Behind Closed Doors

First thing I ever wrote, I believe at the time it was meant to push someone's buttons<eg> And I believe this is ALL the smut I've ever written, contrary to the request in my mailbox;-)


NC-17, but very silly, but also NC-17, Did ya’all see that it’s NC-17---That means sex children, sex for sex sakes with only a few buzz words thrown in cuz I Love them, okay a lot of buzz words cuz I love them;-)

~Of course their not mine....Paramount, Frakes, Sirtis, and Roddenberry, they made em.....Oh, wait, who am I forgetting....ahh, that's right, Berman. How could I forget him;-)~~

NC-17, did I mention that!!!!!!!!!

This is white space, okay black type, but this is NC-17


The cool sheets felt like heaven against her freshly bathed skin, she slid under them, allowing them to tickle over her nude body. Turning her eyes to the closed doors of her cabin she wondered if he would come. Of course he will, he always does, once a week he sneaks into her cabin betraying what everyone on board the enterprise believes, that they are only colleagues. She smiled slyly to herself, if they only knew what went on behind closed doors.

Her craving was all ready awakening inside her, this was not exactly what she wanted, but all he was able to give right now. And all he was able to give at these choice moments was the most earth shattering sex she had ever had, the thought alone made her long to touch herself. She willed herself to wait, he would be here, just as he always was.....playing out the fantasies both had almost sequestered.

Her breath quivered in anticipation at the hollow sound of her cabin doors sliding open, she gripped the now heated sheets in her hands, his emotions stroking her skin before he had entered her room.

He strode calmly inside, completely confident and at ease with who he was and what he was about to do.

"I couldn't get off the bridge." He sat on the bed beside her, his eyes prowling over the translucent sheets that revealed her desire. They moved provocatively over her, returning to her hardened nipples that had imprinted their peaks on the cotton. "I'm surprised you didn't start without me."

She ran her tongue over her lips and pulled the sheet tighter around her breast, tantalizing him with what she knew he wanted.

"You seem awfully eager Counselor." He smiled a demonic smile, his hungry eyes moving over her like she were a feast waiting to be devoured. He ran his hand over her cheek, down her throat, spiraling her nipple and moving down her thigh. The same firm hand moved upward, massaging the sheets between her thighs, pressing the cool cotton against her moist heat.

She moaned at the sensation as he moved his fingers against her....the circular motion, combined with the feel of the soft cotton against her ache caused her to move with his touch.

"Come on Deanna, I get the feeling you were ready before I even got here."

She bent her leg, opening herself wider and moved her foot to the ever growing bulge in his uniform.

He groaned as she moved her tiny foot against him, the sensation propelling him to pull the sheets off of her and thrust a finger deeply inside her. She pushed her hips upward as she felt him fill her and quivered as his thumb circled her clit. One sensation intensified the other, she looked at him with hooded eyes.

" Come for me."

His words alone were enough to send her over the edge, but as she felt his tongue flick lightly over her, her body gave in to the first of Will's earth shattering pleasures of the evening.

He sucked on her gently, moving his tongue until her body stilled its contractions.

Pulling away, he smiled up at her, his beard glistening with her juices and desires, suggesting there was more where that came from.

He brought his mouth to hers, stopping only a whisper away to lick his lips and savor her flavor...Again her body shivered, the man was incredible, able to create and satisfy desires she didn't even know she had.

"Take your clothes off Riker," She demanded.

He ran his tongue over her lips and then offered it to her.

"I said take your clothes off Riker!"

He pursued her mouth, ignoring her plea for a moment, instead thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth promisingly.

His moan against her lips sent an almost kinetic charge through her. Her strokes against his crotch intensified her own lust. The harder she teased his restrained erection, the harder he kissed, his hands moving to her breast, pinching her nipples and rolling them forcefully between his fingers.

She wasn't sure what she had done, caressing his balls or stroking his throbbing want, but he got up and freed himself from his uniform, giving her a hard and large view of what her future held.

There was no time for her to touch him before he had muttered something about this was her week, and his head was again buried between her thighs.

He spread her lips, licking and stroking over her like she was the most incredibly decadent thing he had ever sampled. His tongue moved inside her, his fingers masterfully played her clit.

She dug her heels into the bed and gripped the sheets in her fists, surrendering to the fact that this is was what he wanted right not. Her body again gave into the pleasure of his hands and tongue, shivering, and shattering like glass against his perfect motion.

"Oh my god...." She panted the words as he moved his tongue up her stomach, between her breasts and into her awaiting mouth.

The taste of her arousal spun through her senses; she licked his lips and his beard relishing in the taste of the enjoyment he had caused.

She felt his hardened cock pressed between her legs, aching for it's own release.....When she knew he was lost in exploring her body, she flipped him to his back and straddled him.

She felt him move against her, his eyes only partly opened, begging for the warm moist sanctuary she could offer him.

It was not what she had planed for her lover, but being buried inside her was what he needed.

She reached her hand to his large and hungry manhood, positioning it to enter her awaiting femininity. It slid easily inside her, her breath halting instantly as it filled her so completely.. ....She rocked against him, moving herself faster and harder, raking her hands through his coarse chest hair, teasing his nipples, and drowning in his voice as he groaned her name.

He gripped her hips, adjusting her movements to match his need. She moved as his hands guided her, feeling his release pulsing inside her. Without warning he flipped her to her back, thrusting against her, harder and stronger until she was sure she would split in two.

It was unbelievable, the feeling of him pounding against her, so mesmerized by her it was like it was his life's blood.

"Let go, Will"

She knew he wouldn't, not until he was sure her body had been satisfied. he moved his thumb to her clit again and spiraled it in the way only he knew.

She pushed against him, her body trembling, the fire of his release spilling into her in heated bursts of ecstasy.

He fell limp on top of her, the smell of their sweat and arousal mingling to form the chain that seemed to bind them.

His breathing was labored as he rolled beside her and pulled her against his chest.

"That was great Imzadi."

She silently agreed, pressing her head to his sweat soaked chest and running her hands over his damp chest hair.

"There must be some way we can change these clandestine meetings?" Her question released itself on a heavy breath of anticipation.

Will didn't have to give the question much thought, "Resurrect Roddenberry or fire what's his name."

She felt his shoulders shrug and they fell asleep with only the hope.