An Enterprising Christmas     G

        Christmas on board the Enterprise-D.  There's not much excess of plot.



Closer Ever After - work in progress    G

        An AU in which Deanna remained on Betazed post- Imzadi, never joining Starfleet, and her life ran in a different direction. Picks up years some later where she is to discover that some things, whatever else happens, are just meant to be... 



Fairytale    G    

        Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.



Fated    PG    

        Challenge answer for Battlefields.org. "I was caught; held captive by someone who was a stranger and yet not."



Healing Memories     R

        This story is set just after the episode 'Violations', which had just been repeated on British TV when I wrote this. It has a couple of Imzadi scenes nicely placed in the middle of the plot, which I thought I'd expand on a little...



Icarus And Psyche    G    

        Reflections on family.



Mistaken Fates and Second Chances - work in progress    G

        I'd appreciate if you read the author's notes before you go on to the actual story. You'll probably appreciate it, too, since there are a few things that might not be clear otherwise. Also contains a timeline which might come in handy with working out how the story's gonna go.

Author's Notes            Prologue: Jalara            Prologue: Yorktown         


Moving In    G

        No action, no sex, no weird aliens. Sorry. ;-) The title really says it all. 



The Nexus    G

        En route to Earth, Troi and Riker have to deal with the consequences of their time on Veridian III.



Poker Faces     G

        In the aftermath of the events of  Imzadi, Troi and Riker discover that this time, maybe their time has finally arrived. 



Staking A Claim    G

        It's the day after the end of  'Conundrum', and Deanna's finding out that really letting go isn't as easy as she imagined.



'Tis The Night Before Christmas    NC 17     

        Ready room romp ;)



Visual Acuity    G    

        The hardest secrets to see sit right in front of your face.



World Of Night    G

        This is a bit of an abstract piece, not intended to fit anywhere in particular, but which came to me and I thought I'd explore the concept. Seriously short and rather conceptual, but hopefully still fun.





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