Challenge from Imzadi List:

It's time once again to throw out a new story challenge. This one is for fun and has only a few <g> requirements to be woven within your story. They are:

1)Use the phrase, "It's larger than I thought!"
2)Ask the question, "What's that smell?"
3)Use the phrase, "Tail of a comet"
4)mention a chocolate dessert
5)the story needs to contain the word "spurs"
6)Use the phrase, "Is that Star Fleet issue..."

Play with the above and have some fun with it. The only other requirement is that you place a rating on your story (or make note of adult contents due to use of language -or -- sexual situations.. whatever---IF NEEDED). 

There is plenty of room here to do just about anything, so let your imaginations soar and your fingers type!


This response is pure nonsense ;-). I'd give it a PG-13 rating due to mature subject matter.
Zipp~~~ with help from Zapp!

Personal Log

"Just when you think you know somebody- heart, mind and soul, they
surprise the hell out of you. There is no one that I thought I knew
better than Deanna. I found that she can be ruthless and ... more
demanding than I could have possibly guessed.

That bet was totally done in jest. Well I was horsing around,
apparently she was not. Really, how far can you take a wager like
that? How could I have known that Beverly would have Picard use that
line in that damn play. "Make it so"  had it not been for those three
times in the play the scales would have tilted my way. I can still
hear him singing that line, over and over.

One lesson I have learned from all this is that losing can be more
unnerving and at the same time  more stimulating than riding the tail
of a comet. Speaking of riding,  where the hell did Deanna get those
spurs anyway? Even now when I remember asking "Is that Star Fleet
issue" the smirk on her face and the dark twinkle in her eyes still
gives me chills. Oh sure, now I can smile but at the time when one is
bound and at the complete mercy of the spur wearer.....

And the whip! I never considered myself a coward, but when Deanna
nearly took the hair off my chest just by cracking that thing then
apologized saying it was larger than she thought, I had to wonder if
she was kidding or just pushing me to the edge. Even now I'm unsure!
If it was to push me to the edge I must say it worked.   I know she
could sense my excitement and trepidation or she would never have
done the, "What's that smell?" just to dump the Death by Chocolate
dessert on my nearly dehaired chest.

The deep dark secrets of Deanna Troi are as much a mystery to me now
as they have always been, and I plan on taking a lifetime to learn
them all, providing she doesn't kill me before that.