Rainbow Skittles


The Inherited Gift   PG 13       

        After facing off with the Borg in Earth's past, life on the Enterprise is slowly returning back to normal. Until, after they reemerge from the wormhole into their own timeline, Troi senses a presence that most definitely does not belong with them on the ship. Meet Samantha Mackenzie-O'Brien, a human girl from the 21st century of unknown and very mixed heritage. As Dr. Crusher discovers in a genetic analysis, Sam's DNA is mostly human with a healthy dose of Betazoid and El Aurian mixed in. Follow along as Sam struggles to forge a place for herself in her new surroundings and try to figure out what is causing her blinding headaches, a condition that could well turn deadly.

How can a girl who was born and raised on Earth in the late 20th century have such a genetic background?? How does Guinan know Sam? And what ability does Sam have that Lwaxana is so intrigued by? Find out all this and more in The Inherited Gift.







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