Title: Practice makes Perfect
Author: azhosking@cox.net
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Yeah you know I don't own these characters.

Commander Riker walked into his quarters and found Counselor
Troi collapsed face down on the couch with one hand dangling down to
the floor.

"Long day?" Riker asked.

Troi gave a soft groan in reply. "Five hours. It took
Beverly nearly five hours to pick out her dress for our wedding."
Deanna gave another groan as she pulled herself into an upright

Commander Riker shook his head and grinned. Then he went
over to sit down beside his fiancée.

"It only took me half the time to pick out mine." Deanna
said, looking up into Will's blue eyes. "And I'm the bride!" She
let out in exasperation.

Will reached up and caressed Deanna's cheek. "You did tell
her she would only need the dress for the reception. Didn't you?"

"Of course." Deanna said as some sparkle returned to her
weary appearance. "I just don't understand why everyone else is
going through more apoplexy about this wedding than the bride and
groom." Troi got up and went over to the replicator. "They should
all relax!"

"Relax?" Will inquired. "Do I look relaxed? Because I
could have sworn something has come to life in my stomach and is
trying to get out."

Deanna turned towards her fiancé and gave him a smile as she
leaned against the wall. "Why, Will Riker, are you telling me you're
nervous about our wedding?"

Riker stood up, walking over to Troi. "Me, nervous?" He
said, pinning Deanna between the wall and himself. He picked up a
strand of her hair, twirling it in his fingers as he bent down and
whispered. "Never."

Will's warm breath caressed Deanna's hair, making her want to
melt into his arms. However, Will stood up straight before she could
act on that feeling. Riker looked down into Troi's eyes and wrapped
an arm around her waist. "You're not the least bit nervous?" Will
asked with a smile.

Troi returned Will's smile. "About our pending marriage
vows, no." She replied.

Riker loosened his hold on Deanna, feeling a but coming up.

"But I talked to my mother today. Don't ask me where I found
the time midst Beverly's little crisis." Deanna slipped around Will
and went over to sit on the couch again.

Commander Riker turned and watched Deanna. "Your mother
would just make your life a living hell if you didn't."

"True." Deanna said with a shake of her head.

Will walked over and sat beside his fiancée once more, taking
a hold of her hand, he asked. "There isn't a problem with our
arrangements. Is there?"

Troi took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly before
answering. "No. My mother brought up something not exactly tied to
the wedding." Deanna looked down at their hands enfolded together,
and Will could see whatever Lwaxana brought up was really worrying

Riker placed his hand under Troi's chin and lifted her head
to look in her eyes. He gave her a loving smile. "What, exactly,
did you talk about?"

Deanna returned Will's loving smile as she studied his jovial
eyes. He's nervous? I would have never have known if he didn't tell
me. He looks so happy and content right now. Troi's eyes started to
glass over without her realization, and Riker brushed his thumb
across her cheek.

"What has you so upset?" Riker asked softly.

Troi managed to give Riker a wry smile. "Mother asked me
what we decided to do when I entered phase."

Riker raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "Phase? Deanna,
you're not"

Troi shook her head. "No. But mother was kind enough to
point out it isn't in the too far future."

Commander Riker shook his head. "Are you telling me that as
your maid of honor was picking out a dress, you were worrying about
our future sex life?" He asked with mirth to his voice.

Counselor Troi looked at Riker and saw the smile forming on
his face, and for the first time today, she realized how silly this
was, yet…. "Alright, I'll admit it is a little silly. But it is
ten, or less, years away. And did you give it any credence when you

Riker gave a laugh and quickly stifled it when he saw Troi
was serious. "It wasn't foremost on my mind, no." He said and
pulled Deanna into his arms. "But it isn't going to make me rethink
our marriage."

Deanna looked into Will's eyes. "It's not?" She asked
unsure. Will bent down and kissed Deanna's lips. No, it's not;
Riker placed in Deanna's thoughts, deepening their kiss.

Troi savored in her Imzadi's well being before pulling away,
breaking the kiss. "Are you sure? Why are you so nervous, then?"

Will shook his head. "Oh, I don't know. It just took me
fifteen years to admit to myself I love you, and in a couple days,
we're going to announce it to everyone we know."

This time Troi let out a guffaw. "We could have eloped and
told everyone afterwards."

"Now there's an idea. And for the rest of our married life
listen to Lwaxana's fury on how I deprived her daughter a wedding
befitting a daughter of the Fifth house of Betazed?" Will gave
Deanna his trademark smile. "I'd rather listen to her concerns on
how I'm going to satiate her daughter's overactive libido?"

Deanna smacked Will's arm. "Keep it up, Commander, and you
won't have to worry about it."

"You know," Will went on as if Deanna didn't interrupt
him. "If it's that big of a concern to you, we can always practice,
now." He said, giving her a playful wink.

Deanna raised her eyebrows in amazement. "Satiate my
libido? Maybe we should be more concerned about yours, Commander."

"Why don't we take care of both of them at the same time."
Will said before sealing his words in a kiss.

The End