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The Hands That Bind   R 

        Voyager and her crew are spending some wonderful time with some new friends on the planet Uzzolina. But, an uncovered secret may spell trouble for the planet's magistrate, and for one of Voyager's crew. Can they help them before it's too late?



Pillow Talk   PG 

        Some late night musings set after the episode of “Lineage”.



The Secret   NC 17 

        An evening out for the couples on Voyager.



Soft   PG 13 

        Tom's soft skin... need we say more ;).



'Twas The Night Before Christmas   PG 13 

        This story came about after I heard Robert McNeill speak at a convention. He spoke of a different side of Paris, how he is supposed to be a womanizer but has only had one woman since the show started. He talked about how there should be more families onboard Voyager, and how he thought Paris would like to settle down. With all the spoilers of Blood Fever that is out there.... we know who it looks like he's thinking of settling down with. <g>.








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