. "Maybe it
does make a difference after all." He concedes and pulls Deanna
down to kiss her.

"Maybe it does," Deanna agrees before placing her mouth over his.

The End