A Matter of Minutes      PG 13      

        Trapped in a cave-in during an away mission gone awry, Will Riker struggles to survive as Jean-Luc Picard faces the ramifications of choosing evacuation for a gravely wounded Worf at the possible cost of his first officer's fast-fading life.



A Small Act of Courage      PG 13      

        A unique perspective on death--and of First Officer William Riker.



Afterburn      PG 13      

        Riker's brief stint as Odan's host has a number of physical ramifications that begin to come to light in a devastating manner.



Ain't Life A Bitch      PG 13      

        Tom Riker AU - Be careful what you wish for...



Both Sides of the Mirror      PG 13      

        When a shuttle accident opens a rift between the Federation universe and its dark mirror counterpart, Will Riker finds himself up to his ears in danger and betrayal--on both sides of the mirror.



The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea      PG 13      

        In this action/adventure novella, two alien assassins infiltrate the Enterprise crew on a mission they will do anything to complete--including destroy the Enterprise and every man, woman and child aboard.



Echo      PG 13      

        A post-Odan story with Riker coming to grips with his memories...with Deanna's help, of course.



Family, Too      PG 13      




The First Officer's Duty      PG 13      

        When Jean-Luc Picard is captured by the Cardassians in "Chains of Command," Will Riker finds himself trapped between his duty to the ship and his loyalty to the captain he's sworn to protect.



Into the Breach      PG 13      

        Awaiting a rendezvous on Deep Space Nine, Riker struggles to bridge the chasm between Jean-Luc Picard and Benjamin Sisko, finding an unexpected lynch pin to the process of absolution.



Last Call at Dead Lazlow's      PG 13      

        It's time for a little comic relief with this cozy little scenario. The captain and his first officer are deposited in a dungeon, more than a little worse for wear. While a discussion on the wine to serve with Spider-Roach Fricassee provides the levity, the struggle by Riker to stay conscious after a barroom brawl adds a dark undertone.




      The Last Goodbye      PG 13      

              Tom Riker's last request after being sentenced to life in the Cardassian prison camp on Lazon for his part in the Defiant Incident is to speak one last time to Deanna Troi, to tell her how much he loves her. Only after the farewell transmission fades does Troi begin to understand how much Will Riker loves her as well.



      Elbow Room      PG 13      

              Continues nine months later from where the prologue The Last Goodbye leaves off and two weeks before the events detailed in the opening sequence of the Voyager pilot, Caretaker.




      Legacy      PG 13      




      The Captain's Son      PG 13      

              Sequel to Legacy



The Mark of Cain      PG 13      

        An alternate look at the events of "Second Chances," presupposing one change in the episode's events that leads to the same end via a very different route.



My cha'Dich      PG 13      

        Klingon ritual can be hazardous to your health.



The Obligatory Bald Joke      PG 13      

        After escaping from the Telonians in "Frame of Mind," Will Riker finds himself forever changed and perhaps the better for it.



The Rescue      PG 13      

        One of the most oft-asked questions is "Where's Guinan?" during this episode or that. This short piece solves that mystery for the episode, "Disaster," in an amusing manner.



The Road Not Taken      PG 13      

        After the disturbing events of "Parallels," Captain Riker reflects on the death of his friend and mentor at Zeta Alpha II, tormented by the knowledge that another universe's Riker succeeded, where he had failed, in saving Jean-Luc Picard from the Borg.



The Sexiest Man Alive      PG 13      




Trilogy      PG 13      

        The following three vignettes address themselves to the elements of the Riker-Baraash relationship left unresolved in the episode "Future Perfect," and as all three are entwined in the way that moments lifted from a man's life are woven into the tapestry of his existence, we felt they should be presented as they were intended to be read: three stand alone moments that blend to a greater whole.



Ward 47      PG 13      

        Reality, like control, is a fragile illusion. Devastated by the events of "Frame of Mind," Will Riker perches on the precarious rim of sanity, torn between the conflicting realities of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Ward 47.



Where Angels Fear to Tread      PG 13      

        While investigating an anomalous reading in a seemingly uninhabited sector, the Enterprise runs into a xenophobic race determined to protect their location at any cost. Covertly replacing three members of the crew with observers from their own society, the alien tribunal assesses the threat posed by an unaware Enterprise as they choose a course of action to pursue: annihilation or first contact.



The Wraith      PG 13      

        Awakened in his darkened quarters by the seductive wraith of a mist-enshrouded woman, Will Riker assumes he's having a pleasant dream. He's wrong.







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