A Moment     G       

        Requested ficlet requiring a fight, a miscommunication, and a reconciliation.



The Art of Comraderie   PG 

        Deanna Troi theorizes on why it is that the Enterprise crew is so successful and why they work so well with one another, examining both her personal and professional relationships while doing so. 



The Captain's Chair    PG 13   

        The sequel to "Cold Feet", Will's thoughts prior to a life altering event. (Contains spoilers for ST 10)



Changes   PG 13 

        Change is not always an easy experience to accept. Based on spoilers for ST 10 



Cold Feet   PG 

       Deanna's thoughts prior to a life altering event. (Contains spoilers for ST 10)



Control - work in progress    

        Answer to challenge



Denial    PG     

        Post Insurrection - Will and Deanna decide where to go from there.



Distracted   PG 

        A look into Deanna's fate after "Nemesis". (Contains spoilers for ST 10)



Family  PG 13 

        Tom Riker is released from Cardassian prison, resulting in inevitable turmoil for Commander William Riker and his fiancé, Counselor Deanna Troi.



From Deep Within - work in progress




The Gift    PG     

        A bad day looks up when the discovery is made that the best birthday gift of all, is love.



Harbor   NC 17    

        Work in progress - missing scenes from Haven.



Impressions    PG       

        The Riker/Troi relationship seen through the eyes of an outside perspective. 



L’Amour    PG 13 

         A Valentine's Day vignette 



The Morning After   PG 13 

       Post-Insurrection fic exploring Troi's thoughts and fears over rekindling her romance with Riker. 



Not All Things Are Good   PG 

        A spoof fic on the last episode of TNG



Once Bitten      PG 13     

        Rekindling an old flame is easier said than done.



Pride and Joy     PG 13     

        Prequel to "Cold Feet" and "Captain's Chair."  Lwaxana Troi reflects after the announcement of her daughter’s engagement.



Sassy - work in progress




Titan - crossover with Paris/Torres (Voyager) - work in progress




To Journey Through The Stars   PG 13 -  work in progress

        This is an AU in which Will and Deanna didn't meet each other until they were both stationed to the Enterprise.



Two Ways to Paradise - work in progress




Usurped   PG 

        Will Riker starts to question the line between romantic love and friendship.



Yin & Yang   co-written with Copper   R 

        A brief encounter ignites a whole multitude of thought.....







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