Here is this weeks scene:

<<< Deanna, Will and Lwaxana Troi sitting at a table in the Ten Forward
Lounge. They are discussing, rather heatedly whether to have a traditional
Betazed wedding or an Earth wedding. Will on one side, Lwaxana on the other
and Deanna smack dab in the middle.... >>>

I'm going to approach this as a challenge, I'm not
sure that is what you had in mind. I'm still learning
the ropes here.

Title: Just Stay
Author: Zipp
Rating: PG-13- PWP. sappy warning.

usual disclaimer applies.

"Lwaxana, will you please just listen to reason, just
once." Will was cut off before he could finish his

"William, I know exactly what your underdeveloped mind
has accepted as an answer to this. If only your
overdeveloped sexual appetite were on the same level
this would not be a problem."

"Excuse me? what was that suppose to mean." Will's
face reddened as the volume between them continued to

Deanna stood up, "It means this conversation is not
needed, there will be no wedding." She held up her
hand to stop any further discussion. "That's it. I've
tried to listen to both of you, I 've tried to get
each of you to listen to each other, but all you're
concerned with doing is out shouting the other. I'm
tired of the bickering and snipping." As she turned to
leave she threw one last comment over her shoulder,
"The conversation is over. There will be no wedding."

Both watched Deanna storm from Ten-Forward. Each
managed to glare at the other. "You know Will, that
was a pretty selfish display demanding that Alaska and
Earth of precedent over Deanna's heritage."

Riker took a deep breath, exhaling slowly before
answering the Betazoid. "Lwaxana, good night." He
stood slowly but with complete purpose strode out the
door. Upon reaching the corridor the commander made
his way to their shared quarters. The quarters were
quiet, the darkness adding to the trepidation Will
felt as he followed his sense of her into the sleeping

Deanna turned from the bag she was packing, "Will
don't say anything, enough has been said tonight. I'm
going to Beverly's quarters tonight. I think we both
need some space to think."

He move behind her, placing both hands on her
shoulders to stop her from removing her clothing from
the drawer. "No, something more does need to be said."
He paused, waiting for her to sense him, to lower her
barriers for long enough to understand his sincerity.
She turned to look up at him. "Deanna, stay tonight
with me. Don't let this stand between us."

"Will, you and my mother not only showed blatant
disrespect for each other but for me and the other
patrons in Ten-Forward. I'm not going to spend the
rest of my life referring you two. I can't." She
turned to finish her packing.

"Deanna, stay." He leaned forward to whisper his plea
into her ear, taking his time to tickle her neck with
his kisses. Knowing from the way she stopped moving
that he had her attention. His arms reached around her
to the bag she had been packing, he quietly began to
put her belongings back into the drawer, never taking
his lips from her skin. "Stay", he whispered against
her neck. "Stay, I'll abide whatever decision you
make. You decide how and where the wedding takes

She turned in his arms, looking up into his blue eyes,
"Why Will? Why after all the arguing and yelling is it
that simple now?"

"It was always that simple, I just needed to be
reminded that it comes back to the two of us.
Together. It can only happen if we are together. Just
stay with me tonight."

She reached for him, "Just tonight Will?"

He grinned, "Try and leave."