Wedding Night

Deanna Troi Riker was sitting in front of a vanity, removing her make-up and jewelry. It was a beautiful day, wonderful ceremony, and all the guests appeared to enjoy it. However, Deanna was glad to finally have a little peace and quiet. The day she had dreamt about proved to be quite exhausting.

As if reading her mood, Will Riker walked up behind her, wrapping her in his arms, he placed a kiss on top of her head. “Did everything meet your expectations?”

Deanna turned to look at her husband and smiled. “Yes. I’m glad it’s over; though, so I can have you all to myself.” Deanna stood up and walked into Will’s waiting embrace.

Riker gave his wife a loving squeeze. “You look lovely.”

Deanna smiled, trying to stifle a yawn unsuccessfully. “That’s really remarkable, considering I removed all of my make-up and half my jewelry.” She reached up and removed another hairpin. Turning to place it on the vanity, she caught sight of something glitter in the corner of her eye - jewelry. Mrs. Riker’s gaze was drawn to the ring finger of her left hand. I guess that’s one piece of jewelry I won’t be removing this evening; she thought and quickly grabbed the chair as she felt her knees go weak.

Will reached out and grabbed Deanna’s arm and she was drawn to the matching ring placed on Will’s finger. Will followed Deanna’s gaze down to his hand and reflexively grasped her hand in his. “Are you o.k. imzadi?”

“Yes. It’s been such a long day and the realization of what we did just hit me.”

Will laughed; “Is that good or bad?”

Mrs. Riker turned to face her husband. “Good. Very good.” She said, reaching up to convey her sincerity with a kiss.

When she broke away, Will smiled. “For a minute there, I thought you were thinking better of this, Mrs. Riker.” And then he kissed her again.

Deanna pulled away from Will. “Maybe you could help me get out of this dress.” She demurred with a mischievous grin.

“It would be my pleasure.” And Will reached around to grab the dress’s zipper. However, Deanna put her hand on Riker’s chest. “You have to promise you’ll call my name out first, Captain.”

Riker gave his wife a quizzical stare. “As opposed to…”

Deanna had a devilish look in her eye. She started to unzip the tunic of Will’s dress uniform. “If you can’t figure it out for yourself, I’m not going to assist you.” She said and walked away from him, unzipping the dress herself.

Captain Riker walked towards the bed, following his wife. Deanna stepped out of her dress and sat down on the bed. “What’s the matter, Will? You look lost; did you forget what a honeymoon suite is for?”

“No. What I can’t figure out is what you expect me to say.” Will answered with a slight shrug.

Deanna laughed. “If you know what a honeymoon suite is for, you should know exactly what I expect.”

Will sat down next to Deanna and took her face in his hands. As he leaned in to kiss her, he replied “You said I had to call out your name. What else would I call out, Deanna?”


Mrs. Riker removed her husband’s tunic as she relished in his kiss. “But you have to use the right one, Will.” Deanna said and pulled away from Riker to unhook her bra. “And that wasn’t it.” And she discarded the undergarment lackadaisically to the floor.

Will watched Deanna’s bare breasts rise and fall with her breathing, totally lost in more than one way. Troi followed Will’s eyes down to her chest. “I can’t spell it out for you any clearer, Imzadi.” She said her voice filled with longing. Then she took one of Will’s hands and placed it on her breast.

Will took in a sharp breath, forcing himself to look at Deanna’s face. “ But Deanna is your name. Unless you changed it recently and didn’t tell me.”

Deanna’s laughter filled the room; which was rather aggravating to Will for the rapid rising and falling of her chest while his hand was placed on her breast made numerous ideas come to his mind; none of them laughable.

Troi sensed Will’s exasperation. “I’m sorry.” She said, trying to stop her laughter. “It’s just that you were there when I changed it.”

When Will realized what Deanna meant, he couldn’t help but laugh, too. Then he pressed into Deanna, stopping her laughter by placing his mouth over hers. Riker kept pressing until they were both lying prone on the bed, Deanna underneath him. “I wasn’t aware you wanted to go by Mrs. Riker.” Will whispered, covering Deanna’s neck with butterfly kisses.

Deanna rolled herself on top of Will and smiled. “I don’t think it would be a good idea professionally.” She said and worked her way down Riker’s torso and unzipped his trousers. But before she did anything further to release her husband’s constrained loins, Deanna looked up and added; “…however, in the privacy of our own quarters, it does sound rather inviting.” And then she tore off the pants.