Untitled       PG         

        Coda to Season 2 episode "Shades of Grey". What took place after Riker woke up in Sickbay.



Apologies and Forgiveness       PG         

        Coda to Season 4 episode "The Loss". Takes place after the episode's final scene in Ten Forward.



Waltz of Torment       PG         

        Altered version of Season 3 episode "The Survivors". What we, as Imzadi fans, might think *should* have happened.



What Had To Be Done       PG         

        Coda to Season 3 episode "The Vengeance Factor". Will tries to deal with the aftermath of his actions toward the end of the episode, and Deanna tries to help him.



Guilty Until Proven Innocent       PG-13         

        Coda to 3rd season episode "A Matter of Perspective". Riker reflects on his brush with being convicted of murder, and Troi helps him move past it.



Reawakening       NC-17                      

        "Takes place after 'Menage a Troi'. Riker and Troi re-evaluate their relationship and come to a decision.









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