Deede's P/T

A Time to Heal   PG 

        B'Elanna is reunited with her father for the first time in twenty years.



B'Elanna and I     PG 13   

        Admiral Paris reflects on meeting his daughter-in-law for the first time, and the changes she brought into his life.



Carried By The Wind      NC 17

        Work in progress



The Cliff's Edge    PG 13 

        Coda to the episode “Extreme Risk”



Color Everywhere  PG 

        B'Elanna's thoughts after returning home.



The First Taste   PG 13

        Set after 'Day of Honor' and right up to 'Revulsion', Tom reflects on the journey to B'Elanna's heart..



Intimate Relations    R      

        Follows “Someone to Watch Over Me”



Irrevocably Tied   R 

        B'Elanna and Tom thought that they had been through it all, but settling into life back in the Alpha Quadrant turns out to be harder than either one expected.



Metamorphosis  -  work in progress  PG 13 

        Coda to the episode 'Repression'.



Of Heroes and Men   PG 13   

        Coda to the episode 'Memorial'



Shifting Out of Neutral   PG 13 

        Tom's thoughts during the episode "Drive."



Titan - crossover with Riker/Troi - work in progress




The Undertow     PG   

        Life changes.



Within These Walls  PG 

       An introspective moment in time brings realization and discovery. 



World of Color   PG 13 

        Companion piece to 'Color Everywhere'. Miral reflects on her childhood. (Contains spoiler for ST 10)







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