Challenge from Imzadi List:

This challenge is a chance to "fix" a scene in
Nemesis if you will. Take any scene that did (or
perhaps didn't) make it to the big screen and write a
POV from any of the characters detailing that scene
through one of the character's eyes.

The only requirement is that the story be told through
one character's point of view.


This is in response to Challenge B--- sort of
---kind of. It started out with that intention, and
yet took on some alien life of it's own. But then what
would expect from me? ;-)

This is from poor old Spot's point of view. Strange
and short. The "missing scene" near the end of


spoiler space---kind of---- sort of---

No, I hope this doesn't mean what I fear it does.
Damn, I knew Yelloweyes would bark up the wrong
tree one of these days. If I have nine lives he must
have had one hundred. I know things in this cabin
certainly got a bit bumpy at the time. It always pays
to know when and where to hide. Yelloweyes never did
know that. I tried to teach him, but he just stood
there tilting his head looking for a higher meaning.
I'm limited in how to approach these tall ones. If
they knew I knew as much as I do, well, I just don't
think they'd survive it all.

Maybe if I snuggle up to this soft one she'll take me
with her. She's been here telling me things will be
different, that Yelloweyes won't be back, stroking my
back just the way I love it, scratching under my chin
and talking quietly as she leaks all over her face and
into my fur. She was always very kind to me when she
came to visit. Uh oh.. here is the hairy one, if he
thinks he's going to just grab me by the neck and pick
me up.

I think he got the point. All of them. Well, I guess I
can forget going home with them now.

At least after the visits from the soft one and
manwolf I know what happened. I just don't understand
it. Did Yelloweyes think he could fly? I remember
watching something on the action machine with him.
Someone called Superman. He flew, but he had a cape.
Yelloweyes never wore a cape, although he did a lot of
strange things at times. In the world of these beings,
could no one else by use of their magics have done
something to save their worlds. It just seems so
bizarre, but then in the worlds of such tall creatures
I guess that is common.