Black Hole Trilogy


        Black Hole     PG 13 

                 A full-length Trek Novella.


        Into The Darkness     PG 13 

                 A sequel to Black Hole.


        Surrender The Light     PG 13     

                 The third story in the "Black Hole" Trilogy.



I've Been Here Before     PG 13      

        Following "The Naked Now" How did Will and Deanna deal with what almost happened???



The Last Night Of The World     PG      

        Happy vignette set in the hours immediately following "Insurrection".



The Measure Of A Year     PG 13      

        Response to first anniversary challenge.



One Day More     PG 13      

        Follows Will and Deanna through the episode "The Icarus Factor" including verbatim and accurate transcriptions of actual scenes shown on TV.



The Only Way To Go     PG 13      

        A series of moments and revelations surrounding the beginning of the Deanna/ Worf relationship.



Second Chances: Second Glances   - work in progress   PG 13      

        Response to challenge - see inside for details....



Them's Fightin' Words     R      

        Deanna dealing with her unexpected feelings in the wake of the events of "The



Tiny Little Star     PG      

        Deanna's internal sililoquy just after the end of Peter David's "Triangle; Imzadi II".






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