Title: Undeniable Urges

Author: azhosking@cox.net

Summary: A little fluff placed immediately after Insurrection.

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but sometimes I can't resist playing with them. :D

Commander Riker pressed the chime and waited for a response. When the door slid open, he was greeted with a very warm smile.

“I thought you had a report to write.”

Riker stepped into the room. “I’ve handed my homework in to the teacher. I’m free to play now,” he said, giving the Counselor a devilish smile.

Deanna Troi shook her head. “I think the metaphasic radiation has gone to your head, Commander,” she said, walking up to Riker. Then she reached up and caressed his smooth cheek.

“Actually I think it’s gone to other body parts,” Will replied as his body responded to Deanna’s closeness. “But if you want to think it’s all in my head. That is what you specialize in, right?”

Troi gave Riker’s arm a smack and walked over to the replicator. “Hot Chocolate.”

The Commander rubbed his arm and gave her a wounded puppy stare. “Do you always play so hard to get?” he asked, walking up to her.

Deanna took a sip of the hot chocolate and then looked into the Commander’s cool blue eyes. He stepped into her personal space, and she found it hard to keep her breathing level. “Only with the boys I really like, Commander.”

Will ran his fingers through her hair and bent down towards her ear. The smell of her shampoo mixed with perfume made him dizzy. “Do you know how much I want to kiss you right now?” he asked.

“Then what’s stopping you?” she asked with a smile.

He stood up straight and eyed the mug in her hand. “In the past couple days, you shoved me out of your office and gave my arm a hard smack, I really don’t want the experience of hot cocoa spilling down my uniform.

Troi shook her head once more and then turned and placed her mug back on the replicator shelf with an unsteady hand. She took a second to compose herself with a cleansing breath. Then she turned towards the Commander. “Is that bett…” before she finished the sentenced, he had the back of her head cusped in his palm, and the word got lost in her throat as his lips pressed against hers.

Long minutes later, Will broke the kiss. “You’re not going to push me out of your quarters, now. Are you?” he asked fingering the edge of her dress just where her cleavage peeked through.

Deanna looked down and then she gave Will a devilish stare. She started to unzip his tunic. “No, I have a better idea,” she replied as the tunic came off his arms and landed on the floor.

Commander Riker stopped playing with her garment and stepped away quickly. “Oh no. You’re not going to get me undressed and then shove me into the corridor.”

“You really have trust issues. Don’t you?” she replied, walking up to him and with a simple hike of her shoulders her dress fell to the floor, and Will noticed there were no undergarments beneath it. “Now if we were on Betazed, I might push you into the corridor this way. But we’re not on Betazed. Are we?”

Will silently cursed his body for reacting the way it was at the sight of a nude Counselor, and he hoped it wouldn’t lose it as quickly as it became aroused. If he remembered one thing about being a love struck teenager, it was how fast certain appendages could spurt under the right circumstances. He noticed Deanna was pressed against him, unzipping his uniform and realized she asked him a question. He tried to answer but his vocal chords refused to work.

He took in a deep breath and swallowed hard. This made Deanna stop what she was doing and look up.

Will simply shook his head.

Deanna stared at him mischief apparent in her dark eyes. She gave him a wide grin. “You were right, Commander,” she said, moving a hand down to cup his hardness. “The metaphasic radiation has gone to other body parts.”

Riker took a hold of her hand and moved it around to his back. He pressed into her hard, tilting her head up with his other hand. She melted into the embrace and parted her lips to welcome the pair descending for another kiss.

*evil grin* THE END