Diane's P/T

A Fine Blend   NC 17 

        This story takes place smack at the end of Season Four's "Scientific Method" and describes what might have happened between Tom and B'Elanna after that heated kiss. .



A Wedding, Yes   NC 17 

        This was written in response to a P/T Collective Challenge.  It’s merely my version of the scene we never saw in the episode “Drive,” between rescue of the Flyer and the champagne scene in said impulse-only Flyer.



All The Mornings Still To Come   PG 13 

        B'Elanna has her turn in Fair Haven...



B'Elanna's Choice   R 

        This story takes place three weeks after the events of “Scientific Method,” thus well before Voyager’s run-in with the Hirogen. It outlines a possible P/T scenario that concludes in the sequel “B’Elanna’s Choice 2: The Bittersweet Smile.”



B'Elanna's Choice 2 - The Bittersweet Smile   PG 

        This is a direct sequel to “B’Elanna’s Choice.” It is not necessary that you read the original story to understand what’s going on here, but it could help.



Camaro Love   NC 17 

        This story takes place a few days after the final moments of Season Four’s “Vis A Vis.”



Chained Melody Universe


        Chained Melody     NC 17 

                 First installment in the Chained Melody Universe... please adhere to all author's notes at the top of each story..


        Yes, B'Elanna     NC 17 

                 Second installment in Chained Melody Universe.


        Magenta Feelings     NC 17     

                 Third installment in Chained Melody Universe..


        Truer Loving     PG 13     

                 Final installment in Chained Melody Universe..



Close Shave   NC 17 

        This is a harmless bit of fluff (or should I say bubbles?) between Him and Her.



Crimson Kisses   NC 17 

        P/T PWP, taking place anytime between one of B’Elanna’s bouts with false labor and “Endgame.”



Devoted Hearts Already Bound   NC 17 

        Story written around a short scene in which B’Elanna and Tom experience a telepathic incident.



Director's Cut   PG 13  

        This story could have occurred anytime after Season Five’s “Thirty Days.” Tom offers B’Elanna the role of a lifetime.



The Fourth Stage   PG 

        This takes place two weeks after the events of “Extreme Risk” and outlines a possible step towards recovery for B’Elanna.



Go   PG 13 

        P/T Collective Archivist’s Eleventh Challenge, “What was the end of Endgame like from B’Elanna’s point of view?” B’Elanna’s having some trouble in Engineering, and it’s got nothing to do with the warp core.



Heartforce   NC 17 

        Set during the episode “Workforce, Pt. 2.” B’Elanna begins her journey back to her real life aboard Voyager.



Looking Glass Universe I - B'Elanna Through The Looking Glass   NC 17 

        A happy little costumed fantasy with Our Favorite Couple. Could have taken place just any old time during the courtship of Tom and B’Elanna.



Looking Glass Universe II - Tom's Adventures in Wonderland   NC 17 

        This story takes place a week after the events of “B’Elanna Through The Looking Glass,” and outlines similar carnal mischief.



Many and Many A Year Ago   PG 

        Set three months after Voyager’s return. Tom has a private engagement with his wretched, well-aired past, but this time he brings something new to the table.



Party of Three   NC 17 

        This takes place a number of months after “Extreme Risk.” This is a P/T/K hurt-comfort story.



Reckless   NC 17 

        The title and the fantasy is taken from the Masterpiece Theater presentation, “Reckless,” written by Paul Abbott, and this story was written at the time “Reckless” first aired, whenever that was.



Scourge of Intergalactic Evil, Indeed   NC 17 

        Set in Season Five when Captain Proton was BMOC and Our Favorite Couple was nothing but sizzling hot lovers.



Temper, Temper   PG 13 

        This was written for no more reason than to outline what might have happened in Engineering the day the Doctor was there to get photos for his essay, "A Day in the Life of the Warp Core." According to the teaser for "Juggernaut," whatever he was doing in Engineering, besides taking photos, was enough to cause B'Elanna to haul off and destroy his holocamera. My bet is it didn't take much.



Where Now The Roses Fall   PG 13  

        Why did Tom bring B’Elanna roses, and will it take more than flowers to heal the wounds this time? Not quite canon, but close.



You Found Her   PG 

        P/T story around the lyrics to a song.







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