Title: Miscommunication
Author: azhosking@cox.net
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: Paramount owns the rights to the characters. My brain
just likes writing these scenerios.

Captain Will Riker was sitting in his living quarters,
attending to paperwork long over due while his eldest daughter was
concentrating on her homework. His other daughter was still taking
her afternoon nap. Counselor Troi walked in, looking like she
already had a long day. Captain Riker looked up from his work and
gave her a smile.

"You're not dressed yet?" Troi said, giving her husband an
appalling glare. "The reception starts in half an hour." Without
another word, Troi went right passed Riker and into their bedroom.

Captain Riker slowly stood up, adjusting his tunic. He went
over to where his daughter was sitting and brushed a hand over her
hair. "Why don't you take that into your bedroom, Elizabeth." He
said and bent down to kiss the top of her head. Elizabeth Riker was
about to protest, but stopped when she saw her father's don't give me
any arguments stare. As Elizabeth trudged off to her bedroom,
Captain Riker followed Troi into their own.

Will Riker found Counselor Troi with her head buried in the
closet, "I don't have a thing to wear?" She complained when she
heard the door hiss open.

Riker came up behind his wife and wrapped her in his
arms. "How long?" He asked.

Troi pulled out of his embrace and turned to look at her
husband. "I told you the reception starts in half an hour. Are you

Riker walked over to the bed, shaking his head. "No I'm not
deaf; nor am I blind, Deanna. You've been irritable and cranky all
week." He turned to face his wife. "How long have you been in

Deanna stared, blankly, at Will. "How?" She shook her
head. "Never mind. I have it under control."

Captain Riker walked up to his wife once more wrapping his
arms around her. "I have no doubt about that." He said and lifted
her face up to his. "But you should have told me" and he bent down,
kissing her passionately.

Counselor Troi reveled in the sensation as her body cried out
for more. However, she pushed her husband back once again. "We have
a reception to attend for the Antiigian delegates, Captain." She
said and spun towards the open closet.

"Wouldn't you rather…"

Deanna let out a huff. "It's under control." She replied
under her breath.

Will shrugged his shoulders. "Suit yourself." He replied
reaching passed her to pull his dress uniform from the closet.

Captain Riker and Counselor Troi finished getting dressed for
the reception, and before heading off to the turbolift, they left
instructions with Lieutenant Adams who had arrived to watch over the
girls. In the turbolift, Counselor Troi stood in front of the
Captain ramrod straight. Riker stood there mesmerized by her beauty.

"Stop it." Deanna said suddenly.

Will gave a smile. "Stop what?"

"I know what you're thinking, Captain."

"You do?" Will asked amazed. "Since when did you become a
telepath, Counselor?"

Deanna turned and gave Will a fiery glare. "We've been
married for nine years, Will. I don't need to be a telepath to see
you're itching to see how well our sex life will be enhanced." She
turned to face the doors again.

Captain Riker put his head down to hide his smile. Then he
walked up to Troi, putting his arm around her waist. "I would,
Counselor" he said seductively, "but you're in total control,

Now Counselor Troi gave a bemused smile. Knock it off before
we're caught frantically removing our clothing, right here in the
turbolift. Will heard her voice in his head.

The Captain thought of how that would appear for a second, and then
the turbolift doors opened. Counselor Troi shook herself from the
Captain's hold and walked into the Corridor. Will reluctantly

The couple split up at the reception in order to be more
effect hosts. Since dinner ran smoothly and everyone seemed to be
getting along well afterwards, Captain Riker decided to retire early
and catch up on more paperwork. He walked into his quarters and
lieutenant Adams told him both girls were in bed so he dismissed her
for the evening. Then went to check on the girls.

Sure enough, Amanda was curled up in her crib fast asleep.
Will tiptoed up to her and kissed her forehead before pulling her
covers around her. Then he went to check on Elizabeth.

"What are you still doing up, young lady?"


Captain Riker walked into his daughter's room and sat at the
edge of the bed. "Well it's time to go to sleep."

"Where's mom?"

"Still at the reception. I left early to finish up on some
work." Riker pulled the covers around Elizabeth and kissed her
forehead, too. "Now, go to sleep." He said and stood up to leave.

"You're getting a divorce. Aren't you?"

Riker stopped and turned towards his daughter again. "Where
would you get an idea like that?"

"Why else would you leave the part separately? And I know
you sent me to my room, earlier, so I wouldn't hear you arguing."

Captain Riker laughed at his daughter's logic. "Oh I did;
did I?" He asked and sat on the edge of her bed once
more. "Elizabeth, your mother and I love each other very much. In
fact, I would say our love has grown since two adorable girls have
entered our lives."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Oh pleease, daddy. Every parent
says that to insure their children they are not arguing about them."

Captain Riker raised his eyebrows in astonishment. "Oh
really? And when did you become the psychologist in this family?"

Elizabeth shook her head and laughed. "I don't need to be a
psychologist. I've had friends whose parents went through divorces."

Riker stood up again. "I see, all wise and mighty."
Elizabeth giggled some more. "You shouldn't worry about your mother
and me. We are not getting a divorce."

"Then why are you fighting?"

Will let out a sigh. "Your mother just didn't tell me
something she should have. Now, go to sleep and trust us adults to
resolve our own problems." Riker said and left Elizabeth's room.

Part II

At the reception, Counselor Deanna Troi had been trapped in a
conversation with one of the Antiigian delegates for over an hour.
She was bored and she wondered where Will went off. How did he
figure out I've started the phase? Deanna was so lost in thought she
did not notice Minister Ren'uk leaning closer until it was too late.

"Tell me, Counselor, how does your Captain get any work done
surrounded by such beautiful officers?"

Troi inched as far back in her chair as possible to get more
distance between herself and the minister. His breath smelled like
he had too much synthahol. Deanna cleared her throat. "Well I think
that is a question better suited for the Captain, Minister."

Ren'uk leaned in closer. "All I know is I'd never get a lick
of work done." And then he kissed Deanna full on the mouth.

Counselor Troi shoved Ren'uk off and stood up quickly. "If
you'll excuse me, Minister, I have ship's duties to attend to." Troi
walked briskly out of Ten Forward and then leaned against the wall.
Under control? Why did a kiss from such a jackass send those signals
through my body then? She questioned.

Deanna knew she did not have the control she had been trying
desperately to exhibit, and she also knew the only person who knew
how to respond to her signals was not sitting in Ten Forward. Troi
stood up straight and went off in search of the one person who
offered his assistance earlier.

Counselor Troi walked into her bedroom and found Captain
Riker propped up in bed data padd in hand and more of them strewn
across the bed.

Riker looked up from his work and smiled. "Took you long

"Well somebody had to stay and insure everything went well.
Especially since the Captain ran out early."

"I didn't run out." Will said gesturing to the padds spread
across the bed. "Just trying to catch up on paperwork."

Deanna let out an exhausted sigh. "And you wonder why I
didn't tell you about my little dilemma." She turned to leave the

Will quickly got up. "Whoa. Where are you going?"

"To check on the children."

Will took a hold of Deanna's arm and pulled her to him. "You
don't trust me to do that."

Deanna shook her head wearily. "It's not that. It's just,"
she glanced at the padds littering her bed; "we're never going to
find a moment's peace." And as if to corroborate her statement the
door chime rang.

Riker lifted his hand and caressed his wife's cheek. "I'm
going to tell whoever that is to go take their problem and shove it
up a jeffries tube."

"Will, you can't" Riker put a finger to Troi's lips. "I'll
be right back" he said and left the bedroom. Troi flopped onto the
bed jostling the padds onto the floor.

Part III

Before Riker reached the door, the chime sounded again.
Riker wondered what was so important. When he hit the door release,
Minister Ren'uk shoved passed him and into the living room.

"Where is she? Your computer said she was in here."

"Can I help you with something, Minister?" Will asked

Ren'uk sized Riker up and noticed his tunic was
unfastened. "Don't play games with me, Captain. Ship's business.
Is this what you call ship's business?" Ren'uk asked shoving a
finger into Riker's chest.

Troi heard the commotion and came out of the bedroom. "I
think I need to explain some things."

Riker gave his wife a look that said this ought to be good.

Minister Ren'uk turned his furry from the Captain to the
Counselor. "You…You. I suggest going off to find some companionship
and then come here to find your Captain half undressed."

Troi exhaled slowly. "First off, Minister. You made no
suggestion. You flatly took advantage of me when you kissed me

"You were flirting with me all evening. Don't think I"

"WITHOUT my permission" Troi finished.

At this point, Elizabeth interjected. "I knew it. Mom's
flirting with other men!"

Ren'uk looked aghast at the fourth person to join the
conversation. Counselor Troi gave her daughter a small smile. "I'm
not flirting with anyone, Elizabeth" she reassured her. Then Troi
heard Will's voice in her mind. "God I hope that isn't true."

Troi looked over at Riker. Ren'uk looked from Elizabeth to
Troi and finally settled his gaze on Riker, and Elizabeth was doing
her best to give her father the evil eye, as well.

"Why is everyone staring at me all of a sudden?" Riker asked.

"You have a daughter." Ren'uk uttered in disbelief.

Captain Riker walked up to the minister and started to guide
him towards the door. "Two, actually. The other one slept through
this thankfully." Riker replied as he pushed Ren'uk through the open
door into the corridor.

As the door to their quarters closed, Elizabeth screamed with
tears flowing down her face. "You lied to me, Daddy."

Will turned towards his daughter, but did not know what to
say. Deanna, on the other hand, had an idea about what was going
through her daughter's mind. She went over and knelt beside her,
wiping away some of her tears. "No he didn't, Little One."

Elizabeth gave a sniffle. "He said you weren't getting a

Deanna pulled Elizabeth into a tight embrace. "Parents
disagree sometimes. It doesn't mean they're getting a divorce."

Elizabeth pulled away from her mother. "Then why did you?"

"What happened between Minister Ren'uk and myself was just
some miscommunication, Elizabeth." Troi gave Elizabeth a
smile. "Mommy wasn't paying close attention to what the minister was
saying. And do you know why?"

Elizabeth shook her head.

"Because I was thinking about how wonderful your father is."

"You were?"

Troi nodded her head and looked up at Will. "Now, I believe
it is way past somebody's bedtime. Don't you?" Deanna asked as she
stood up.

Elizabeth nodded her head and went off to bed without further

Captain Riker walked up to his wife and wrapped his arms
around her. "Now, where were we, Mrs. Riker?"

"I believe I was telling you how we can't get a moment's
peace around here, Captain."

Will turned Deanna around in his embrace. "You were thinking
about me?"

Troi gave her husband a loving smile. "I'm sorry. I know I should
have told you, but between ship's business and the children."

Will put a finger to Deanna's lips again. "When did you get
to be such a good mother? I had no idea what to tell Elizabeth."

Deanna shrugged her shoulders. "Thank you for the
compliment, Captain. I doubt I deserve it."

Riker tilted Troi's head up and kissed her just as
passionately as he did at the start of the evening. "Yes you do."
He said, breaking the kiss. "And stop calling me Captain." He bent
down to kiss her again and as he moved down her neck, he heard her
voice echo in his head. "Oh gods, Imzadi, that feels"

"That's much better" Riker replied as he swept Deanna into
his arms.

"Will, what are you doing?"

"I just thought getting caught out here frantically removing
our clothing would be as bad as being caught in the turbolift."

Mrs. Riker gave a laugh. "Oh no it would be worse. Much
worse. Don't you know parents don't have sex."

The End