Challenge #5 from Imzadi List:

For Challenge #5 the challenge is to do a dialogue driven story. NO detail, no description, dialogue only. Make the conversation tell the story for you. You can involve as many characters as you want, however, this cannot be a log entry.

Thank you for your interest and your participation. Let your imagination soar and your fingers fly!


Title: Third Wheel
By: Zapp and Zipp
Rating: possibly "R" due to content

"Yes Will?"
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Like what?"
"With that 'I know something you don't' look"
"Whatever do you mean?"
"Don't play innocent with me..."
"I never play innocent."
"Okay, then if not innocent - then how about coy?"
"Define coy."
"Coy is something you are being right now Counselor.
What do you know that you are dying to tell me but not
sure how?   There is an amusement in those dark eyes
of yours."
"Will, how well do you know Dr. Stuart, the new xeno
biologist that came aboard at the last space station?"
"Not very well at all.  Have seen him around some.
Why do you ask?"
"He seems to be spending a lot of time on the Bridge."
"He asked to be present there to study the interaction
of the staff.  Should he not be there?"
"Do you find it interesting that he spends most of his
time following you?"
"Are you sure about that Deanna?   I haven't witnessed
him favoring me over anyone else?   Are you sensing
"I am sensing something, but I'm not sure what context
to put it to. Perhaps I need to educate myself more
regarding the practices of his species."
"Why are you laughing as you say that Deanna?  Tell me
what you find so amusing."
"Will, maybe you should limit your time alone with him
for now."
"My time *alone* with him?   What are you talking
about?   I haven't been alone with him.  We had a
meeting this morning but otherwise our contact has
been on the bridge."
"Well that little pat on the shoulder may have given
him the wrong impression. Have you noticed the way he
watches you and not the rest of the crew. The feelings
I'm getting are not those of hero worship.
"I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.  He
seems to be watching everyone when I glance his
direction.  Which isn't often.   I do have other
duties to perform while on the bridge.  What kind of
feelings specifically are you referring to?  Just spit
it out."
"Dr. Stuart greatly admires you and would like to get
to know you on a much more personal level, Will."
"How personal?"
"Very personal. Up close and personal."
"You're kidding, right?  This is a joke the crew is
playing on me?"
"Will, you know I wouldn't joke about something like
"So, you are telling me that Dr. Stuart is.. is
interested in me as what?  An experiment?  A ... what
Deanna?   Has he said something to you?"
"I'm not sure of the duration or the seriousness of
the relationship that 'just call me Stuie' has in
mind. I do know that it has physical ramifications.
His reactions to your presence is physical."
"Just how physical?   Should I be concerned about this
or flattered?"
"Okay,  you are not making this easy. You know that
dinner with the crew you mentioned he was holding
tonight? Well, you are the crew. No one else received
invitations. I'd wear that silk shirt if I were you.
It always worked for me."
"Are you sure?   You didn't get an invitation?   No
one did?   I don't believe this.   He has a crush on
me?  Is that what you are trying to tell me Deanna?"
"No one else is invited. Just you and the good doctor.
I'm not sure the correct word is 'crush'  though. I
really do need to do more research on that species or
on Stuart's personnel files."
"Why do you think it is something more? Is there
something else you aren't telling me?"
"I suppose you could just go to the dinner and find
out. You know those tight leather pants would go good
with the silk shirt. I've always liked the
"Deanna!  This isn't funny and stop trying to pick out
my wardrobe.  You are making me feel like a piece of
meat here.  And I am not going to that dinner.  Unless
of course, you go with me... as my date."
"I'm not invited, and I'll bet  your invitation didn't
allow for dates. I'm sorry it's not funny, but it is
interesting that you never picked up on it. You're
usually very fast to notice that kind of attention."
"Then I am not going either.   Why would I notice some
other *man* ogling me?   I never saw him doing it and
it isn't something I was looking for.  He isn't my
type.  You now that."
"Then you're going to talk to him?"
"What exactly am I supposed to say?  He hasn't
actually done anything."
"Do you have other plans for tonight. Plans that
include someone close to you? Perhaps someone you are
involved with?  You know what they say, Will. Actions
speak louder than words."
"Hmmm  not yet.   Maybe I should see if that person is
busy?   Any ideas on how to show Dr. Stuart that I
don't swing his way?"
"You're the swinger. You mean you can't come up with
anything. I guess all those rumors about you must be
"What rumors would those be Deanna?   What are you
hearing that I'm not privy to?  And why don't you keep
me up on these things?"
"You know the rumors that whisper of jungle nights and
romantic meetings. They are part of the ship's lure
and legend."
"I'm a legend?   In my own mind maybe.  And as I seem
to recall, you were there in the jungle as well.
Maybe YOU are the legend they come to see here on the
Enterprise.    Now back to this Dr. Stuart problem.
Will you come with me tonight or not?"
"I don't have anything to wear to such an event. Never
went as the third wheel before."
"You could never be a third wheel.  You know that.
Anything you would wear will be perfect.  Although I
do have a special affinity for that short black dress
of yours.    Plus, I don't want the wrong message to
come across to him.  He obviously has something else
in mind for tonight and I only plan to take one person
to bed with me."
"Do I dress as an observer or participant in your
evening plans, Commander."
"Definitely participant."
"It just happens that I do have the evening free, and
that dress hasn't been worn in a while."
"I look forward to seeing you in it again.  It has
been too long.   We will put on a show that Dr. Stuart
will never forget nor will he have any doubts as to
whom my affections will always be for."
"Will this be just for show?"
"Can we get through one thing at a time Deanna?"
"Depends on the thing."
"You aren't going to make this easy on me are you?"
"Oh, easy isn't at all what I had in mind. I was
thinking more along the lines of enduring enjoyment."
"Enduring enjoyment is something I think I could
certainly handle!   I think we are long overdue.
Don't you?    I just thought of something.."
"And that forgotten something is what?"
"Dr. Stuart seemed to be very interested in the hoses
and their functions down in engineering when I took
him on a tour.  You don't think....?"
"What?   That he's a hose swinging stripper in his
spare time?"
"I'm not sure I even want to ponder the idea. But he
was asking all kinds of questions about sizes and
compatibility and all sorts of things.   And now you
tell me that he is interested in *me* for other things
than my magnificent wisdom."
"Maybe he's missing one?"
"Maybe he's missing a hose?  Are you serious?"
"Does it matter unless you *are*  interested in going
"I don't know Deanna.  That's a tough choice.  Being
hit on by some hose obsessed doctor and hitting on a
doctor.  Namely you.    Maybe we should flip for it."
"If you need to flip for it, I think you should fend
for yourself and go alone."
"I didn't mean it that way.  You wouldn't send me off
by myself to his dinner party, would you?  Who would
defend my honor?"
"You could always take Worf as your bodyguard."
"Dr. Stuart may enjoy that too much.  Maybe we can
just send Worf alone."
"I wonder what Worf would think of your explanation as
to why you don't want to go."
"I am his superior officer, I don't have to give him
an explanation.  I could pull rank and order him to
attend in my place.  Then we could have the evening
alone to ourselves."
"Won't work for a private function.. a very private
function. Besides I always thought you were the
fearless Commander Riker"
"Oh I am when it comes to some things and this isn't
one of them.   Deanna, you have to help me either get
out of going this evening or you have to come with me.
  Either way, WE are going to spend the night
together.  And Dr. Stuart can find someone else to set
his sights on and play with."
"Hmm well.... I think I can manage to put up with
being the third wheel for just one evening. Providing
we don't stay long."
"You could never be a third wheel.  And a quickie this
evening coming up."
"NO, quickie is not what I had in mind.  A fast
evening with the doctor. But then the rest of the
night is mine. Or you go with Worf."
"That sounds like something I can live with.   Now we
just have to figure out how to break it to the good
doctor that I'm not interested."
"Oh, Commander I think we can show him. Remember
actions speak louder than words. I think we can let
him know you are involved before he makes his
intentions known."
"You'd be willing to show him how we feel about each
other?  In public?   We don't usually have an audience
"I think a simple show of affection will do. You sound
as though we were going to perform the entire Kama
Sutra live."
"Well that has it merits.  But you are right, we don't
want to give him too much of a glimpse into our
private lives.   We can save that for later tonight
though, right?"
"Are you up to it?"
"I'm always up for anything with you Deanna."
"Yes, well, I'll keep that in mind for later. I may
hold you to it."
"I am counting on it.  Now should we go get ready and
get this 'private dinner party' and exhibition over with
so I can have you all to myself?"