A Miracle In The Moonlight      PG      

        The challenge was issued as follows: 1. Must be written in either descriptive exposition or dialogue--but not both. 2. May not use the terms "Betazoid", "Imzadi", "Rabeem", or any other term from the language of Betazed. 3. Must use the words, "genuflect", "regalia", "crystalline", "indigo", and "moon". 4. Must end with a surprise--anything will do. 5. May be rated anything from G to NC-17, but if sexual activity is involved, it must be described with a tantalizingly frustrating amount of restraint! ....Okay, I just HAD to try. You know, me. I rarely turn down a challenge. :-) My result is A Miracle in the Moonlight.



An Everlasting Bond      G      

        What Imzadi means to me. - 1999 (this work was redone into a poem which is being publish for real this year (2003)!).



Betazed Rains     PG 13      

        Story takes place after INSURRECTION. Will and Deanna are having difficulties coming to terms with their newfound/rekindled relationship.



Come What May     PG 13      

        A short piece based upon the lyrics from the song, “Come What May” featured in the movie, Moulin Rouge (a personal favorite). This story begins around the time period portrayed in the novel The Battle of Betazed by Susan Kearney, which is during the Dominion War when the Jem'Hadar and Cardassian forces have conquered Betazed, the homeworld of Deanna Troi.



Command Decisions     PG 13      

        The story takes place immediately following "INSURRECTION". Will Deanna and Will continue what they started in that bathtub or will they play it safe and go back to being just friends? Just how far can they take their renewed feelings? And what will Beverly do now that Jean-Luc has found love in another?



The Counselor's Campout     PG 13      

        Counselor Troi get more than she bargained for when she loses a poker bet to Commander Riker. The setting takes place AFTER First Contact.



Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night     PG      

        The crew of the Enterprise say goodbye to one of their own.



Finally Forever     PG      

        Deanna's thoughts on her life with Will.



I Have Nothing     PG      

        This piece was written in response to a challenge raised that went like this – ‘How about writing a story that begins with the words … I have nothing. And ends with … and now I have everything.’ Thank you, Kiri, for the challenge. This is for you.



Little One     PG      

        Lwaxana contemplates her daughter's recent breakup with a certain Klingon * JUST F0R FUN *.



Masquerade     R      

        Will has an erotic encounter with a mysterious stranger. Will this be the one to take him away from his Imzadi? But just who is playing the game? The setting takes place AFTER First Contact.



Menage A Troi - as it should have been     PG 13      

        The classic TNG episode rewritten to better suit our refined Imzadian taste. :-)



Micaela Trilogy

      Betrayals Past and Present      R      

              Events take place after "All Good Things". Deanna and Worf are still and item and Riker finds comfort in the arms of a beautiful Lieutenant newly assigned to the Enterprise. Will Micaela Leon's past hinder her new love and push him back to his Imzadi?


      Decisions Here and Now      PG 13      

              Deanna and Will run into a few minor problems planning their wedding. Micaela is adjusting to life aboard the USS Excalibur commanded by Captain MacKenzie Calhoun. She searches for and finds an unlikely romance that is full of obstacles of its own. This is part two of a trilogy that began with BETRAYALS Past and Present.


      Commitments Forever and Always      PG 13      

              Commitments is part three of the Micaela trilogy that began with BETRAYALS Past and Present and continued with DECISIONS Here and Now. Deanna and her sister Micaela have returned to Earth in order to come to terms with their relationships with each other and the men they are involved with.



Outcasts      R      

        A different twist on Imzadi ... this story centers on Tom Riker and someone new, unique and very special Takes place immediately following the events set out in Peter David's novel, Imzadi II. Tom seeks solace and finds a bit more than he expected.



Reflections     PG      

        Deanna Troi wages a battle within herself concerning her life with Will Riker.



This Perfect Moment      PG      

        Our couple are ready to finalize their bond and the moment is indeed perfect. Author’s note: This piece is dedicated to the concept of being Imzadi – to having a soulmate to share one’s life with. We should all be so fortunate.



Troi's Tears (as I recall by Will Riker)      PG      

        Will reflects upon some emotional times in his Imzadi's life.








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