The History of the Future - work in progress   PG  

        A crossover with Will and Deanna -  Mike and Julie from V.

Book I (To The Future)        Book II (Without A Reason To Live) (First 27 chapters)



If That's What It Takes   PG 13 

        Will and Deanna are enjoying their rekindled relationship, but a secret from Deanna's past threatens the happiness they've fought so hard to find.



S'il Suffisait D'aimer  (If Only Love Was Enough)   PG 

        The Enterprise is celebrating the marriage of Commander William T. Riker to Counselor Deanna Troi.  But, it only takes a moment for paradise to be shattered.



Then and Again -  work in progress    R     

        Imzadi-a term of endearment from the planet Betazed.    But, for William T. Riker and Deanna Troi, this simple word has lead them through various phases of their lives, from Starfleet Academy to on board the Enterprise, always inevitably, to be spent together.  This work in progress is their story, from a different point of view.  I've taken the little hints and clues provided to us from the show itself, and tried to weave it into a believable story.    

This story is long, please be patient while it loads. ;-)



Thou Shalt Not Covet  - work in progress     PG 13     

        Captain William T. Rikerís life couldnít be more perfect; loving wife, wonderful career, nice peaceful home. When Randy and Tammy Whitaker move next door, they reintroduce Will and Deanna Riker to the exciting lives they used to lead, sometimes even at the expense of a law or two. What Will doesnít suspect is that this may be just a prelude to something that could destroy his entire life forever.



What Once Was Lost    PG 13 

        Between the bubble bath and when Data first noticed Will's missing beard...Insurrection







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