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After First Contact      G      

        Takes place after 'First Contact'. Will and Deanna deal with the truth...alone.



Counseling Is A Man's Best Friend      G      

        A counseling session reveals something Deanna's heart might not be ready to accept.



Dangerous Liaisons      PG      

        When Worf, Data and Deanna go undercover to look for Will, they may be in over their heads.



Home Truths      PG 13      

        Set between "Generations" and "First Contact".



Imzadi Is Forever      R      




The Interrogation     PG      




The Invitation      PG      

        Will thinks Deanna may have picked up on his growing feelings for her. But is that a bad thing?



Kidnapped      PG      

        When Deanna is kidnapped, Will comes to the rescue. A romantic comedy.



Minuet's Dream      PG      

        A hologram strikes feelings within Deanna that she just can't ignore.



The Problem     PG      

        Worf causes more problems than he meant to.



Rumours      G      

        Rumours truly are dangerous things.



Shadows      PG      

        Set approximately 2 years after the events in First Contact.



Teamwork      G      

        Sometimes rumors are all a couple needs.



Their Mutual Friend      PG      

        Secrets are meant to be between two friends, right? Wrong.



The Trouble With Promotion      PG      

        Will's been promoted to captain. Trouble is, neither Will or Deanna can concentrate.



Wish Fulfilment      PG 13      

        A short steam piece.







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