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All I Needed To Know About Sex I Learned From Will Riker     co-written with Mriana    R/NC 17      

        A response to a challenge that came about during a crazy night in the Imzadi_All chat room. .. 



Eadem ac tu Sentio    PG      

        A short post episode piece set after Attached. 



Eiralond      PG 13       




Four Letter Word    NC 17       

        This takes place right after Encounter at Farpoint and was inspired by the Cake song of the similar title, lyrics at the end.. 



Four Letter Word II    PG 13       

        Takes place during the episode "The Naked Now." This is a sequel - possibly the second in a series - but it can kind of stand alone.. 



Ship Wide Gossip     PG     

        Answer to Imzadi_All Summer Challenge #2.  I decided to take a different route absolutely no mention of the obvious subject matter that came to mind when the challenge was issued.





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