Title: Untitled 3
Author: azhosking@cox.net
Rated: PG-13

As you know, I don't own them I just play with them. I borrowed some people out of A Time to Heal, by David Mack.

This story just plopped into my head this morning so take it for how strange it is.


Commander Will Riker snapped awake as the talons clenching his throat cut off his airway.

“Wake up, insolent wretch. Your people took General Minza , and Yaelon believes they’ll trade you for him.” Kinchawn threw Riker against the wall. Riker grimaced, instinctively reaching up to protect his broken ribs.

“Do you know what I think? I think it is a waste of time. If Minza was stupid enough to get caught he deserves death.”

Riker met Kinchawn’s gaze. “Captain Picard won’t kill him. It’s against.”

“Oh yes, the mighty and holy Starfleet is above torturing prisoners. How could I forget,” Minister Kinchawn walked over to the cell door. “You can forget medical attention, Riker. You’re not worth the resources since you’re already dead,” the door clanged loudly behind Kinchawn’s retreat.

Riker closed his eyes. “Help. Please help me,” he pleaded to no one. When he felt a hand touch his cheek, he opened his eyes. “How did you?”

“You’re the one who asked for help,” the woman smiled.

“I didn’t expect anyone to come,” Riker said trying to get on his feet.

“Don’t get up for me,” the woman replied. “I’m only in your head.”

“Am I dreaming?”

“More like an hallucination,” the woman answered and walked across the cell.

“But why you? I would think Deanna.”

“Oh I like her. You and she are a good match.”

Riker shook his head, trying to come to his senses. “You left us,” he cried. “You left me with him.”

The woman walked back over to Riker. “I tried, Billy. I really tried.”

“No you didn’t. You died and left me with a father who didn’t care.”

The woman knelt down and caressed Riker’s cheek. “Your father loved you. He just didn’t know how to show it. He was only human and a man. Look how long it took you to see what was right in front of you.”

Riker closed his eyes, trying to erase his mother’s image. “Leave Deanna out of this,” he said and opened his eyes to find his mother on the other side of the room again.

“You did do well with her.”

“How would you know? You’re dead.”

“I’m in your head, remember?”

“Why are you here?”

Why do you think, William? You want to give up. You’re thinking it would be easy to just lie here and die. I’m here because it’s not so easy.”

“It hurts and I’m tired,” Will sighed.

“And you think if I was able to,” his mother stopped. “You had your father, grandparents and your uncle looking after you. Who does Deanna have?”

“She doesn’t need anyone. She’s a grown woman.”

“True,” his mother replied. She turned to the wall, and when she faced Will again, he shivered. “This little one, however, is still only a spark in her mother’s eyes. What about her?” his mother asked bringing the baby close to her son.

“Who is she?”

“Your daughter, William. You won’t be just letting go of your own life; you’d be giving up on hers, too.”

“I don’t have a daughter.”

“Not yet,” his mother replied and then she and the baby vanished as Riker’s communicator was tossed into the cell.

* * *

Commander Riker woke up, squinting at the bright lights in Sickbay.

“You’re up,” he heard her sweet voice and then felt her hand take hold of his.

He tried to sit up. “I can’t move.”

“Broken ribs. The doctor has them immobilized to heal.”

Riker turned his head and saw her standing by his bedside, a tear running down her cheek. “Don’t cry,” he said, trying to reach up and wipe it away with no luck.

Deanna bent down to embrace him. “I can’t help it. I thought I lost you.”

“Who me? I wasn’t about to make you a widow before we even got married.”

Deanna let out a giggle. “That isn’t funny, Will.”

“Then why are you laughing?”

Deanna stood up. “Because I.”

Ensign Narrows walked in, “How are you feeling, Commander?”

“You mean besides the fact I can’t move?”

“You had two broken ribs, Sir. Dr. Tropp immobilized them so they’d heal.” The Ensign checked Riker’s ribs. “They’re seventy percent there. I can minimize the stasis field, so you can sit up.” The Ensign made the adjustments, and Riker took a big breath and grimaced. “Seventy percent isn’t one hundred, Sir. Your ribs are still sore.”

“Now she tells me,” Riker quipped as Deanna and nurse Narrows helped him sit up.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Commander?”

“When can I get out of here?”

“It’s going to be at least another couple hours. But I’ll inform Dr. Tropp on your status,” Narrows replied and left Riker and Troi alone.

Will looked at Deanna and smiled, “How come we never talked about children?”

Deanna shrugged, “What made you think about children?”

“When you’re stuck in a small cell, alone, for twenty-eight days, you start thinking about a lot of things that never crossed your mind before. We’ve never talked about having children. I don’t even know if you want children.”

“We got engaged a month ago, Will. And then you were taken captive. I think we can work out our feelings and our relationship before we worry about children.”

“Do you want children, Deanna?”

Deanna smiled, “Of course, someday. Don’t you want children?”

“Yes,” Will said and looked into Deanna’s eyes. “Your daughter is beautiful.”

Deanna laughed, “You already have us having a baby girl. How long till we had a parcel of children running around?”

Will cusped the back of Deanna’s head and pulled her into a kiss, Boy, girl. It doesn’t matter. Your children will be beautiful. Deanna heard Will’s reply in her mind.

The End