Untitled - Missing Scene From Insurrection


When Admiral Dougherty and Ru’Afru disembarked, Commander Riker went to his quarters. He wanted to be alone in order to think more clearly. There was something strange going on between the Sona and Ba’ku. Will slumped into a chair as he tried to pinpoint what exactly was bothering him. Everyone tied to this duck blind mission seemed to be behaving unusually.

“Troi to Riker”

Riker couldn’t help but smile at the sound of Deanna’s voice and he realized the strange behavior wasn’t limited to the Sona and Ba’ku. “Riker here” he announced, hitting his combadge.

“Are you busy, Commander?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Would you care for some company?”

“You realize every time we get together we’re interrupted by someone.”


“And whose fault is that?” Will heard Deanna’s reply accompanied by harmonious laughter over the commlink and his heart actually skipped a beat. When was the last time the sound of her voice affected him like that?

“Well I can’t help it if I’m more popular than you.” Will responded and then his door chime rang. Great. Now what? Riker thought to himself as he got to his feet to answer the door.

There standing outside the doorway was Counselor Troi. “You’re more popular than me?” She asked amused and her voice echoed across Will’s communicator.

Riker reached up to hit his combadge, turning it off. “Nice to see you again, Counselor.” He said, stepping aside to let her in.

“You’re changing the subject, Commander.” Deanna retorted.

Will smiled. “Yes I am.”

“Well I’d like to argue who’s more popular than who.” Troi continued, coming up against Will suggestively.

Will brushed back her hair and looked down into her eyes. He exhaled slowly. He felt like a lovesick teenager. “Have you noticed how strange everyone’s been acting lately?”

Deanna looked up into Will’s striking blue eyes. “You’re trying to change the subject again.” She smiled.

“Well, haven’t you noticed how we’ve all been acting like” Will didn’t want to say it; it sounded absurd.

“Have you noticed what’s appeared on Worf’s nose?” Troi asked.

“Now who’s changing the subject?” Riker laughed and then continued

“How could you miss it?”

Troi went over to sit on the couch and gestured for Will to join her. He did. “You mean allowing the ship’s counselor to shave the first officer’s beard isn’t an everyday occurrence?” Deanna asked in mock disbelief.

Riker turned towards her. “Yeah. Commander Reeves, on the Mohawk, told me the other day how he allowed their ship’s counselor.” Deanna put a finger to Will’s lips and his body reacted far more than it should have. Riker reached up and clasped Troi’s hand in his, bringing it down to their laps. “I can’t even remember the last time your touch”

Deanna slid up to Will “created so much electricity” she blew into his ear. Will inhaled sharply and held his breath. This is definitely not normal; he thought.

Troi pulled away. “Do you want me to leave?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“No. But you don’t seem comfortable.”

This time Will drew closer to Deanna. “You shouldn’t intrude on other people’s thoughts.” He said and kissed her full on the mouth.

“Data to Riker.”

Riker pulled away from Troi and wondered how everyone knew.

“Riker here. Data can’t this wait.”

“Sir the transporter in hydroponics has been activated.”

“And…” Will prompted as Deanna let out a soft snicker.

“It is quite late for a transporter to be active, Sir, so I checked the contents and their destination.”

“Data, I’m kinda in the middle of something right now, so if you have a point could you please make it.” Riker said in exasperation.

“Sir, someone has materialized Tetryon pulse rifles into the Captain’s Yacht.”

Riker let out an aggravated breath.

“I am sorry to bother you. Shall I notify the Captain?”

“No Data. Contact Worf, Laforge, and Crusher and tell them to meet us outside the shuttlebay. Have Worf, Crusher, and yourself change into civilian attire first. Understood.”

“Yes sir.”

“Riker out.”

“You don’t think the Captain is actually planning to…” Deanna asked Will in disbelief.

Riker stood up. “Yes I do.” He replied and held out his hand. “Come on. You need to get into some civvies, too.”

Troi stood up, taking a hold of Riker’s hand. “Aren’t you going to change?”

“Someone needs to stay on the Enterprise.”

“I’d rather stay with you, Will” Deanna protested.

Will gazed into her eyes. “The Captain is going to need your assistance more than me for the time being, Deanna.”

Deanna returned Will’s gaze. “For the time being?” She asked and wondered how Will switched into a command officer so quickly. “I’m still not exactly sure what it is you want from me, Commander.” She continued seductively.

Riker pushed her towards the door. “If we don’t get moving, you may find out.”

Troi turned her head to look back at him. “We may have a minute or two to kill.”

“No we do NOT.” Riker replied as he pushed her into the hallway.

When they reached the door to Troi’s quarters. Deanna walked in and turned to see that Will planted himself in the hallway. “Aren’t you coming in?”

“No. I think it would be best if I waited out here.”

“It could be more fun if you”

“Just hurry up and change, Deanna.” Riker practically yelled.

Troi shrugged her shoulders and went into her quarters alone. As the door slid shut behind her, Riker collapsed against the wall. How does anyone work with such raging hormones? He thought.

A few minutes later, Deanna reemerged in civilian clothing. “It definitely would have been more fun with you inside.” Will gave her a curious stare as they headed for the turbolift and thought; What a double entendre.

Deanna gave Will a devilish grin as the lift doors closed. Just something for you to think about while I’m gone. She placed in his mind. Will slumped against the back wall of the turbolift and closed his eyes. Are we having fun yet? He thought.

Deanna picked it up, but decided not to reply. They both had to start thinking about the business at hand and teasing Will wasn’t helping either of them. Troi wondered if Riker knew she felt as betrayed by her own hormones as he did. She regarded the clean-shaven officer who now looked more like the young lieutenant she met. O.k. let’s not remember how long ago that was; she rebuked herself.

Riker opened one eye to peek at Deanna. “What. No fanciful comeback for that last thought?”

Troi came up against him and caressed his cheek. “You know I fell in love with this young lieutenant once.”

“I know.” Will sighed.

The turbolift stopped and its doors opened but shut again when no one walked through.

“Promise you’ll be careful, Imzadi.” Deanna pleaded. She had been so careful not to use that term within the past couple days, because she did not want old feelings to resurface. However, seeing Will without a beard and remembering how she used to tease him about his need for physical gratification, brought it all back.


Riker looked down at her. “I think the turbolift stopped.” Troi didn’t care; she wasn’t moving until she received an answer. “Are you coming?” Will asked as he maneuvered around her and went through the door.

Troi gave a huff and then followed Riker down the corridor. “I don’t know how or why we’ve suddenly allowed ourselves to follow our feelings again, Will.” Troi said as she caught up to him and grabbed his arm. They were close to the shuttle bay and everyone else was already there. Will slowed down, because he didn’t want anyone to over hear the conversation. He did not stop; however, because he also didn’t want to draw too much attention.

“I do know I feel the same way I felt when we first met” Deanna continued.

Will turned towards her. “Please not now, Deanna.” He pleaded to her this time and Troi could have sworn his eyes were a little glassy. “You know I’m always careful. Just make sure you” they reached the spot where everyone was waiting and Will dropped it. The other officers gave them a curious stare as Riker addressed Data. “Care to open the door, Data.” And that’s just what Data did.