The Paradise Snare



1/1= PWP

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If you're looking for substance or inspiration, read no further. If you're
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"The Enterprise will be in transporter range in a few hours Commander."
Commander Riker looked out the window of the small bungalow that had been his
home for the last few days and nodded towards the sky, "I'll be standing by

"Very good number one," there was a slight pause before the captain continued,
"Nice work on the investigation Will, I hope it wasn't too trying for you."

Riker looked to floor and chuckled silently, understanding the Captain's
sarcastic remark; the planet Kahunu was nothing less then a tropical paradise,
a paradise filled with exotic food, swaying palms and the most beautiful women
anywhere in the Alpha quadrant, "It's been difficult Captain, but I'll be glad
to get back onboard."

"I'm sure number one....Picard out."

The smile he heard in his Captain's voice increased the one that had blossomed
over his tanned features, it fell quickly as he looked through the door.
Raising a hand, waving to the woman crossing the beach, he recalled his smile
for her. He would miss this, her. Instead of going to greet her he took the
opportunity to watch her, enjoying the view as the sun sank low in the sky, the
golden rays casting shadows over her skin as the island breezes rippled over
her dress, shimmering silk, hugging her body, and exposing enough to widen his
smile. Three days of being the perfect starfleet officer was wearing thin, and
now that his duties were complete, it would be even harder to bite back his
desire for her.

"Hi." she said, stepping up to the verandah. Her brows raised suggestively over
eyes the color of the crashing surf, and even behind the swirling tresses of
gold that spun around her face he could see her smile matched.

"Hi." He sunk his hands deeply into the pocket of his baggy white pants and
tried like hell to keep his admiration of her hidden behind an easy smile.

"How much longer?" she asked, her voice so quiet it was almost lost on the
sound of the surf as it crashed over the jetty.

"A few hours," he said, wishing now he hadn't sequestered his hands to his
pockets, her body moving so close to him, her hair brushed against the skin of
his chest, "Wanna walk?" He tipped his head towards the miles of pinkish sand.

Her gaze followed the movement of his head, and for an instant she stared down
the beach. "No, I don't want to walk." She met his eyes for a minute, the trade
winds blowing his shirt away from his chest again, caused her gaze to fall.

The visual attack; he'd performed it himself a million times, and he'd been on
the receiving end before, but never had it made him nervous. He drew a breath,
long and deep, filling himself with the sweet aroma that infused the air,
trying very hard to eliminate the scent of her that also carried to him.

"Food!" he said, "How bout food?"

"No, I don't want food either." She captured her billowing hair at the nape of
her neck with one hand, and snared him in a pool of deep blue that threatened
to drown him.

And that's what this was about; drowning, drowning in her, the threat had
loomed over him for years, but never seemed as lethal as it did now. He
couldn't lose himself in her, not now, when he had a different life ahead of

"A drink, want a drink?"

She appeared almost amused as he backed into his bungalow, never turning, never
taking his eyes off her.

"Sure....OK, if that's what you want."

"It is, it is what I want......a drink."

He shook his head at his own behavior as he moved toward the tiny kitchenette
......This was so out of character for him.... God, he should have been banging
her days ago, lapping up every last drop of her exotic essence, and then
leaving it behind. But this was different, it wasn't her pining for him he was
worried about, it was him. Even now as she moved to stand beside him, her
body's scent and touch only brushing him, he felt panic, the incredible urge to
gasp for air.

"You've been very helpful over the last few days, I want to thank you."

"Have I," she said, reaching beside him and taking a small piece of the Manja
fruit he'd just cut, "I got the feeling I was distracting you."

"Not at all." he contested, turning slowly around to face her.

"I'm glad then." She bit into the crimson fruit, the juices dribbled over her
pale red lips, tickled over her chin, and slid at a very slow pace down her
throat and chest.

Another need to breathe moment threatened him as he watched the shimmering
liquid disappear between the swells of her breast. He sucked a breath eagerly,
cooling the inferno that was raging inside him.

"I want you Will Riker, here and now, even if it's never again."

His body pinned against the counter, hers leaned into him, her breath sweet
like the Manja fruit blew against his face, and his reasoning began to falter.
His lips met hers gently, almost fearfully, barely brushing them before
reaching deeper, his tongue looking for more. His hands still at his sides, his
mouth became more eager, the taste of her, sweet from the fruit, tempting from
her own flavor began to devour him.

"We can't do this.......I can't do this." Against her lips he offered the plea,
her hands cool and soft against his heated skin ignored it, pulling him under
for the first time.

"Make love to me Will."

He felt a loss as the hands that moved over his body pulled away and reached
for the clasp on her sarong. The rich lavender fabric fell away from her tanned
skin, the cool silk falling into an unresisting pile around her feet.

Her feet stepped between his, her body, naked and perfect pressed against him,
and his hands moved away from his sides, sliding over her skin, feeling his
body going down for the second time. Her nipples grazed his bare chest, his
soft touches and gentle exploration of her became more ardent. His firm hands,
fingers splayed dipped over the smooth contours of her back, over her ass, a
harsh jerk bringing her feet off the floor, crushing her body into his.

"I love you Will." Her hand ran over his clean shaven face and tangled in the
fair hair at the nape of his neck.

He said nothing as he laid her on the bed and brought his body down on top of
hers, the erection he'd hidden behind his baggy pants moving against her, her
body responding instinctively. And he found himself in that place again, a
place shadowed by the past, threatened by the future, a submergence in the
moment that left him treading water, gasping for breath.

"There's no guarantees on this." he finally said; a last ditch effort as he
felt himself close to going down for the third time.

"I still love you." Her answer, lustful and breathless, but resounding what
she'd said. And he knew she would always love him, if this were the first time,
or the last time, this was never-ending and seemed to know no bounds.

The kiss was long and deep, and like a man holding on to the last of his life
the world muted, tempted him, disgusted him with a vision of his life. There
was no thinking involved, his lips and hands moved against heated flesh,
freeing himself of his clothes, devouring the feeling of his skin against hers.
Her moans of pleasure, the sound of his name whispering over her wet lips
empowered him, gave him strength, a false sense of control as he watched her
fall victim to his power, her body shivering, wet heat contracting around the
fingers he plied her with. And in that instant as he watched her, felt her
pleasure, her hopes and dreams shivering against his body, meshing with his
soul, stirring every beat of his heart, he realized he'd drowned in her years
ago, under a tangle of vines, in the moist heat of the jungle.

His hands large and rough compared to the smooth velvet skin they moved over,
slid over her stomach, the taunt peaks of her breasts, finally cradling her
damp face in his hands.

"I love you too Deanna," he whispered, unleashing the storm of emotions he'd
held captive for so long. Her eyes half opened, glassy with tears and passion,
a faint understanding smile touched her lips before he brought his mouth to
His body and mind, naked and unchained, released his savage desire for her
flesh, and his insatiable ache to once again touch her soul. White heat moved
through him like a kinetic charge, coherent thoughts and fears swallowed alive,
consumed by her thrusts as they met his, cradled by the emotions she wrapped
around him. On what felt like his last breath he heard himself moan her name,
his body simultaneously shuddering, spiraling him downward in a whirlpool of
earth shattering perfection.

His chest heaving, his eyes blurred with tears, he smiled down on her, and
shook his head, "Sorry, I never meant to wait so long."

"It wouldn't have been the same if you hadn't." she answered, tenderly brushing
a lock of hair away from his forehead.

His brows wrinkled, "I hope there's some deep-seated meaning in that." he
answered smugly, "I'd hate to think that a ten year gap is something we're
going to have to shoot for."

"I don't think that will be necessary," she laughed, pushing him off her, and
rolling on top of him, "I don't think it will be necessary ever again." she
repeated, shaking her head, her hair tickling against his chest.

Slipping one hand under his head, he traced his other over her shoulder and
eyed her thoughtfully. He understood her unspoken message, they could never be
together until he'd rid himself of his need for control, freed himself of the
restraints he'd shackled himself with a decade ago.

"I think I understand now Imzadi," he admitted, taking a handful of the golden
curls that tickled over his chest, "It's the hair, I've always been partial to

"And brunettes and redheads, if I'm not mistaken." The devilish glint in her
eyes ignited a tiny fire inside him.

"I hope you're not suggesting that I'm easy," he answered, pulling his hand
from behind his head and turning her over, pinning her beneath him, "Because
I'm not."

"That, Commander Riker is the understatement of a lifetime." Her hand tangled
in the back of his hair, drawing his face to within a breath of hers, "But I
am." she added, a sinful smile touching her lips before they captured his.