On a silly scale of 1-10. This is a 10.

Here is a copy of the challenge .. because it has been
so long ago.
This is a descriptive challenge, go with the theme of
-show it don't tell it.  There are some
required elements to be thrown into the mix to keep it
interesting. They are:
-- An Animal- it can be from anywhere (including your
imagination. Do you best to describe it and it's part
in your story.
--An Edible insect-- edible to either the animal or
the characters involved, it's your story!
--A Flowering plant. again it's your choice as to
what plant and it's origin.

oh and just to make it interesting include the word

The only no-no is this cannot take place on the
The Little Things


He heard her laughter outside her quarters and waited
hoping to hear more,  as the doors opened he heard
Beverly comment. "Now  I wish I had gotten to work
with  the Angalkain ambassador! What I wouldn't give
for a gift like that!"

He watched Deanna turn and survey the room before
finding him. Her voice held surprise and another
element he tried to analyze as she spoke. She quickly
handed off the object in her hand to Beverly before
she approached him.

"Will! what are you doing here? I thought we agreed to
meet  later."

Guilt! that was the other element in her voice. He
studied her expression. "Deanna, it is later."

"Oh no! I don't know how time got so completely  away
from me. I'm sorry. We can go in a moment, let me
freshen up just a bit."

He waited, not saying anything, his eyes taking in
everything about her, her quick moves betraying what
he already knew-- she was trying to hide something
from him.  He smiled as he approached Beverly, "What's

Beverly could do nothing to hide the clear container
with its lone occupant. And if truth be known she was
very interested to see how Will would react to
Deanna's  new pet.
The doctor looked to Deanna for direction.

Will followed her gaze with eyebrows raised. "So, what
is this? Must be alive to be in a specimen habitat?

Her shoulders slumped a bit in defeat. "It's a
Minikin. The Angalkain ambassador's gift for aiding
him at the Federation conference." She slowly walked
over to Beverly, removed the covered habitat from her
and placed it on the table in front of the couch.
Will followed watching with interest the gentle
movements and sensing her trepidation in showing him
the creature.

Deanna stopped before unveiling the Minikin. She
studied Will, trying to find the words to explain what
he was about to see. "The Minikin is a chameleon type
of creature. It's often given when there is a parting
of friends." She hesitated before continuing, "Usually
the minikin is imprinted with the DNA of the departing
friend." Another long pause, "It then takes on the
physical  characteristics of that, ah.. friend.
However, it was thought that it would mean more to me
if..." Words left her. She mentally shrugged and held
her breath as she slowly lifted the covering over the
clear material that served as housing for the Minikin.

Will also stopped breathing when he saw what appeared
to be a tiny humanoid in a miniature landscaped home.
The humanoid however still walked on all fours. He
picked up the habitat and moved the solid glass like
container to his face to scrutinize the contents
closer. A scowl appeared on his face, as he looked
from the weight in his hands to his soul mate.

Deanna shifted her weight from one foot to the other
quickly glancing at Beverly. "Oh, I forgot I promised
the Captain to .. ah.. help him brush up on his lines
for a play I'm looking into. I'll see you both later."

Will watched as the doctor gracefully,  as fast as she
could without breaking into a run,  made for the doors
and the freedom the outside corridor promised. He
returned his attention to the woman at his side.  "And
this is supposed to be ... "

"You. I'm sorry Will. I didn't know about this until
the ambassador handed it to me. I couldn't refuse his
gift in front of his staff without offending him."
She reached her hand into  the container and smiled as
the minikin crawled up into her hand.  She brought it
out and held her hand over to Will to let him look
closer at the tiny version of himself.

"What does he eat?"

"A little insect. There should be some in here,
Beverly said she would see that we had enough to
maintain him. Here these little orange and black poka
dotted bugs."

Will looked at the insect in her hand. "You're kidding
me?" He let go a laugh that closely resembled a howl.
"A ladybug? Tell me who gets to dress him in his
little commander uniforms? Or does he strip on

Deanna's face darkened. "I don't know what the insects
are called, but that could explain Beverly's
enjoyment. Oh, the uniforms are like a body paint,
it's part of their camouflage, I don't know how it's
imprinted but it is."

"Yes, I imagine it would. Tell me was she in on this
from the beginning?"

"I think so. It  would explain your DNA imprint."
Deanna paused thoughtfully before asking, "Will,
would you be upset if I kept him. He is rather cute."

"I don't know. It's a bit odd having to look at a
miniature copy of myself like that" he stopped as he
watched the minikin devour its meal,  "eating
insects".  He handed the creature back to Deanna as he
  inspected the interior of the habitat, "Where does
he sleep?"

"Oh Beverly said just like his counterpart, in a bed
of roses."

Will looked back over his shoulder at Deanna and
grinned. "How long is his life span? Maybe we need to
look into getting him a mate, is the ambassador still
on board? After all it's the little things that make
life interesting."