Soothing The Ache

R maybe NC-17 (I’m not a good judge)


PWP or a very bored and unorganized day for whisper.

Not mine of course, none of them-I’m just tossing out the fluff cookie Paramount doesn’t offer.

Say - you don't want to chance it

You've been hurt so before

Watch it now

The eagle in the sky

How he dancin' one and only

You - lose yourself

No not for pity's sake

There's no real reason to be lonely

~Yes; owner of a lonely heart~


The soft moans contrasted the violent shudders he felt against his mouth, he slowed the spirals of his tongue, feeding on the scent and the flavor, using both of them and her pleasure to bring him closer to the edge. And the edge was where he wanted to stay, hovering in that mind numbing anticipation that twisted his stomach and throbbed over every nerve in his body.

Her hands tangled in his hair and he heard her wishes, demanding and breathless. If he obliged her, his edge would be lost and the fall would be painful and rocky. All his encounters had ended that way since a hundred years ago beneath a tangle of jungle foliage.

He kissed his way up her stomach leaving a moist trail of their mingled flavors and finally reached the full lips that whispered his name.

"Will....Please." She spoke the words as if she’d die if he didn’t and swallowed his reply with a rough and hungry kiss.

His own need was moving beyond control, the shiver that rippled over her as his cock grazed her sensitive clit forced a low growl from his mouth. The heals of the feet she dug encouragingly into his ass forced him inside her with a hard thrust that caused her to cry out, tears to drip from her eyes.

The pleasurable pain he’d caused her rippled over him like white heat, moving him to pump harder, drown in her euphoric moans, the writhing thrusts of pleasure she met his ardent thrusts with.

If he’d known her name he would have shouted it as his body took the plunge, dived blindly into white light and heated convulsions.

Within moments the suicide dive was complete and euphoria was challenged by reality. Unintentionally he muttered a curse under his breath and rolled off her before the nerve punch hit him.


He heard the uncertainty in her voice and reacted on cue. Drawing her to him with both arms he rested his lips against her golden hair and recited adjectives, some he’d never heard himself use to describe how incredible she was. And she was and had been-Shit, she’d hardly been dressed when he’d kicked the door open to his suite and the erection he’d sprouted in the bar was threatening the fabric of his pants. Why the hell was this happening to him?

He swore again, this time stringing three adjectives, in three languages together that apparently were understood by his partner. The word shit flowed from his lips seconds later when she sat up in the bed and dragged a nasty look over his naked body. In her own language she also swore, unfortunately for her or maybe fortunately he understood.

"Yea well you weren’t that great either, in fact it was damn cold in here." He said it, he didn’t mean it, but he said it. After all he was a man first and she’d smacked him where it counts with her comment; rebuttal was necessary.

She climbed out of the bed perfectly naked and perfectly perfect and smacking himself seemed a proper plan of action. He watched her dress, listened to her continue to refer to him with the endearing terms he deserved and he almost stopped her before the door slammed shut behind her-but he couldn’t do it. Because in the end he’d end up in the same place.

He snapped the sheet off himself only when he was sure she wasn’t going to come charging back in critiquing his size, motion or technique.

"Fucked again Riker," he grumbled, tugging on a pair of pants before opening the double doors to his balcony.

He inhaled a breath of the rich intoxicating air of Risa and stared out at the small swells of waves that rippled over the shore.

"Why is this happening?" He swiped a hand through his hair, the scent of her ripe on his skin only served to kill his sexual instincts instead of heighten them.

This had been the way it was since Ba’Ku and the momentary breath of Deanna he’d tasted again. The rekindled and soon questioned renewal that was only a heartbeat in his life had continued to pulse out of control since. It was why he’d taken this leave....two weeks on Risa, away from her and what he thought she’d been doing to his sex life since forever.

He sighed.

He loved Deanna, he’d always love Deanna-unfortunately life had a way of making love out to be the deadliest evil, a complicated matrix of decisions and concessions that seemed to have no reasonable conclusions.

In the air he could smell the storm the Risians had scheduled for the evening, the scent generated the same kind of elevated anticipation as sex. He drew in another breath; cool and intoxicating his restlessness intensified, the breeze against his still sensitive skin drew goose bumps to the surface.

"Fuck sex," he grumbled, "I can get off on the elements-hell of a lot less stressful." He rolled his eyes at his own decision and stepped back inside. He snagged his shirt off the bed and headed out of his suite, figuring tonight would be as good a night as any to start his new way of life.


The lightening displays that kissed the churning surf were a step above Risa’s finest show. He grinned, his untucked shirttails slapping against his chest, snagged by the rough and brutal storm.

"Awesome," he whispered, watching the angry surf slap the jagged jetty; the spray equally angry tickling his chest and beard. He tugged the flask he’d brought out of his pants pocket and downed what he deemed a shot. He brushed the dribbles off his beard appreciating the fiery heat that flared inside him and shivered as the cool wind contrasted it.

1"That was close to orgasmic," he muttered, swearing several times as the fractured and jagged edged stones that led to his favorite place jabbed into his feet.

Nobody ever came here but him, too much trouble he figured for panting lovers to reach, and considering all the slippery rocks the long trek couldn’t even be used for any kind of tantalizing foreplay.

<Well maybe a Klingon could,> he thought, outwardly cringing as his mind presented him a few perfectly nasty pictures of the Klingon possibilities. He drowned that image with another swig of whiskey and tucked the flask back into his pocket. Another image played out in his mind as he snagged the rock beside him to stop his misplaced step from becoming a painful fall-Deanna and Worf. They’d never really discussed past sexual partners at least not in detail, an unspoken agreement he figured and up until Worf his jealousy had always devoured his curiosity.

He chuckled somewhat bitterly to himself at the irony; shit, he couldn’t make love to another woman without at least once thinking of her. Little touches, certain scents sometimes even a familiar moan would cause his eyes to fly open and remind him that the satisfaction of the moment would die with his ejaculation, and yet she could screw one of his best friends and get past it.

Under his feet he felt the large sharp rocks give way to small equally painful pebbles and admitted to himself this was somewhat Klingon of him considering his shoes were draped over his shoulder, but then there was a fine line between pain and pleasure. He grinned at the thought and turned back towards the flickering lights of the city, the trip back looked ominous and certainly not worth it for another sexual letdown.

The pebbles gave way to wet sand slicked with salt that stung the tiny cuts in his feet. "This is just goddamn pain!" He shouted, scaring the gulls that lined the shore. Their shrill alert as they flew away drowning out the rest of his curses...curses that referred not to the pain in his feet but the one in his chest.

Leaning back on a rock chiseled smooth by the oceans power he slid to the ground, flask in hand and rethought this new theory of sex with the elements. His head cloudy from fatigue, frustration and whisky he closed his eyes and watched the sun set using only the shifting hues of shadow to paint it in his minds eye.

"What are you doing?"

<Maybe this was working, > he thought; this combination of natures power, mind bending emotions and a little outside stimulus and the wind was speaking to him. She was a female he decided.

"Will-Wake up."

He opened his eyes slowly did a quick once over of a wind that looked a lot like Deanna and closed them tight. "You’re not here." He heard the pleased sound in his voice and killed it. "And if you are...get out."

"I’ve been looking everywhere for you." The fabric of her dress dusted against his bare calves, he scooted them away like a spoiled child. "Why did you leave before I got back?"

"Why wouldn’t I...You didn’t tell me to wait for you." He opened his eyes and sat up, maybe a little too quickly; with an effort he stopped the upper half of his body from swaying. "You said you had to think." He poked her in the shoulder to reinforce the fact that he meant business. "What could you possibly have to think about after all this time-Jesus Christ I let you shave my beard off, if that’s not commitment I don’t know what is."

"You’ve been drinking." She withdrew the flask from his hand, sniffed it and wrinkled her nose.

"I can drink if I want to. I can get knock down fall on my ass drunk and it’s nobody’s business but mine. I’m on leave and committed no one!" His voice carried over the rolling waves and he rubbed two hands over his beard to punctuate the non commitment thing.

"Maybe I should leave-We’ll talk later." She stood up and he slid down, resting his head in the sand.

"Talk, talk, talk, talk all we do is talk. Talk and plan, talk and plan. Did you talk to Worf this much or did you just grunt to each other...How about Tom, how long did you talk and plan before you took him in the gym."

The glint of amusement that had sparked her eyes and twitched her lips until now fell away; transformed into a glare he closed his eyes to avoid.

Only because he could feel the heat of her body against his arm he knew she was still there but she didn’t say anything for a long moment.

"Will, do you want to know what I thought about on Betazed."

With his arms spread out on either side of him laying like a vulnerable target in the sand he’d expected at least a kick in the side or on the less violent side sand in his face. He opened his eyes surprised to find her sitting beside him again.

"What," he said, when it was obvious she wasn’t going to tell him until he offered her a verbal reply.

"Twenty years Will, that’s what I was thinking about. Twenty years of questions our relationship had inspired."

"Is this going to all revert back to the I’m a jerk speech?" He propped himself on his elbows his ingrained defensives kicking in.

"That’s your speech Will...not mine." Cross-legged she adjusted the liquid lines of her teal green sarong around her bare thighs. "You seem to have this one-sided opinion of why we never got back together. Do you honestly believe that you not only control your own fate but mine as well."

He thought about it and if he were honest with himself that’s exactly what he’d thought, that all he would have had to do over the past two decades is say the word and she fall right back into his bed, at least that’s what he’d thought until Worf.

"What kind of sex did you have with Worf?"

"What." Her relaxed shoulders squared and shock didn’t begin to describe the wide-eyed look on her face. "That’s a little personal," she answered moments later, "what kind of sex did you have with Soran?"

"The same kind of sex I have with everybody." His voice was practically a growl and as if the words had formed invisible threads they pulled him to his feet. "Incredible, unbridled, mind melting sex any place, and in any position you can possibly imagine!" He flailed his arms to accentuate the scope of it and continued like an out of control chimpanzee to describe some of his most sensual experiences.

"But you know what," he concluded, breathless from his bellowed descriptions and overly dramatic actions, "It always ends the same-With an ache right here." He slammed his fist into the pit of his stomach, a more severe blow then he’d planed, but welcomed since the blank look on her face suggested she thought he was nuts.

"Well," he bellowed seconds later when she still hadn’t spoken, "did you hear what I said- I can’t have sex. Don’t you see, if you and I don’t stay together my sex life is forever destroyed!"

He heard it but he had to do a double take to believe it. "Are you laughing at me...I just told you something I’ve never admitted to anyone." <Not even myself until this god-awful trip to Risa, > he added to himself. "And you’re laughing."

"I’m not laughing at you Will." She took a step towards him, still smiling broadly.

He back stepped.

"Well you sure as hell aren’t laughing with me."

"It just made me happy."

"Happy." His eyes went wide. "That’s kind of sick."

"Sit down Will." She sat down and patted the sand beside her.

He eyed her cautiously, with the wind tangling her hair around her face he couldn’t tell if she was still grinning at him. He sat down several feet away, to his surprise she crawled over to him, looking quite sexy in the process. "Are you playing with me Deanna?"

"I’d like to," she said, her voice an octave lower, her smug smile eclipsed by something a notch above naughty.

The entire picture transformed his present mood into one that almost made him forget what they’d been talking about-Almost.

"What are you doing?" Laying a hand on each of the ones she’d decided to prowl over his thighs he raised inquiring brows and condemned the overdose of testosterone that was pumping an accelerated stream of blood south. "If this little venture is being inspired by anything but reckless abandon-like guilt or pity."

The lips that were closing in on his neck pulled away, leaving only a kiss of her warm breath against his throat. "Are you saying we should talk about it first-Do you think I should tell you about the hundreds of times over the years I’ve wondered if you ever thought about me while you were making love to one of your many women- or the times I’ve rolled over in my sleep and wrapped my arms around someone and felt the blow in my stomach when it wasn’t you." She inhaled a breath, its release lifting the hair that dusted over his forehead. "Or maybe you’d like to know how hurt I was when you were willing to sacrifice everything for Soran or how it made me feel when you so willingly accepted my relationship with..."

With a kiss he cut her off, comforting another kind of ache he’d felt over the years; the ache of watching her move away from him, draw back with an ease that had hurt him, licked the seal on the decisions he’d made.

His kiss deepened or maybe she’d deepened it, but somewhere in it he felt a door close on his past, and as her dress rippled into an airy pile of billowing silk and her bare skin pressed against his chest he heard another door open. Behind it was her, nothing but her and a smoky white void of a future they’d only begun to fill in.

The physical was here, now, stimulating his senses with warm kisses, lingering on the tongue he spiraled over her clit and the hands he used to squeeze her nipples, induce pleasurable cries and liquid moans that carried into eternity on the stormy winds. But as he slid inside her, felt her body buck against his sudden and desperate thrust, his own body teetering on the edge of this moment; he didn’t slow. He wasn’t afraid to give up the edge, follow her broken and passionate words of encouragement or work against the heels she used to draw him deeper.

He felt her body shiver and heard himself chant her name on labored breaths, sensations collided, feelings exploded and the universe ignited into colored fragments of light and a hushed roar of sounds.

1"I love you," he whispered as their bodies seemed to pulse in unison blending their essence into a sated liquid heat.

"I love you too Will." Her voice was choked, her body trembled, but she kept her legs wrapped snugly around him hanging on to the physical miracle of two people being one.

He rocked against her for a long time, dusting her face with kisses, whispering words he’d held inside himself for an eternity.

"I wish we could stay like this always."

He smiled a liquid smile that matched hers and like her relished in the intimate connection of their bodies, but behind that the simplest revelation made itself known to him.

He kissed her again. "We are always like this Imzadi-I think we always have been."


Please do not flame me because the hunky commander did it with someone else and then promptly did it with his was a nessasary evil and perhaps in the twenty-fourth century not as risky;-) I know there’s a lot of holes in this like how did deanna get to Riker’s secret place, how did she know. There are answers, they just didn’t make it to the final cut, and considering this story is beyond PWP, expecting perfection in a two hour Riker fest just isn’t reasonable <g> sjf